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Best swim trunks for athletic build ?


Spending weekend time under the soaking sunlight (yet relaxing) on the beach is one hell of inner peace you get. Nice weather adds a perfect weekend vibe to it. But wearing a wrong swim trunk or no swim trunk at all kills the vibe, basically means your body doesn’t compliment what you are wearing, well it may don’t matter to you but people(especially girls)do notice(personal experience).

And after long hours in the gym, nobody wants to get embarrassed by showing their long legs or loose swim trunks that lack style sense. As there are different types of swim trunks available in the market for each category, we focus on best swim trunks for athletic build or you can say for men with a fit lean body.

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What swim trunks are best for athletic build ?

Best swim trunks for athletic build

There is no doubt the athletic body is best for the beach also grabs the attention of those senoritas in bikinis, but still, you need perfect length and size for your body that suits you well.

Men’s above 6 feet or above

These men are taller in size, which makes them limited to longer swim trunks that cover their most leg area to make it look even. Perfect swim trunk length for men’s with this size locks just above the knee.

Although you do have an athletic body but still if you’re above 6 feet, those trunks are going to make your upper body look small than the lower body. Guys with more mass on their legs can cut length slightly but not too much.

Men’s between 5’8 to 5’11

This is the average height of most men’s in the world. Although besides this they have fewer limits on picking the right length for them. The shorter swim trunk for a man with this height fits perfectly, as it will not make your legs look taller.

Perfect size for athletic build Men with athletic body type is luckiest, as they can rock tight swim trunks which helps them to show those two beasts from behind and legs that took most of their energy in the gym.

It not fair with those muscles, If you wear loose trunk with that type of athletic body, regardless of height.

Best swim trunks for athletic build

Best swim trunks for athletic build

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Topman black short

As the name suggests it provides you one of the classic swim trunks with well-finished art. The eye-catching staples give you the retro swim style with modern standards.

Besides it’s all style pros, top man does not put behind the quality aspects. It calls upon recycled plastic polyester which adds longevity, durability, and comfortability to swim trunk.

Class v pull On

just like its stylish name, the company provides top-notch styling summer swimwear. The best option for an athletic build as you can choose any option from a varied range that suits you best.

The company put a lot of effort into making the swimwear best for a beach day and as well as for the casual street day. Class v pull – on swimwears are loaded with a lot of options such as pair’s of ultraviolet protection, mesh liner, and secure zip pocket which makes it work on your way to the mall.

Orlebar brown

One of the best players in men’s swimwear. Orlebar brown set the trend when it first came into the scene in 2007. “OB” is the British based company that makes stylish swimwear for athletic build, can be worn at the beach or you can style them with loafers at the beachside restaurant.

OB pays more attention while manufacturing mainly on, use of swim trunks for swimming purposes. It the best option for men who want to show his athletic body while taking the full joy of swimming.


You can recognize this brand by looking at every next guy on the beach, as this brand is popularly used worldwide by both men and women. With its stylish patterns of Aquatic artistry, it gives you a stylish and modern look. This brand offers a lot of different color and pattern options.


The brand which designs most of its products for athletic and aesthetic people. So, if your a men or women with an athletic body and love bright colors and patterns on swim trunks, then Vilebrequin should be your pick for this summer.


An established player in the clothing industry, Reiss is a British company that makes different types of tight swimwear for an athletic build, starting from simple classic plane options to bright patterned modern swimwear, Reiss has a lot to offer.

Reiss generally comes in a premium category with a good amount of price tag. Besides all of its varied range options, Reiss also provides custom made tailoring for perfect fit.

Latest swimwear trends

White striped

Many stylists declared that white stripes is the megatrend for summer, maybe because of French or cool vibe they give. well, that doesn’t matter long white stripes swimwear are in trend for 2020 and there is no risk to give it a try.

Besides all this, a white striped swim trunk can give you a slight width, if you are a slimmer guy than average. You can also pair them with a nice black t-shirt or any shirt for a day out.


Pastels are highly in demand, maybe because of the tan, go hand in hand. Not only that. pastels are versatile and offer you the freedom of activity and you can match them with any normal t-shirt and shirt.

What to look into swimwear before buying ?


Well, before inspecting the fabric. First, you have to decide which swim trunk you are buying because there two types of swim trunks- sports and smart. Usually, sporty swim trunks are for competitions or if you are into water sports, usually made of polyester and nylon blend.

On the other hand, smart swim trunks are made of cotton and nylon blend or cotton or linen blend, which most of the people prefer under the sun on the beach, gives a cool and chill vibe.

Color and pattern

First, let’s talk about the colors. There is a varied range of colors available, but you must choose universal or earthly Colors like – brown. The main reason of choosing these calm deep Colors is that you can style them with a t-shirt or shirt for your way to a beach resort or restaurant.

Prints, big dots are the trend right now. These patterns are designed to give you the chill vibe when you wear it on. If you are afraid of big prints, dots and stripes are always the good option.


Now you cannot choose any swimwear that makes your legs look thin. After all those long workouts and sweat in the gym, a fitt and nice quality swim trunk should be your pick.

Well, if you are a normal guy then avoid tightly fitted trunks, because it will make your legs look like a pencil and you don’t need that. So, for normal men’s, a medium fit is great, means maybe two or three inches of gap between your thigh and cloth.

Pick the right one that fits you from quads or thighs and from buttocks, yes, show those beasts from behind it matters to girls, if not you.


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