4 Ways to Get rid of Sore Legs from Squats

How to Get rid of Sore Legs from Squats
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It happens with all of us once in our life when we suddenly put pressure on the muscles. Yes, I’m talking about soreness. Soreness is one of the common things that can happen to any person who workout or do any kind of activity.

Your body parts become numb when you experience soreness. Not only that, but it also limits our activity in a day and makes our day-to-day activity hard to perform.

The most painful one is the leg pain, where it becomes too much difficult for you to walk or sit down. Well, all of you know that soreness is not a permanent thing but still, it brings down your motivation and you want it to go soon.

So, if you are a person who experiences any kind of soreness after your leg workout then don’t worry it’s a natural process, and there some things that you can do to get rid of sore legs after squats. 


How to get rid of sore legs from squats

Legs are the huge muscle group in our body and also the most used muscle in day-to-day activity.

You may experience soreness in your legs after your workout or the day after your workout and that is a painful feeling.

Don’t worry, today I will give you some way to get rid of sore legs after squat but first, you should know why your legs get sore after a workout? 

The cause behind soreness in your legs is the breaking of muscle during a workout or in simple words a small injury during a workout.

When you squat with weight on your shoulders, the small muscles in your legs break down.

After that, it’s your body’s duty to recover that brek muscle group by increasing the blood flow in that particular area.

This increase in blood flow leads to inflammation the next day and makes your legs feel sore. 

Increase your warm-up

If you never warm-up, or do just one set of warm-up prior to the workout then you should start doing the warm-up. 

Never put pressure on your muscles by lifting heavyweight in the first attempt.

First, you should warm up with an empty barbell on your shoulder and squat if you are doing the leg exercise.

Do at least 2 to 3 sets of this, to warm up your legs and to increase the blood flow in your legs. 

You can also do some stretching with a warm-up or you can do stretching during your workout after every set.

When you exercise, your muscles become tight, and the blood flow decrease. To keep the blood flow good during your workout, do stretching between sets. 

Self Massage your quads and hamstrings with oil

If your legs are too sore and you can’t handle the pain then you can self massage your quads, hamstrings, and calves.

You can take the help of another person for massage, but self-massage is a good option because you know how much pressure is good for your leg Massage. 

You can massage your body before sleep or can do it after a workout. 

Get the right nutrition (protein Or amino) 

Nutrition is very important to reduce the soreness in your legs or any other body part. Your body especially needs amino to recover. This means you need a high protein in your diet. 

Protein helps in the recovery process of break muscle tissue faster. If you are lifting heavy in the gym then you should make sure that you are taking enough protein from your diet. 

Use BCA Or Glutamine

Most of you may know about Bca and glutamine. These both are basically supplements, You should only take this.

If you are taking proper nutrition and doing everything right but your muscle group takes a long to recover from soreness.

BCA helps in building blocks of protein and is mainly used for muscles recovery. On the other hand, glutamine helps in speeding up the recovery. 

During a workout, our body depletes glutamine. Tough glutamine is a nonessential amino acid, in simple words, our body makes glutamine naturally.

This is good but it takes around 6 to 7 days for our body to make glutamine. This means the soreness will last longer.

But when you add up the 4 to 5 grams of glutamine in your diet, you will increase the process and the recovery becomes so fast that our body will take only 1 to 2 days instead of 7 days.

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When do your legs get sore? 

You are beginner

If you are a beginner in the gym or any other physical activity then your muscles will get sore.

This happens because was never under pressure until now when you start lifting weights in the gym.

This is why it is suggested to pick low weights on your starting days and keep progressing with the time.

On the first even you lift the slight weight you muscle get shocked and later it will get sore. After 2 weeks your body starts adapting and you will feel less soreness or no soreness. 

Changed the exercise

If you are intermediate or advance, but still feel soreness in your legs then you may changed the exercise or routine of your leg exercises.

Just like our brain, our body also takes time to adapt to new things. The change in exercise or just rearranging the sets in your workout can shock the muscle which later leads to soreness. 

But it’s not that you experience the same soreness as the beginner level. You may get sore muscle for a day or two maximum. Because your body knows the weight so it becomes easy for your body to adapt to a new routine fast. 

Start lifting heavy

If shifted to strength training or increased the weight in your lifts then also you may experience soreness in your legs.

Legs exercise includes squats and when you are just starting you will progress faster in weight than any advanced-level athlete.

This also means that you may experience sore muscles after your workout, especially when you start increasing the weight of your lift. Lift the more muscle tissue will break. 

Is soreness in your legs a bad sign? 

No soreness in your legs is not a bad sign. It is a common thing that happens or experienced by every beginner and even with experienced ones.

If you are a beginner and you didn’t feel soreness then, there might be some problem. Soreness in your legs is proof that your muscle tissue is break.

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