Are uggs waterproof? 

Are uggs waterproof

Uggs are one of the classic winter boots that are dominating the boots market since the 1990s. Despite the fact that these boots are made for winters, still, uggs are always in a hot debate. The only reason for that is the uggs boots’ waterproofing. People who spend $300 for a pair of uggs want to know, are uggs waterproof? Well, that is what is article is going to be about. Let’s find out. 

Are uggs waterproof? 

Though uggs are made for cold temperatures to keep you warm, still they are not waterproof because the suede and sheepskin material used to make uggs is a water-absorbent material. Water can easily get inside through the seams of the uggs. Further, it can also damage the material of the suede. However, waterproofing uggs by spraying on them can make them waterproof to some extent. 

Wearing uggs without waterproofing not only ruins the suede but on the top also leads to stains on the boots, making the area darker. 

Are uggs waterproof for snow? 

No, uggs are not waterproof for snow as they can damage the fabric of the uggs, and if the snow melts, the snow can get inside the shoes easily. 


One can wear uggs in mild snow, but wearing them on a road full of snow can ruin the uggs. But if uggs are waterproof then, it can easily survive the mild snow. But the high pressure of water and snow can break the waterproofing barrier. 

How to waterproof uggs

Waterproofing is very important if you have uggs. As uggs don’t come with Prewaterproffing, you have to do it on your own. There are 3 things you need to waterproof the uggs. 

  • A bristle brush, (suede brush) 
  • Waterproof spray
  • Cloth

Step 1: Clean the uggs

The first and foremost thing is to clean the uggs by using a suede bristle brush. If you just bought new uggs, then you can skip this step. 

While cleaning uggs, move the gently without putting too much pressure on the boots. 

Step2: Use a waterproof spray

Now, use a water spray on uggs. I recommend you to do this in a well-ventilated area(open area), as preservatives in a spray can put stains on the floor or table. Moreover, some waterproof spray has a strong aroma to them, so, an open area is always best. 

Spray the boots from 6 inches far. Do it evenly to cover the whole shoe. If boots get darker, don’t worry it is because sheepskin is an absorbent fabric. 

Pay extra attention to the seams of the shoes. As it is where water gets inside the boots. 

Step3: spread the spray

This is important to make sure the spray gets all the way down and coats the whole fabric. Use a brush to do this. 

Use a brush in one direction to spread the spray. This will bring down the sheepskin nap. 

Apply spray again and, do follow the same process. This will make the coating strong. 

Step4: Remove the residue

It is time to remove the residue around the sole of the uggs. As soles are made of EVA rubber, and you don’t need waterproofing on them, so, it is ok to clean the remaining residue from the soles. 

Don’t use cloth on the sheepskin fabric. 

Step5: let them dry

It is time to leave your uggs to dry. Keep them in a well-ventilated area for at least 24 hours. 

After that use a brush to bring back the nap to its original shape. Use the brush only in one direction only while doing this. 

What if water makes your uggs wet? 

If accidentally your uggs get wet, then you can expect two outcomes of it. First, there is a higher chance of stains on the boot because of the dirt. Secondly, the partition of wool material from the skin. 

In exceptional cases, suede material can also get damaged and shrink, leaving cracks upon drying. 

How to dry wet uggs? 

Unfortunately, if your uggs get wet in the rain or accidentally your feet land in a puddle. Situations like these require a quick solution, in the case of uggs, it is very important as it can leave a stain on the boot, especially if you land your feet in a puddle. The dirt in the water is the last thing you want. The only solution to that is quickly dry your uggs as early as possible. 

So, let’s discuss the right way to make your uggs dry if they get wet. Follow this step-by-step guide. 

Step1: Remove the excess water

As soon as the water gets into your room uggs, you need to wipe it out. Shake the boot, and let the excess water out. This is the initial step, and you have to do it as soon as possible. At the same time don’t be too harsh on shoes. 

If your uggs are slightly wet on the top, then use tissue paper and press it on the affected area. The tissue paper will soak up the water from the affected area. Use the dry part of the paper every time you press on the wet area. 

Step 2: Stuff paper

To speed up the recovery process of ugg boots, stuff a white paper inside the shoes. If shoes are really wet, the paper will soak up the water. Moreover, it also allows the boot to maintain its original shape. 

