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Average Jump Height For Men And Women


Average jump height? Mainly athletes wonder how many inches can other people jump higher. Whether you want to discover how athletic are by comparing your jump height or you simply want to learn how to correctly measure your jump height, this guide is for you.

The article includes average vertical jump height by athletes in high school, college, and professional NBA athletes, footballers, and volleyball players could jump. 

Average Male Jump Height

So, how high is the average man’s jump height? Based on the research, the average jump height is between 16 to 20 inches. 

Why this range? 

The average jump height in men depends on several factors like height, body weight, body strength, genetics, and age. To elaborate, a person who is tall and has low body weight tends to have a high jump height, as compared to a small height with a similar weight. Another example is, that a young person in his 20s can jump a lot higher as compared to a person in his 40s.

Male Jump Height Chart

The chart below breaks down the average jump height of men and ranks them based on the jump height (in inches).

Score  Men( Inches) 
Excellent Above 28
Very Good 24 – 28
Above Average 20 – 24
Average 16 – 20
Below Average 12 – 16
Poor Less than 12


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Average Female Jump Height

So, how high is the average women’s jump height? Based on the research, the average jump height is between 12 to 16  inches. 

Why this range? 

The average jump height depends on the body structure and muscle strength, especially the legs. To elaborate, the male body is equipped with more muscle strength as compared to women. Thus, men tend to have a higher vertical height jump as compared to women on average. 

Also, height, genetics, and body weight, body fat percentage determine the average vertical jump height. 

Female Jump Height Chart

The chart below breaks down the average jump height of women and ranks them based on the jump height (in inches).

Score  Women( Inches) 
Excellent Above 24
Very Good 20 – 24
Above Average 16 – 20
Average 12 – 16
Below Average 8 – 12
Poor Less than 8


Thus, for a great vertical jump, men should jump over 20 inches in height, and women should jump over 16 inches in vertical height. 

Average Jump Height by Age

As we are familiar with, the jump height is also determined by age. When a human ages, from his childhood to adolescence, he experiences various changes, and one of the common things is, the changes in muscle performance. 

These changes occur until you reach 30 years old, and after that, your muscle performance begins to decrease. 

The following chart will determine the average jump height recorded for a certain age group ( adults). 

The chart breaks down the jump height in correspondence with age and sex. 

Age Men ( inches)  Women (inches) 
18 – 20 19.5 16.5
20 – 29 20 17
30 – 39 17 14
40 – 49 14 11
50 – 59 11 8


Thus, from the graphic, it is clear what age group and gender vertical height jump height are according to their age.

Average Vertical Jump for Ages 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 Years Old

Previously we discussed an average hump height from age 18 -60. But there is one equally important category, high school. 

High school is the place, where future athletes are born. In high school, kids’ muscles are evolving and providing them enough power to achieve higher heights. 

In high school, coaches and instructors began measuring jump height in a physical fitness test, and it is also mandatory when a kid is trying to join a team( any sports). The vertical jump height determines the muscle strength of the kid. Thus, a high jump height kid is considered one of the best athletes. 

Let’s check out where you stand compared to other high school students of your age group. 

The chart below breaks down the average height in comparison with a certain age group. 

Rather than comparing the average jump height of high school kids, we are comparing the average jump height of school athletes. The kids who are officially part of a sports team. 

Teenagers Jump Averages Chart 

Age Jump Height ( inches) 
10 10.5
11 12
12 13.1
13 14.2
14 15.6
15 17.3
16 18.5
17 19


The chart depicts that the jump height is increasing, at a certain pace according to their age. 

Average Vertical Jump for College Basketball and Football Players

College athletes, mostly basketball, volleyball, and football players, show athleticism and are also important to the game. The ability to jump higher in basketball and volleyball, is the prime goal, as most athletes with high jump height are considered top athletes. 

If you are an athlete and want to compare yourself with other college athletes all over the United States, then check below;

  • An average college football player (Division 1 college football player) has a jump height between 29 to 31 inches. 
  • Also, An average college basketball player( NCAA Division 1 college basketball player)  has a jump height of 27 to 30 inches. 
  • An average college volleyball player has a vertical jump height between 29 to 32 inches. 

The data shows that these college athletes are above the average of men in their age groups.

It also includes that college athletes have a higher jump height in comparison to high school athletes. 

How to measure vertical jump accurately

For accurate measurement of jump height, a vertical jump tester is used. These are specialized forms of equipment used for accurate measurement of vertical jump height and can cost around $700. In this, the machine has several flaps, which measure when jumping. The jump height is measured by how many flares, a jumper can hit. This equipment is a perfect choice for a coach, but if you are looking to measure vertical jump without any equipment, there is another easy way. 

