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Most Popular Teenage Detective TV Series

Teenage Detective TV Series

We know are in a world, where we have everything for everyone. If you are into science you can watch sci-fi tv series, if you are into thriller or horror you have specific tv series just for that. There are many adult tv detective tv series, but there are minimum teenage detective tv series.

For teenagers who are in high school, solving crime is what we look for in a good teenage tv series. These are the only series that show us that teen can be smart, intelligent, and can work better than adults.

If you watch into teen tv series, you probably get teens into drugs, parties, and sex. Most of them have the same phenomenon, there is no new concept that the creators are offering. But not these lists we have mentioned below. We have only listed the teenage tv series in which the teens are investigating something or acting as a part-time detective.

Now let’s look at the most popular teenage detective tv series. You are gonna love it if you are a Sherlock Holmes fan.

Young Sherlock Holmes

Why you should watch it –
If you are looking for a detective one name always comes to mind Sherlock Holmes, the worlds greatest detective ever. In Movies, we have seen how smart a detective in solving crime. This teenage detective tv-series is no different. It’s like watching the mixture of Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch in a young teen Sherlock Holmes.

This tv series is a bit too old and this is the series that made the Sherlock Holmes character. It’s not the first appearance of Sherlock Holmes in the cinema, but it’s the first young teen Sherlock Holmes.

It’s set in a different period, and it was the first time we saw the friendship between Homles and Dr. Watson, just with a tiny bit of change in detail they both are kids. They both embark on the journey to investigate the recent murders and hallucinations people are experiencing.

Veronica Mars

Why you should watch it –
This teenage detective tv series follows a high school girl who does a part-time job as a local Detective. Kristen Bell is the lead cast of this amazing teen series, shows you don’t have always work flipping burgers in Burger King, when you can use your skills to catch the criminal in a small town, Neptune. After her best friend is murdered, she along with the help of her father also Ex-sheriff finds out the real mystery behind the death and along also tackles social issues.

Sadly, we now live in a world where there are no more new episodes of Veronica Mars. But not to worry if you completed this tv show, you can watch the extended version of this story. The movie was released after the ending of the final season and it’s also a detective movie.


Why you should watch it –

If you’re an Archie comics fan, then you shouldn’t avoid this teenage tv series. Many people don’t think it is a detective series, they are wrong. Teens don’t have an official batch of an investigative detective, but they do everything a professional will do. From catching serial killers and destroying cult to investigate the murder of one of their classmates. As the season proceeds we found out the dark secret of the town people and also new threats are approaching continuously.

Archie Comics has done a great job in bringing this tv show. First, this show was not the appropriate choice for many teenagers. But as the series proceeded they are completely hooked in this amazing teenage detective tv series.

The CW Riverdale developed some of the most popular ships and broke the internet with each new season. It’s not going to stop just yet. We have a long way ahead of us to this teenage show, it’s not found down any time soon.

The End of the Fu**ing World


Why you should watch it –
It’s not like a proper detective tv series, it does not have a teenager investigating crime or catching thugs. It’s about investigating yourself and also the father of one teen. Based on the comic book series by Charles Forsman, “The End of the Fu**ing World” follows two 17-year-old teenagers, James and Alyssa, who embark on a journey to find her estranged father, who left home when she was just a child.

The tricky part comes here, James is a psychopath- his only interest is in killing. He started with animals now he is about to take it to another level, killing humans. Well, he got a target his travel companion, Alyssa. Alyssa is a normal teenager frustrated by her school and home life. Her only dream is to leave high school and find her father.

With an unfortunate duo, their journey begins and now we will see what will happen to their future. Again, it’s more like a self investigating tv series than a teenage detective tv series.

Stranger Things

Why you should watch it –
Apart from being the Netflix’s most popular originals, this teenage tv series set in the classic 1980s theme. It is good to be back and see this supernatural flick with full-on detective teenage series. Many people have considered this tv show as the supernatural, horror, thriller tv show but one thing that they missed is the Detective genre. After the young boy vanished from a small town followed by the investigation of finding him and unlocking the mysteries about the town.

This teenage tv series is the new show that is on our list. Small things, teens are a little too young and not like average High school students we have seen in the tv shows and movies. The mysteries and uncovering the dark secret wot ha hi t of supernatural elements is what makes a teenage detective show amazing.

With every new season, new mysteries, supernatural elements are discovered in this teenage detective tv series.

The Vampire Diaries

Why you should watch it –
It’s normal to see Two brothers fighting for a young teenage girl. Well, it’s not if the two brothers are vampires. This teenage tv series was released back in 2009, when vampires are the only thing we could talk about thanks to the Twilight Movies. It’s not just vampires feeding blood from humans and fighting for the girl, it comes with a lot of mystery and detective skills.

Everyone in the town was concerned and investigate when the people started missing. As the series proceeds, we see various situations where everyone has alto be a detective. This tv series show us that teenagers could be smart are way more than party, sex, and drugs.

Sadly, We now live in a world where there are no more new episodes of The Vampire Diaries since the show wrapped after eight seasons.

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