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Zayn Malik Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Zayn Malik Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Looking for Zayn Malik Workout Routine & Diet Plan, you are at the right place. Zayn Malik was a member of the highly successful boy band One Direction before pursuing a solo career. Zyan Malik is an inspiration for every upcoming musician, but people are more crazy about his physique.

The first thought that comes to our mind when the audience sees Zyan Malik is how he is so ripped and what crazy workout and diet plan he follows to maintain that physique.

Since he started as a member of one direction and even after leaving boyish band one direction, the two things that never changed, first his fantastic talent of music and the other one is his physique.

Zyan Malik is popular for his work in dusk till dawn, pillow talk, love you as I would, and there no stopping him. So today, we look into how Zayn Malik has ripped physique through Zyan Malik’s workout routine and diet plan.

Zayn Malik Body Stats

Zyan Malik Height       5 Ft 9 Inch

Zyan Malik Weight      65 Kg

Zyan Malik Age           27 Years

Chest                          38 Inch

Waist                          28 Inch

Bicep                          13.5 Inch

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Zayn Malik Diet Plan

Zayn Malik is very strict about his diet. His diet contains carbs, proteins, veggies, meat. Zyan Malik never confirmed his diet plan but according to rumors, chicken is his favorite dish.

Zayn Malik Medical history ( Eating Disorder and Anxiety)

Zayn Malik is always truth about his medical history, in an interview, he mentioned the fear of being in one of the world’s most successful boyish band One direction led him to anxiety, panic attacks, an eating disorder.

Zayn Love For for HomeCooked food

He opened up that he’d go days without eating anything. It was getting worse day by day until he went home to U.K and had his homemade cooked food by his mother. He added ” if he ever feels that there is something wrong he spends his time with his family and enjoys his mom’s homemade cooked food.

Zayn Anxiety Struggle

Zayan Malik also mentioned about his struggle with anxiety and how he rose from that downfall. In June 2016, he canceled teg Summertime Ball set because of panic attacks and anxiety. It was the first time he was going to perform in his home country with million of fans including his family and friends.

But his anxiety got through him and he was not able to perform due to his severe panic attacks. He tweeted ”  I cannot apologize enough but I want to be honest with everyone who has patiently waited to see me, I promise I will do my best to make this up to everybody I’ve let down today. I know those who suffer from anxiety will understand and I hope those who don’t can empathize with my situation. ”

This tweet was very straight forward and fans supported him throughout his bad phase. All this was in past and from that day, he worked hard until he took down on his fears.

Zayn Malik is very particular about his diet and in his book Zayn, and for information, you could read this book.

This is all about Zayn Malik’s diet plan.

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Zayn Malik workout routine

Zayn Malik is following the same exercise routine since he started as a member of the boyish band One direction. In his book ZAYN he mentioned about his daily routine and his favorite exercises that helped him through his eating disorder and Anxiety after leaving from one direction.

Zayn is following the same exercise routine when he was in one direction. Looks weird but according to his book, he is doing the same workout routine as he was doing when he started as a member of one direction. He also said that he is going to follow the same routine for his life. This probably made you excited to know, what workout routine he is following for his entire life.

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Zayn is a fan of boxing and MMA, in his book he talked about his personal experience, why he is into boxing, and his meeting with top boxing players. This was all started when he was in the boyish band One direction, all members of the group loved working out, and if they get any free time they were working out.

Zayn Malik trainer – Zayn’s dad was his personal trainer and that’s why he has a ripped physique. His father always trained him to get strong mentally and physically too.

Bodyweight training

Zayn has mentioned in his book, how he always completes his workout no matter if they are on the tour performing live shows. He always made time to perform his bodyweight training. Zayn is very consistent about his workout routine, that’s why he didn’t mention that in his book and never discussed it in this interview. We hope he mentioned something, as fans are eager to find the accurate workout routine of the handsome singer in the world.

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