Upcoming Sci-fi TV Series in 2021

sci fi tv series 2021

Sci-fi tv series are part of movie culture from the start. Marvel Studios movies and Star wars made this genre one of the most loved and anticipated genres of all time. Science fiction movies are one of the top grossed movies Worldwide and now in recent years, it has been a part of a small screen. The sci-fi series is so popular on the small screen that is taken over the moat popular genre horror.

It’s only this genre that predicts what we could happen in the future. We will be dead until this all happens, but we could still enjoy a little bit by just steaming on Netflix.

 Here are the upcoming Sci-fi TV shows releasing in 2021.

The Flash, Season 7 – The CW

The fastest man on earth is back with another new evil, new runner who is going to be faster than the Flash. Grant Gustin is set to return in the title with a new suit, new hairstyle. Since 2014, The Flash has been the highest-rated series on The CW. It’s no wonder there is a new season on the way in 2021. The tv show is going to be picked up where it left in Season 6. The amazing performance of Grant Gustin as The Flash left a mark on mark on audience and critics. Total 133 episodes of The Flash have aired and there’s more to come in 2021.


Black Lightning, Season 4 – The CW

The first black Superhero debuted in 2017, is one the most loved superhero. This sci-fi tv series follows the life of a father who got to protect his neighborhood and his daughter from the increasing crime. If he was a cop, it would have been easy for him but he is the man that has the power to harness electricity. With soo much power inside him, he finally starts to help people by being the vigilante Superhero. Season 4 will be picking up where it left in Season 3 and according to reports, there are some huge cast members are being cast for new upcoming sci-fi TV series in 2021.

Batwoman, Season 2 – The CW

Although Batwoman is getting a new season there is bad news. Lead actress Ruby Rose is leaving the sci tv series. The reason behind leaving the actress is unknown. To fill in the position of the Batwoman, Javicia Leslie will be playing the Batwoman. With new cast, new character, and new fight are to have happened, it is not yet to be confirmed that all the cast are going to change or just Ruby Rose. Well, it’s going to be hard for Javicia to fill her shoes as this she portrayed a dominant role, Kate Kane. We are going to see Season 2 in the first month of 2021.

Superman & Lois, Season 1 – The CW 

The man of steel is back but Not the movie version “Henry Cavill” but the CW version known as “Tyler Hoechlin”. After his debut as Superman in the CW Supergirl sci series. It was just a matter of time that we are going to see his show. It didn’t a lot of time, the show is going to be premier on January 2021. Tyler Hoechlin reprising his role as the Man of Steel and Elizabeth Tulloch will portray the role of Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane. In all the Superman, we haven’t saw the relationship between these two. Movies are filled with soo much action, it’s hard for the director to focus on the relationship. But in this sci-fi TV series of 2021, we are to deep dive into the real relationship between these two.

Titans, Season 3 – HBO Max

DC Titans with only two seasons made a huge but lot of fans. It is the best DC sci-fi TV series according to critics. Titans has everything from an amazing storyline to dark ally fights. It’s like another version of the Batman but there is no one there are four of them. You could predict that criminals bad time just started. The sci-fi tv show will be picking up it left in Season 2 and also there are going to be new faces on the cast. We are about to see the new team fight evil under the guidance of Dick Grayson, who now goes under the name Nightwing. It’s going to premiere in the Q1 of 2021.

Black Mirror, Season 6 – Netflix

Black Mirror is the best science fiction tv show with an immense rating of 8.8. No wonder fans are excited to watch a new season. Although it is not officially announced about the release of Season 6, but according to reports Season 6 starts filming at the end of 2020. The Black mirror has a unique concept of sci-fi TV series with each episode looks different but in the end, all are connected. The amazing storyline and screenplay get the audience hooked up for a long time.

Lucifer, Season 6 – Netflix

Netflix Devil King ” Lucifer Morningstar ” will again set foot on the earth what could go wrong this time. Netflix canceled the Season 5, after getting poor critics response but when all Lucifer fans emerge, it brought the Lucifer Morningstar back. In season 5 we saw, Lucifer is back on earth to save his friends from his twin brother Michael. At the end of season 5, we have encountered the almighty God himself and in the upcoming and last season of Lucifer, we are going to see what will happen to the relationship between Lucifer and detective Chloe. If you are a fan, you don’t have to wait a long time for the sixth and final season of Lucifer. It is probably be releasing in July 2021.

Lost in Space, Season 3 -Netflix

Lost in Space is a reboot of 1998 Lost in Space. Netflix version is far greater than the original sci-fi TV series. The series is filled with tech, amazing cast, better storyline, and brilliant screenplay. Season 3 will be picking up where it left at the end of Season 2. Season 2 ended with a bang, the cast is finally close to the alien planet and you know what happen in the alien planet. The thing we had in our mind, lost in space is going too far greater than what we could have imagined. That’s the brilliance of this sci-fi TV series and it is premiere is in Q2 of 2021.

Another life, Season 2- Netflix

Sci-fi TV series is all about high tech, laser guns, big space ships, and finding alien also. The first season was a massive hit and fans are wondering when the new season will be releasing. Well your wait is over the new season is going to premiere I Q2 of 2021. Another life follows the life of Astronaut Niko Breckinridge who is focused on searching the world for alien intelligence. To accomplish this she leads a crew to find an alien artifact found on earth. This adventure cost them very live but it was just the beginning, the real danger is coming in 2021.

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