How to Take Care for a Beard
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Growing a beard is one complicated task but after that, it’s all fine. At least this is best what we think, but a nice looking beard demands a bit more work, which as beginners we almost don’t know or neglect i.e How to take care for a beard.

Care routine for a beard covers grooming routine and tips that help in maintaining a healthy dark beard. Yes, your beard is like your hair, it sure does need random grooming and care, as the beard is in trend for almost a few years which makes every young man give it a try. But does it suits everyone? Well, in many cases yes if you know what suits your face shape and how to maintain it

How to take care for a beard

So, the random question that pops into our mind is that, is it even worth spending lots of money on buying expensive products to take care of a beard? Well, as I was seeking the answer for this myself, I asked my friend who has three years of experience personally in growing and maintaining a beard.

Well according to him, you don’t need to spend your money on expensive products, as they sure do get a lot of hype in the market he says.


But If you maintain a good care routine for your beard while applying simple products, you can achieve a great-looking healthy beard.

Beard has hairs the same as your other hairs so, spending your money on expensive hyped products is not a solution. You need to build a routine to take care of a beard. Is it hard?

Let’s find out.

 Go with a flow

How to take care for a beard
Image credit :by Freepik

Growing a beard is easy for some but hard to achieve task for some men.

Well if you want facial hair it demands time. But after giving time some men still struggle in growing a heavy beard.

The reason behind this is the age factor which indicates you have not hit a sufficient age for facial growth or the second reason that is common is testosterone level that is responsible for hair growth on the body and many other factors of your body.

Some people get a heavy beard at an early age and some struggle, but you can not set parameters for a beard to grow.

It takes time for some people to grow a heavy beard because their body is not fully developed or grown to age but you can see people around 30 can easily grow a heavy beard because their body is at a mature level.

So, don’t take stress if your facial hair is not growing just go with the flow and give some time and you will surely have a good-looking heavy beard.

If you are in a hurry you can use there are many hair growth products available in the market, which you can use if you need quick results.


Following a grooming routine for a beard is as important as it is for your hair or body.

Shampoo a beard – Doing a shampoo twice a week is important to wash out the sweet, and dust or you can do it once a week. No need to invest in expensive products, you can
use normal shampoo which you use for hair. After shampoo, makes sure to apply conditioner, to provide smoothness, and moisture to the hair.

Oil a beard regularly- If you are struggling with dandruff or a rough beard that means it’s time to provide moisture in it, by applying coconut or olive oil. The best time to apply oil is before you go to bed at night, and let be it till morning, and then wash it with shampoo and conditioner.

Beard balm a savior – Beard is a messy area that can be a shelter for many things, like a lot of dust particles and bacteria set their homes in there, when you sneeze or eat. To get rid of bacterias, beard balm is a great savior, which helps in removing the bacteria from the down points of your beard hair, and is also helpful in providing moisture to the beard.

Maintain a beard

Brush it- keep your beard to look clean and well maintained without looking tangled, use a brush. Move the brush from up to down with soft hands, which helps in making the tangled and curly hair straight and clean. Brush also helps to spread the oil all over parts of a beard.

Trim to get details- Trimming is important for everyone whether you are growing a strong heavy beard or a short beard. After every two months, it is recommended to trim the hair to get rid of split ends, for a heavy beard, and for a short beard. Random trimming is required – once a week.

Beard health

Growing a heavy beard is good but health is as important to get a shiny and dark beard. Beard’s health depends on two factors.

Products you use – using chemicals on your beard without having the full knowledge about it, can lead to bad hair health or it can also lead to breakage of hairs. Check on before applying any product directly on a beard.

Food – getting enough protein and vitamins helps in the growth of a heavy dark beard. Food is very important to your hair health especially vitamins and protein. Drinking a lot of water also helps in maintaining the natural moisture level

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