10 Best Teenage Thriller Books of All Time

teenage thriller books
teenage thriller books


Teenage Thriller books are something you cannot put down. With every page you turn there is much more. Twist and turns, murders, romance a perfect combination to set your mood. Sometimes the most terrifying thrillers are the ones that feel like they could legitimately happen. There is SO MUCH to love about these teenage thriller books. Whether you’re looking for suspense, excitement, or surprise in a story, mystery teenage thrillers have it all. This collection consists of the most recommended and highly rated Teenage Thriller books.

1. One of us is Lying by Karen M. McManus

What a marvelous and delectable thriller read? Karen did a great work in this book that is worth reading. She uses most of the typical high school stereotypes with a more depth you wouldn’t have expected. The story of five teens at Bayview High school. One afternoon all five students are in detention for something none of them did.  And before the detention was over one of them Simon dead.

And here the mystery evolves, when Simon just going to publish about these four people that could change their lives and relationships forever. Something that everyone wants not to be known. The questions are transparent for these four students who are now the suspects in Simon’s murder. Everyone claims of their innocence but surely one of them is lying. Can they clear their names and get their lives?


2. A Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

Holly Jackson novel is one of the best thriller teenage books. The plot is captivating and will keep you guessing till the end. The story follows the girl Pippa who chose to solve the mystery of the murder of schoolgirl Andie five years ago in her town.

Five years ago, Andie Bell got missing and presumed dead by her boyfriend Sal Singh who committed suicide and sent a text message confessing his crime before he’d killed himself. But Andie’s body had never been found. Who really killed Andies? Is she really dead?

If you enjoy a grounded, engaging thrilling mystery. Whether you are aged 13 or 102, this book is for you!

3. Two can keep a secret by Karen M. McManus

So we are always thrilled with the stories of McManus. She has that twist and turn to create moments and even if you can guess the plot but still, the story keeps you interested and racing till the end. This teenage thriller read is one of the best works. The story of two twins Ellery and Ezra who are left with their grandmother in a small town of America Echo Ridge. After their mother Sadie’s twin disappeared, she avoided her home but circumstances prevailed that forced her to send her children to this old place.

But the town’s deadly past resurfaces at homecoming time once again. With Ellery as one of the targets, will she and Ezra face the dangers of the past once again? Someone’s targeted the homecoming queens of Echo Ridge before and now they’re back and ready to protect their secrets, even if it means being willing to kill. This book is a read to anyone looking for a fast-paced, character-driven mystery that reveals its clues in a well-plotted way a

4. The outsiders by S.E Hinton

The Outsiders is a story of a teenage boy who gets trapped in old social norms and find it difficult to understand and believe himself as an outsider to this society. He has categorized people on his own values as greasers and socs (social). Like everyone in the young age proud of their class, money this boy is proud of being a greaser who has always struggled in his life.

But everything changed one night, when one of his friend Johnny killed a soc. Will the boys able to clear their minds and names?

5. Allegedly by  Tiffany D. Jackson

Sometimes the best kind of books are those that make sad, afraid, and just FURIOUS for the characters – and this book is just like those thrillers. The story of a young nine-year-old black girl who allegedly killed a three-month-old baby. And was put into a baby jail for six years. Six years later, Mary. B Addison is now fifteen years old. And on her way to the group home, she meets Ted and their unborn child. The fight starts within her life for the past and future. Did she actually killed a six-month-old baby? Will she say? No one knows her real mother. But who really knows Mary?

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6. There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

There’s someone inside your house is teenage thriller story stars with Makani Young sent from Hawaii to Nebraska to live with her grandmother. Everything was going well for Makani, she made new friends and started falling for Ollie. But her past daunts her every time.

Then, one by one, the students of Osborne Hugh begin to die in a series of gruesome murders. The way the terror is growing her worries also of her dark past. Will she be able to confront her own secrets?

7. People Like Us Dana Mele

Teenage thriller books are filled with rich, arrogant teens living out of their homes with no parental supervision, and extreme wealth. All these are enough to create secrets and lies in their lives. This story is of a young rich girl Kay Donovan. Leaving behind her past she has completely reinvented herself with a new group of friends. She is now a star Soccer player.

But their past isn’t far behind. When a girl’s dead body is found in the lake, her life begins to fumble. This girl murdered left behind a revenge website the only kay can access. Will she turn down her friends or risk her own dirty deeds?

8. They wish They Were Us by Jessica Goodman

What those years of schools were? Late night parties with friends, new relationships, and only enjoyment. The same is the life of Jill. But it wasn’t three years ago when her best friend Shaila Arnold was killed by her boyfriend Graham.

Now after three years when Jill is in her senior, she just wanted to be focused on her grades. After all, she is a player, she is determined to make everything perfect. This is going to be her year she’s sure of it. And suddenly something changed. She found out Graham’s innocence. If Graham didn’t killed Shalia who did? Will she give up her dreams of a perfect senior year?

9. Little Monsters by Kara Thomas

Little Monsters is a teenage psychological thriller based on the trust. It’s you cannot trust anyone around you. This is a story of a young girl Kacey who is recently shifted to the new town in Broken falls. Her new life welcomed her with new friends and everything seems to be nice to her. She made friends with Bailey and Jade. The biggest party of the year was coming but her closest friends didn’t invite her was kind of odd. She couldn’t ask Bailey because she never made it home after that party. What really happened at that party?

10. The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Inheritance Games is a kind of cinderella thriller story with twists and turns. Avery Grambs like any other teenage girl dreams is a better future. She would go high school, win a scholarship and live a healthy life out. But life just turned out somewhat different for her when billionaire Tobias Hawthorne died and leaves Avery his entire fortune. The strange thing is Avery doesn’t know who Tobias is. She is moved to a house with a family that Tobias Hawthorne just dispossessed. Caught in the world of wealth and privilege and danger she has to play the game to survive herself.

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