How to Dress Well for men

how to dress well
how to dress well

Dressing well on any occasion not only makes you apart, besides that it also level up your confidence. And you know what difference good confidence can make in anyone’s life. Confidence can change the life of any person and dressing well gives you that. When your dress is on point, your level of confidence and charm increases, and you open out the best version of yourself in front of people.

Dressing well for a men is adding a winning trait in his list. To set your style status apart from others you need to adopt some key rules of dressing in your style guide and practice it to be the best in it.

How to Dress Well for men

The T-shirt that defines you

Widely used products all over the world. Styling a t-shirt on your body secret goes through the three basics of fashion.

How to dress well your T-Shirt

Color-​ the top priority in choosing the right color in a t-shirt depends on your age. Color defines your age factor


if you are on a younger scale than bright color printed shirts defines you, if you come in mature age category then dark plane Colors defines your age. If you want to adopt a classy dressing sense, always go with basics, simple colors like – black, white, or dark brown.

Fitting- ​a well-dressed man is known for the perfect fitting of his clothes. The T-shirt comes in a lot of sizes but can not be perfect for you. So, keep in check some structure key points of a t-shirt before wearing it out.

1 Neck- avoid a t-shirt with a thick and loose neck ring. Make sure the neck ring of a t-shirt is elegant, thin, and close to your neck.
2 shoulder length- keep in check the length of the shoulders of your t-shirt, make sure the shoulder line sets on the end of your shoulders, which compliments the overall structure of your body. A perfect shoulder length makes you look wider than loose shoulder length.
3. Sleeves length- expose the most part of your triceps and biceps region, while wearing a t-shirt. Cut the extra inches of the length of the sleeves. But if you have a collared t-shirt, avoid cutting the sleeves because of its design structure, instead fold over your arms upwards to expose the arm area that compliments your style.
4. Overall length- oversize T-shirt with extra length ruins all the proportion of your body. Make sure the length of the t-shirt is perfect that compliments the overall dressing style.

Tip- collar t-shirts provide you an edge with your dressing. To go out of the box, tuck in your color t-shirt.

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Want to dress well? Make sure to select the outfit that compliments each other. If you have the right fitting and everything on point but your pant doesn’t compliment your t-shirt means you have to do some work on matching up the Colors.
Selecting the outfit Colors that compliment each other is a complicated task, but to make it easy Google it. The most common classy Colors that compliment each other are – dark blue and black, light grey and black, maroon and grey, white and black, white, and blue.


Style pants

Pants cover half of your outfit area. Right pants not only make you look more attractive but also provide versatile options with casual wear, streetwear, etc.
To dress well a pant that compliments your body structure is the golden rule to dress well like a classy mature men.

Pants come in different varieties fade jeans, casual jeans, formal pants, chinos. Well besides the formal pants which you can only wear with a suit, the main focus should on jeans and chinos. Both ​chinos and jeans​ are great options for anyone to upgrade their style. The latest trend speaks a lot about chinos, great options for comfort and style, chinos bring you one level up in the dressing well game. Both jeans and chinos work perfectly with t-shirts, shirts.

How to dress well your pants

Before buying any pants for yourself check some areas of pants that can totally change your look and dressing style. Rise-​ Rise is the front area that covers the zip and button belt area of pants. It plays a very important role in every individual whether he short or tall. Pants come in three different rise options​ 1. Low 2. High 3. Medium.

Low rise works well with very tall people because if small people wear low rise it makes him look shorter. But don’t opt for a low rise if you prefer a more gentle or formal look over funky.
The high rise is where the front zip area is very small compared to normal pants, which makes your legs look taller. If you are a small men you can go for this option.

Medium rise works best with all heights and is the best option for any men. It will make look simple and gentle. The best option for all three is medium rise pant. Waist​- your perfect pant amylases starts with the waist of your pant. One of the important rules to dress well​ is to learn the art of analyzing the perfect fit for you. A waist of the pant is the part that sits just below your lower back, the perfect waist is that sits on your hips without any belt.

Figure rule​- The best way to check the perfect waist for you is by putting the two fingers in to check if it fits well. If fingers adjust or fit good then that’s a perfect fit for you. But make sure to try every option of the same size because all brands have unique or different tailoring. Pant length​- Long length of any pant makes you look old fashioned. The length of your pants from the bottom will show your knowledge about style.

To get the perfect bottom length, get a good tailor because it’s the quality check and a perfect length of a pant is that also compliments your shoes. One or two ​cringes​ are fine with jeans but if possible make sure your pant bottom just ends on, just touching the upper part of your shoes. Butt fit​ – Most men neglect this part but that’s all that makes the difference between best and good.

Buy a pant that fits perfect on hips, because a perfect men take it all. Always consider the back area of your pant because it also the half area of your pant that you don’t see but people do. A pant with perfect fit on hips and waist is the best way to dress well a pant.


Dress well a shirt to outstand

Shirts are the half of your look and the most noticeable item on your body. Follow some rules to dress well a shirt.

1 Minimalistic pattern- ​Always choose the minimal or plane shirts to wear. For casual occasions go with a minimal pattern like a white shirt with black dots, never buy a shirt with more than two color patterns and printed graphics.
Most of the time go with plane shirts like white, black, pink.

2 show your chest​- open up two buttons of your shirt unless you are wearing a tie, expose more of your neck and chest area to look confident.

3 Roll-up sleeves- ​Expose the skin area of your forearm by rolling up the sleeves. Learn to make it a habit, exposing most of the area of your skills. Never go out without rolling up the sleeves because it ruins the overall look and makes you look, nice men, which take away all the charm.

4 straight collars- ​avoid the shirts with lazy or down collars. Use collar ​straps ​to keep the collar right up straight.

5 Tuck in- ​know when to tuck in the shirt. Longer shirt with the round bottom end without any cure must be ruled in.
Always tuck in the shirt when going out to get the classy look. Shirts with curve bottom end can be left outside, but plane shirts always are tucked in.

6 size- ​Slim fit is the best option for anyone with a normal body type. Normal option is also good, but normal size shirts need to be tucked in all the time.

Shoes can speak about you

Well an old saying in the fashion industry, that people can speak about your status and you. But does that mean you need expensive shoes? No, you don’t unless you know what to wear when with what.

1 Give priority to flat shoes- ​flat soles work best and give a more classy and Manly look, which on the other side High soles are perfect for hacking, college, etc.
All types of shoes – formal, sneakers, loafers are the best option for you with a flat sole.

2 Material- ​leather material is proved to be the best material for any shoes but loafers are the only footwear that works great with suede. So, prefer leather with formal and sneakers.

3 Avoid exposing toes- ​flip flops or any other footwear that exposes toes are the worst option for outside.
Cover your toes with shoes that show you care about your dressing style.

4 Keep it clean- ​Definition of shoes comes out when it’s clean. Avoid wearing dirty shoes outside even a speck of small dust can ruin the whole look. Cleanliness is the best way to outshine your shoes.

5 Avoid loose shoes-​ Tight shoes are just fine if you feel comfortable but avoid loose shoes that can not stop your feet to come out.


Minimalistic accessories

Best sunglasses in 2020

Accessories work in favor when it’s less. You need only one or two accessories in your wardrobe every time i.e watch, sunglasses or you can add one jewelry item. Watches​ can show the maturity level and the value of your time to others. Avoid wearing sports or smart watches for any out occasion. Leather strap and full metallic watches are the best options with any outfit.

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