Measure Vertical Jump Without Equipment

To measure your vertical jump, you need double-sided tape and a tall wall. 

  • Max Vertical Jump: In this, the person uses momentum ( run from a distance) and hed the highest peak jumping as high as they can. 
  • Standing Vertical Jump: In this, the player does not use any momentum ( don’t take steps). The players stand under a vertical jump tester and jump as high as they can. 

Steps to measure jump height:

  • Stand straight with your side against a wall. 
  • Stick a small piece of double-sided tape on the middle finger. 
  • Run for a few steps, and with a thrust from your leg, jump as high as you can and close the wall. 
  • While jumping, extend your arm, to stick the take at its highest point. 
  • Perform several attempts to measure your best.
  • The highest jump point is your maximum jump height. 
  • Calculate the distance. 

Steps to measure standing jump height

  • Stand straight with your side against a wall. 
  • Add a small piece of tape to your middle finger. 
  • Use full thrust from your body( take any steps) and jump as high as you can. 
  • Attach the tale to the highest peak you can jump. 
  • Take several measurements, to accurately depict your standing jump height. 

Average Jump Height NBA Basketball Players

These are top basketball athletes, playing with the other best athletes. Thus, their average vertical jump is equal to, the best of an average male jump height. 

Top Score of vertical Jump in NBA


Vertical Leap

Michael Jordan


Darrell Griffith


Spudd Webb 


Dee Brown 


Harold Miner


Vince Carter 


Steve Francis 


Antonio McDyess 


Dominique Wilkins 


Allen Iverson 

41″ (104 cm)

Julius Erving


Shawn Kemp 

40″ (102 cm)

Larry Nance 


Rex Chapman 


Kobe Bryant 


Desmond Mason 


Ralph Sampson 


Daryl Dawkins 


Shaquille O’Neal 


Lamar Odom 


Magic Johnson 


Karl Malone 


Larry Bird 




How To Increase Jump Height

Before you begin to learn the tips which will help you increase your vertical jump height. You should know which category you fall into depending on your age. If you missed out, read the article above. 

After determining your jump range category, it’s time to increase your jump height. 

If you are into the average or below average jump range category, your exercise will include strength training. 

The jump height workout plan for the average and below range category. 

  1. Strength
  2. Legs
  3. Glutes (10 Effective Glute Stretches for Runners)
  4. Core

1: Strength Training: The ability to jump higher is directly dependent on the strength your muscles have and how much output they can generate. 

The best strength training exercise to increase jump height is squats, deadlifts, and lunges. 

Perform 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise. 

2: Legs: Legs include your quads, calves (how to know Average Calves Size ), toes, and ankles, and to jump higher, you need to generate explosive power with your legs. The stronger your leg muscles are, the higher you can jump. 

3: Glutes: For a high vertical jump, the athlete has to use explosive power, and this power is generated through the glutes. Stringer glutes help you run faster and jump higher as they boost agility and strength in the body. Before measuring your vertical jump height, always perform this glute activation exercise, to achieve your maximum jump height. 

4: Core: Training core is also important in boosting the jump height. For any athlete, a stronger core is a primary task. With a stronger core, you’ll have enough energy and power, to use your body to its full extent for a longer duration, and jump higher than ever. Also, the training core decreases belly fat, which ultimately results in lightweight. Thus, you have to use less power to jump higher. 

Tips for Jump Training

In a teen year, it’s best to work your body to the full extent, but at the same time, these are more prone to injury than adults. It is because skeleton growth is quicker, as compared to muscle strength. So, you can’t just dive into an intense training session in your teen years. Keep these steps in mind while jump training. 

  • Get a proper warm and cool down before and after work out. 
  • Don’t train a single muscle group over and over. 
  • Proper 2-day rest in a week is mandatory. 
  • Get yourself a coach while training, and avoid lifting heavyweights. 
  • If you experience pain, visit a doctor immediately. 

What Was Michael Jordan’s Jump Height?

Michael Jordan’s vertical jump height is 48 inches, which is 28 inches higher than the average male jump height in the United States. 

Is A 30 Inch Vertical Good?

The average Jump height is 20 inches for males in the United States, but for athletes, the height of college basketball players is between 27 to 30 inches. Thus, 30 inches is a good vertical jump. Although it depends on the sports and position you are playing, some sports require a higher jump height than others. 

How Many Inches Can You Increase Your Jump Height?

It mainly depends on your physique, your muscles strong, and your age. However, with proper training, any person can increase jump height by 20-50 % or 5 to 10 inches. A

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