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Handcuff Tattoos Designs

handcuff tattoos

Handcuff Tattoo Ideas: The era of tattoos has begun, and everyone is getting a tattoo of an object they love, or something that inspires, or the name of the loved one. Most tattoos designs are derived from objects in real life. With millions of things, the one which has inspired the youth is a handcuffs tattoos design. 

Carrying handcuffs is illegal and only law enforcement is allowed to carry them. 

The handcuffs tattoo design has its meaning and everyone who gets this tattoo design has a certain attachment to it. The handcuffs tattoo doesn’t defy you as a criminal, as handcuffs are often used to forbid the range of movement of the criminals. 

For some people, handcuffs tattoo design gives them hope and joy, as they have overcome their emotional problems which were limiting their freedom. These handcuffs tattoo design indicates that the bad time should not repeat itself. 

Here are 40+ cool handcuffs tattoo designs!

Although it’s your wish where you want a tattoo on your body, these are the most used body positions where tattoos are printed. Most people want their tattoo position to be on the chest, arm, shoulder, sleeve, forearm, hand, back, neck, thigh, and leg. This article is filled with handcuffs design suitable for a specific body location. 

The tattoo design includes different styles colors, small, simple, black and grey, and 3D.

If you want a handcuff tattoo, check out our article from the top tips below, and choose your favorite handcuff tattoo design that inspires you!

Handcuff Tatto Meaning

The handcuff tattoo meaning is different for every person, the most popular idea this design symbolizes is liberation. When a represent the tattoo with the broken chain, it symbolizes a victory or struggle moment, like a great challenge that needed to be overcome in their life. Another representation of the chained handcuff is that the person is bound or chained to his self-feeling, and needs the power to overcome that scenario. The tattoo gives them a constant reminder to never relive that scenario again.

For the first time society encountered the use of shackles tattoo was in Russian prisons. The prisoners were engraved with handcuff tattoos, who had served at least five years in prisons.

Nowadays, the handcuff tattoo is also used by lovers, to show their affection and represent that they are bound to a single person.

Handcuff Tattoo Design On Elbow

The elbow location for a handcuff tattoo is unique, as when you are walking, a person could get a glimpse of your tattoo. In addition, you have the advantage to choose the handcuff design to be vertical or horizontal. By choosing this area for tattoo, your entire elbow will be inked with a stylish handcuff tattoo.

1. Black Chain with ” UNHATE” Message

Black Chain with " UNHATE" Message

2. Rose Elbow tattoo

Handcuff Tattoo

3. Bunny-Shadow elbow tattoo

bunny elbow tattoo

4. Chained Arms tattoo

Handcuff Tattoos designs

5. Heart-shaped Open-Close Chain tattoo

heart shaped Chain tattoo

6. Single Handle Chain tattoo

Handcuff Tattoos idea

7. Close heart chained with a ‘Lock’ and A ‘Key’

close heart shaped handcuff tattoo

Handcuff Tattoo Design On Forearm

Forearms are one of the most popular and versatile placements for tattoos. Your ink is easily visible to everyone you meet, like when you shake hands. As it’s so visible, this is considered an ideal placement for a tattoo. Plus, you’ll have the option to go with either a big tattoo that covers your entire forearm or go with a short, simple, and meaningful text.

1. Lamp-Chained Tattoo

Lamp-Chained Tattoo

2. Simple Wrist Tattoo

Handcuff Tattoo

3. Close Heart Shaped Shackles

Close Heart Shaped Shackles

4. Small Shackles Design

small shackles

5. Lovers Handcuff Tattoo

Handcuff Tattoos

6. Joining Hands Tattoo

Joining Hands Tattoo

7. Chained with an Inspiration Text

Full Wrist Tattoo

8. Colored Rose Shackles

Colored Rose Shackles

9. Freaky Handcuff tattoo

Handcuff heart Tattoo

10. Scissor Breaking Chains tattoo

Scissor Breaking Chains tattoo idea

11. Open and Close Chain tattoo

Open and Close Chain tattoo idea

Handcuff Tattoo Design On Biceps

Biceps are the most talked-about body part by men and a tattoo on this area draws attention as you have never seen. Plus, the bicep tattoos are easy to cover up, when necessary. Although, people tend to avoid the biceps for a tattoo, as bicep size keeps on changing thought life, and your tattoo design will not be perfect all life long.

1. Prisoner Handcuffed Tattoos Design

Prisoner Handcuffed Design

2. Locked Shackles

Locked Shackles

3. Hanging Shackles

Hanging Shackles

4. Dual Chained tattoo

Handcuff heart Tattoo

5. Grim Reaper design

Bone Hands design

6. Cute Heart-shaped shackles with shiny stars

Cute Heart-shaped shackles with shiny stars

7. Belt handcuff

belt handcuff

8. Broken Shackles

broken shackles

Handcuff Tattoos Designs On Legs

Legs are the most popular tattoo placement among celebrities and athletes like Lionel Messi. Leg tattoo makes you outshine the crowd as most people prefer to get a tattoo on the upper body. In addition, leg tattoos can be easily hidden as most people wear pants.

1. Distributed Handcuffs

Distributed Handcuffs

2. Ankle chained design

Ankle chained design

3. Prisoner broken Shackles

Prisoner broken Shackles

4. Rose chained tattoo

Handcuff heart Tattoo

5. Large Colored 3-D shackles

Large Colored stylish shackles

6. Single handcuff handle on one leg

Single handcuff handle on one leg

7. Attached shackles

Handcuff Tattoos ideas

8. Cute handcuff with RING on the TOP

Cute handcuff with RING on the TOP

9. Hands chained for “LOVE”

hands chained for "LOVE"

10. Broken realistic chains

Broken realist chains

Handcuff Tattoos Idea On Chest

If you want a meaningful tattoo, that you want to see first when you stand in front of the mirror, there’s no better tattoo placement than the chest. Plus, you have the option to engrave a big and amazing tattoo design.

1. Rose Bound with Shackles

Rose Bound with Shackles

2. Shaking Hands

Shaking Hands

3. Cute Shackles with a Heart Shaped HandlesCute Shackles with a Heart Shaped Handles

4. Prisoner handcuffs design

Prisoner handcuffs design

Aren’t you amazed by these handcuff tattoo designs? With hundreds of tattoo designs, you can also create your tattoo design by mixing these designs. Handcuff tattoos are very unique and you can also see very few people who opt for these tattoo designs. If you are bold enough to get a tattoo, choose any chained tattoo, that will look stunning on your body!

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