Remove anything from small object to big object in Photoshop

    remove unwanted object from photos
    remove unwanted object from photos

    Remove unwanted object from photos free using photoshop

    Removing is the word that anyone in this world can relate to.
    In real life where we want to remove negative people and unwanted things from our life.


    It’s somehow the same in Image, where some things present in the image make it look less impressive.
    And we want to remove some unwanted objects from that image to make it look good.



    So let’s begin our today’s journey of editing with some cool steps and tools

    *How to remove unwanted small objects from the image in Photoshop

    *How to remove large objects from the Photoshop

    * How to remove one thing and add some other thing on that place from the image

    * How to remove text from the image in Photoshop

    * How to add foreground and background or any color in place of the object in Photoshop


    1. How to remove unwanted object from photos  (small objects)  in Photoshop.

    Step1. Open image in Photoshop CC or any Photoshop version.
    If you have an older version of Photoshop (Adobe 7.0). That will also work.


    Step2. Make a copy of the image layer by clicking ctrl+j in your window pc.
    Making a copy of the image will prevent the image to be damaged. so, make sure you musk make a copy of your image layer.


    remove unwanted object from photos
    remove unwanted object from photos


    Step3. Select the rectangular or ellipse tool from the toolbar.

    Select the area or object from the image using the rectangular tool.


    remove unwanted object from photos
    remove unwanted object from photos

    When you select the object make sure, keep the original area as more as possible.

    Step4. If you are on window pc click (shift+backspace ). A dialogue box will appear.

    Step5. Select the content-aware option from the dialogue box. And make sure the color adaption option is checked.


    Step6. Click ok. Now, your selected object will disappear.


    remove unwanted object from photos
    remove unwanted object from photos

    Sometimes the image looks distorted. When you apply a content-aware option but you can fix this problem. Which is will be covered in how to remove a big object from the image in the Photoshop topic.


    How to remove large objects in Photoshop.

    Step1. Make a copy of your image.

    So you can recover your original image of anything that went wrong.

    Step2. Select the object with the laser tool. or rectangular tool


    Suppose in this image we want to remove text from the image. Select the text with the rectangular tool.

    Step3. Now, click shift + backspace and a new dialogue box will appear.

    Step 4. Select the content-aware option. Which will make Photoshop use the suitable content from the image to fill in the place of replacing object.

    Step5. Click ok and your selected object is removed.




    You can clear the image by using a clone tool from the toolbar. and using the brush you can do this

    but the best option is using the patch tool 

    remove unwanted object from photos
    remove unwanted object from photos


    Cone- when you directly select the object which you want to remove. Sometimes Photoshop itself uses content from anywhere from the image.


    How to overcome the problem? You can overcome this problem easily by following these steps.

    1. Select the object you want to remove using any selecting tool (rectangular etc.).

    2. Now select the mask from below the layer section. Make sure you have selected the correct layer.

    3. Now your pointer is on the mask of your selected layer. What you have to do is select the object from the layer.

    4. Now, select again the object you want to remove.

    5. Now when you click shift+backspace and select the content-aware option. Photoshop will take the content from the selected area.


    Sometimes we want to remove one object from the image and add some other object to that place from the image.
    Let’s do it with an example. I want to add this object to that place. So, what we do


    Step1. Select the object, which we want to remove.

    Step2. Select the patch tool option. Hold the pointer and move the object on that object which you want to see in that place. And you will see the changes.

    Step3. Release the hold button and your work is done.



    How to remove the object from the image and add any color to that place.

    This is very simple and it is used rarely when you have an image that has the same background color.

    Let’s learn this by an example-: If you want to remove this man from the image and want to add some other image to that place. How you do it? Let’s see.



    Step1 selects the image or object with any selecting tool.

    Step2. Click the same shortcut keys you used for others. And select, the color option in place of content-aware. Or you can choose a foreground or background option. But the color option is great you can choose any color from the table.


    Step3. Choose the color and click ok. Again click ok and your desired color will appear in the image or in this example remove the unwanted object from the photos.

    Now if you want to add some other image in that place.

    Step1. Click on the File menu on the top bar.

    Step2. Select the place embedded. And select the image you want to add.


    Step3. Size the image and click ok.



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