The only thing you need to keep in mind while stiffing a paper is to use white plain paper. Using a rough paper or newspaper is not a good idea as the ink can leak and ruin the inside of the uggs. 

Step3: Dry uggs

The third step is to dry the uggs. Before drying there is one thing that needs to be followed every time you dry uggs i.e never expose uggs to heat. 

Avoid putting uggs under a sun, a window where sun rays flash, in a dryer. Heat can damage the suede fabric on the top. Further, it can also shrink the affected area and leads to cracks when you wear the uggs. 

The best way to dry uggs is to put them in shadow and let them dry on their own. Make sure there is enough ventilation for the boot to dry. If you decide to put wet uggs in the room, then use a fan to speed up the process. 

Step 5: Wait 

Lastly, you have to wait until the uggs are completely dry. The time it takes to dry, depends on how much was wet they were. If your uggs are really wet and water was inside the boots, then it can take 5 to 7 days to dry completely. In some cases, it can take even more. 

The downside of this is that you can not do anything about it, except one thing. The only thing to speed up the drying process is to use a boot dryer. 

For those of you who don’t know, a boot dryer is used to dry the wet boots quickly. If you live in a snow area, then it is better to buy a boot dryer, as it can save you a lot of time. It can cost you around$50 to $90.

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boot dryer

Boot dryer working is very simple, it uses normal air to dry the shoes. But it also has a setting to throw heated air, which in this case is not recommended. There is a pole on the boot dryer where you hang the boot and it blows the air on the shoes. You can dry different kinds of shoes with these from casual shoes to ski boots. 

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How to take care of uggs? 

It is a fact that uggs last very long, but that to happen they also demand care. Uggs are very warm and super comfortable, and to make them like this, the decker company uses animal suede leather on the top, wool, and sheepskin for fur and inner.

These all fabrics demand care, especially suede because it is on the top and has more exposure to the surroundings. Suede is made out of animal inner skin. And to keep suede in its original there are some things you need to keep in mind. Follow these care instructions for uggs and increase the life of your boots. 

  • Use a suede brush to clean the dirt from the shoes. You can also use the shine bristle shoe brush, but buying a suede brush is worth it. 
  • Don’t expose uggs to the water or snow for a prolonged period of time. You can wear uggs in mild snow if they are coated with spray. 
  • Never put uggs in a washing machine. This is further explained in the article below. 
  • Don’t use any type of chemical or detergents to clean the uggs. Stay away from bleaches. 
  • Lastly, don’t expose uggs to heat as that can damage the hair follicles of the upper. 

How to clean stains on uggs? 

To clean your uggs, use sheepskin cleaner and conditioner. Follow these steps to clean your uggs

Step 1: Hand wash uggs in cold water. Don’t use a washing machine or hot water ever to clean uggs. 

Step2: Make the boot moist or wet with cold water and then apply cleaner. 

Step3: Use a sponge to apply the cleaner and conditioner on the boots evenly. 

Step4: Now you have to scrub the area with a clean cloth. Don’t put too much pressure on the boots as that can damage the elegant sheepskin fabric. 

Step5: Now, rinse the water. Stuff white paper or tissue paper inside the boot to maintain the shape of the boots. 

Step6: It’s time to let them dry. Use a fan or hairdryer on cool settings to dry the shoes. Or simply put them in a well-ventilated area. 

Step7: Lastly bring back the softness of the material by using a bristled brush. Use the brush in one direction. 

Can you put uggs in a dryer or washer? 

No, you should never put uggs in a dryer or washing machine as that can damage the material of the boots. 

In any case, if this idea comes to your mind, just put a halt to that and follow the steps given above. 

If by any chance you put uggs in the washing machine then you can expect outcomes like suede having stains on it or, the upper of the boots getting rough and doesn’t feel soft.

This happens because materials used to make uggs are wool, sheepskin, and suede. The upper of the boot is made of suede and suede is not tough material like leather and has hair follicles on the top, which can come out with agitation that takes place during washing. 

Similarly, excessive heat from the dryer can damage the suede and the sheepskin fabric. 

As discussed above, you can use the boot dryer if you want quick results. 

Conclusion– Overall, uggs boots are not waterproof and you should not wear them in rain, mud, or snow as that can damage the material of the uggs and also affect the durability of the boots. The most you can do is to make uggs waterproof by applying waterproofing spray on the top, but still keeping uggs in water for a prolonged period of time can make the uggs wet. 

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