3 Methods to Waterproof A Zipper

Waterproof A Zipper

If you want to secure your zipper by waterproofing so that water doesn’t get inside it then this article is for you. It doesn’t matter if it is a bag zipper, a tent zipper, or any kind of zipper. By following these methods in this article you will secure the zipper and block the route for water to enter inside.

If you bought a waterproof bag or anything with a zipper then there is no guarantee that the zipper is also waterproof. So, make sure to check before if the zipper is Prewaterproffed or not.

How to waterproof a zipper?

There are three ways by which you can waterproof zippers. You can use any method that suits you the best. You can use this method on any kind of zippers, such as to waterproof jacket zipper, bag zipper, or tent zipper.

Method 1: Silicon sealant Or Beeswax

This method has been used for many decades, just to waterproof the items. It is used to waterproof jackets and even boots to date. The best thing about wax is that you can also use it to make the zipper waterproof.


You can use silicon wax also known as silicon sealant Or beeswax. Both options are great and secure your zip.

Wax not only helps the zipper to become waterproof but also lubricates the zipper, increasing its functionality.

Step1: Take wax in small quantity and apply it to the zipper. Don’t use too much wax as that can be messy.

Step2: Cover the whole zipper by rubbing it up and down. Make sure the wax gets into the teeth and covers them, leaving no space for water to enter inside. Also make sure to not apply it on the fabric, if it gets on other parts, remove it with a cloth.

Step3: Now, move the zipper up and down to spread the wax evenly throughout the zipper. Make sure wax is Evenly settled in the zipper tooth, a small hole can lead to leakage.

Silicon waxes are basically typical wax that turns into liquid from a solid-state under the influence of high temperatures. A temperature above room temp can turn the wax into a Vascqous liquid. Silicon waxes are often used for lubrication purposes but they can also be used as waterproofing wax.

The only downside of silicon wax is that it lasts around 3 to 4 weeks. It means you have to waterproof the zipper again after every month.

It doesn’t matter how good wax you use, it needs to be reapplied again after some time. No wax can last a year, and that is a fact.

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Method 2: Cover the zipper

Another way to make the zipper water is to cover it. This method is great if you have an outdoor jacket.

But you can always add a storm flap to cover the zipper. Some bags and jackets also have storm flap. But if your jacket or bag doesn’t have any storm flipper then you can sew it on your own or take the help of a tailor.

A storm flap is basically a cover over a zipper that covers it after the zipper is closed. It is just the extra fabric of the jacket that covers the zipper. So, let’s find out how you can sew a flipper on your own.

To secure it, even more, some jackets also include velcro attachments. If your jacket has all three of these, then this is great.

Watch this video to sew a storm flap on a zipper.



Method 3: Sew a waterproof zipper

This is the best and most efficient way to secure your zipper from water. There is a lot of different waterproof zipper available on the market and you can choose what looks best on your jacket or bag.

Waterproof zippers are zippers that are already coated with PVC, PU, and PTU from the outside which makes them pre-waterproofed. The inner of the zippers has a coils teeth just like a normal zipper.

To know what waterproof zippers look like then see this image.

Waterproof zippers are not 100 percent waterproof but are water repellent and don’t allow the rainwater to come inside.

But if you keep it under water pressure for a long time, the water will eventually get inside. So, it is good for outdoor jackets but not in the water, though It can easily survive the mild rain and snow.

To apply a waterproof zipper on your jacket, you can go to a tailor or do your own. If you have a basic idea of sewing, then it is going to be very easy for you.

Follow these steps to attach a waterproof zipper to the jacket…

Step1: Firstly, you have to remove the old zipper. To do that, you can use a scissor. Cut the zipper along the line with scissor.

Step2: Now sew the waterproof zipper in place of the old zipper. Make sure waterproof is not too short or very long when you buy it. A length slightly more than a coat works best.

If the zipper is longer, then cut it with scissor and apply the stop at the end afterward. To add a stop you can use a leather or a stop that already comes with the zipper. Never buy the zipper short as it is impossible to extend the length.

To sew the waterproof zipper make sure to use an anti-wick thread because it is a water-resistant tread and can eliminate the route for water to enter inside.

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