How to Boost Immunity: Foods and Tips

boost you immunity
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Immunity is your strength, your protective shield and a personal fighter. Immune system plays an important role identifying the outside virus and bacteria that attack our body, destroying it to protect our body.

Our immune system works continuously to protect and defend from infection. In order to function properly and more effectively, it is highly dependent on good nutrition source. Our bodies require rich nutritional values to keep a healthy lifestyle.

We all know how important our body is to us. We can understand it in a way a machine functions. As a machine requires essentials oils to operate properly and regular maintenance to run smoothly. The same way our bodies demands continuous building of our immune system.  And that’s why eating and choosing well is so important to boost our immunity.

So in this article we are going to list important points describing:

  1. Important Immunity boosters
  2. Foods that helps to boost your immunity
  3. Tips to strength immune system naturally

Immunity boosters are basically the ingredients we must include our daily diet, in form of foods, fruits and vegetables.


Proteins we all know are body building and immune boosters. A vital resource to repair body tissue and fight viral and bacterial infections.  These contain amino acids that help immune cells to grow. The cells produce antibodies that make the immune strong.

Too little protein in the diet may lead to body weakness, fatigue and poor immunity.  According to the research, 0.8 grams of proteins per kilo gram of body weight is required for a healthy lifestyle.

Include protein rich foods from poultry, lean meat, nuts, fish.


Eating right is an essential step to prevent illness. Vitamins are also as important as other nutrients in building our immunity strong.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is one the biggest immunity booster. Also Known as ascorbic acid is a water soluble vitamin to support a healthy immune. Because our body cannot produce Vitamin C, it is advisable to take it from everyday foods.

Vitamin C is important for growth and repairs of body tissues and consist antioxidant properties that fights free radicals in the body. Sources of Vitamin C include citrus fruits, tomatoes, green pepper, and broccoli.

Tip: When stored for longer period of time fruits and vegetables start losing Vitamin C, so eat them early. To get most nutrients, consider steaming the vegetables.

Vitamin B: Vitamin B array of multiple of types is also essential for our nervous system to break down the food and release energy. Vitamin B6 is vital to biochemical reactions of the body. Sources of Vitamin B6: meat, seafood, legumes, poultry, dark and green leafy vegetables.


Selenium: Selenium contains many antioxidant properties. Pack of selenoproteins these help to fight infection.  This important mineral you may have heard less but is vital and must be consumed through diet. Food sources for selenium are Brazil nuts, walnuts, beef, tuna, and grain products.

Zinc: Zinc is also good for proliferating cells in the body; it is an essential element for various cell activities. All the cells are dependent on the level of zinc concentration. Zinc plays an important role for the normal function of the immune system. Pumpkin seeds, cashews, Dairy products, eggs are good sources of zinc.


Now as we are known to the basic immunity boosters, to get most of these specific food have to be included that boosts immunity.

10 Foods that boost Immune System

Read on to incorporate these fruits and vegetables for a healthy balanced diet.

Garlic: Garlic has been a choice for many years due to it antiviral and antibacterial properties. The anti viral properties help to prevent your body from catching cold and flu. Garlic is believed to boost the immunity and fight cancer.  It is beneficial to heart to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of heart disease.


Yogurt: One cup of yogurt provides 11 grams of proteins, 250 calories and zinc that are necessary for the everyday working.Yogurt is probably the best known dietary source of a probiotic (healthy bacteria) to fight off the outside infections. Daily consumption of yogurt increases the positive benefits to the immune system.


Broccoli: Broccoli is another source of essential vitamin C necessary for the immune system because it helps to stimulate antibodies.What makes it so healthy is fiber, vitamins and minerals like iron, potassium, selenium. Studies have found that boiled or steamed broccoli lowers the risk cardiovascular diseases. And whether you eat broccoli raw or cooked it is always valuable to your health.


Spinach: Spinach is regarded as the super food packed of iron, vitamin C, magnesium and fiber. These antioxidants help replenish the blood cells and provide immune system a boost. Therefore, increase the consumption with small amounts as raw or lightly cooked.


Ginger: Ginger has anti inflammatory properties and the potential to cure ailments like digestive health, cardiovascular disorders (atherosclerosis and hypertension), vomiting, diabetes mellitus, and cancer. People generally consider this amazing ingredient in Ginger tea that helps to decrease chronic pain, combat morning sickness and also reduce severe migraine.


Bananas: Bananas are rich source of Vitamin C and fiber content. Minerals like manganese are good for skin and also reduce the risk of stroke. Carbohydrates and potassium in bananas provide energy keeping your body metabolism proper.


Eggs: Eggs are source of good lean proteins. Vitamin A, Vitamin B and selenium present in eggs is the key to a healthy immune system. So, prefer boiled eggs to absorb the essential nutrients.


Oats: Keeping yourself nourished from is very important. These fiber-rich oats will keeps you full also protect against many chronic diseases. What’s more is, oats are rich in phytochemicals that are helpful for fighting cancer.


Mushrooms: Wondering how mushrooms can recharge your immune! All varieties of mushrooms contain rich content of fiber and proteins. Our ancient civilizations are using mushrooms as medicines because of their antioxidant content. Therefore, add them to your salads, soups, breakfast anywhere you can possible get a chance to add.


Sweet Potato: We have been discussing about foods that are rich in fiber, proteins and Vitamins. Sweet potato is a superfood with all these essential nutrients and cannot be left out of the list. The antioxidants found in Sweet potato not only help to improve immune boost but also the heart, teeth and vision.

Building your immunity is a gift to yourself, to your body. What we give our body now it will live with you for years. With healthy food eat every day, a good routine also keep your mind and body active. There is a connection between your mind and body.

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So let’s discuss some tips to boost immunity

Sleep: Sleep is always necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep is a home to many health disorders and mental diseases. Sleep affects a lot to build immune system.  Getting the right amount of sleep may strength naturally your immunity.

Exercise: Moderate exercises are necessary for our lifestyles that we are adopting. Long sitting hours, used to screen, eating junk are becoming the settled life of an individual. But the body is not meant to be settled, the posture of the body is structured to mobile.

Exercise at least 3 days a week to your immune system functioning properly. Yoga or stretching exercises are also good for the blood circulation of the body and boost immunity.


Avoid Sugars: We all know how sugar level can impact our health. Consume natural sugars from fruits like banana, organs etc. These are healthy for your body and immunity. Therefore, high sugar increases the fat and may lead to obesity. Obesity is the direct consequence to sickness.


Hydration: Water is most important for our body. And some of us may fall ill due to inadequate of water intake.  Our body relies on water and detoxifies the unwanted impurities that may lead to illness.To prevent dehydration, you should drink enough water daily to make your urine pale yellow. Adding lemon juice is an added value. Take in form of Green tea or watered fruits.


Attitude: Attitude is also important in your life. A positive and energizing mood creates lively feelings. Our mind and muscles are connected; when one feel disturbed the other will automatically get affected.

Stress will cause mental sickness and body illness. Avoid stress levels, keep yourself busy, exercise, spend time with loved ones, decrease your screen time, and take out time to for yourself. Because when you are happy inside your body is also happy  and it will ultimately boost your immunity.

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