What Shoes to Wear With White Jeans

What Shoes to Wear With White Jeans

Wearing the same blue jeans throughout summer or winter is no fun. To step up your game and to look different, white jeans are the right piece to add to your wardrobe. But, besides that lot of men don’t know how to style white jeans, or what shoes to wear with white jeans. So making one step at a time we talk about what shoes to wear with white jeans.

What shoes to wear with white jeans

There is no doubt that brown shoes and loafers work best with white denim jeans, which complement most of the outfits.

But if we come out of this universal option, you get a lot of other options that can dominate the whole look of the outfits. Let’s see what are they.

Chukka boots ( classic style)

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Pairing light grey suede Chukka Boots with white denim jeans will fill all the empty voids in your style and give a classic mature look.
Age is not a limit, anybody from young to above 40 can rock these boots with white jeans.

Another advantage of chukka boots is that it works both ways. Yes, you can pair it with white denim jeans and a polo shirt for casual occasions and white denim and shirt for formal occasions

To complement the outfit pair light brown chukka boots with a plain light blue shirt. You can tuck-in shirt or keep it out, but make sure to pick the belt that compliments brown suede boots.

Black loafers with white jeans ( semi-formal look )

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Now, if you want to make your white denim jeans outstand in your outfit then the simple way is to show it more. And loafers will do that for you by creating borderline distance between loafers and jeans revealing more ankle area from the bottom.

Black is the one versatile color that you can rock with many outfits. You can pair black loafers with a polo shirt and white jeans (gives semi-formal vibe), or with a shirt and white denim jeans(gives a formal vibe).

A great combination of black loafers with a light blue shirt and white denim jeans is a show stealer or you can say deal closer for you if you wear it in any meetings.

Brown Chelsea boots with white jeans

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If you are more into fashion and prefer a clean street look then you can not go wrong with brown Chelsea boots. This versatile piece can be worn in summers with a shirt and as well as in winters with a jacket.

Go with a simple and elegant look in summers by pairing white denim jeans with a light purple shirt and to add spiciness to the outfit go with brown suede Chelsea boots.

Winters are perfect to rock a pair of Chelsea boots with white jeans. That said, rock black-white combination with Chelsea boots by styling white jeans with a black leather jacket.

Dark brown loafers with white jeans

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If you love loafers, but don’t want them to look semi-formal when you put them on with denim jeans, then you still got an option, pair cream or black loafers with a linen cream shirt and denim jeans.

Light brown sneakers

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Sneakers are the most comfortable and easy-going option that you can wear with white denim jeans and still rocks.

To get the combination right style brown sneakers with white jeans paired with a brown half sleeves shirt.

White sneakers

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Whether it’s white jeans or blue jeans white sneakers are versatile and universally used by both men and women. White sneakers are a great way to match with white jeans, but the main focus should be on upper wear because the upper wear whether it’s a shirt or any t-shirt it should complement the white color of shoes.

Like Chelsea boots, you can pull white sneakers with white denim jeans in both winters and summer.

White sneakers being more complementary to black color, so pairing white jeans with a black t-shirt in summer is a great idea. In winters you can add some layering with a black leather jacket over a white or black t-shirt, paired with white jeans.

Black Chelsea boots

Shoes to Wear With White Jeans

As we all know brown suede Chelsea boots are the trademark of Chelsea boots, which makes us limit to only one option and neglecting the other, which is black leather Chelsea boots.

Speaking of black Chelsea boots with white jeans, if not the first it should be your second option for winters.

A good combination of black Chelsea would be when you pair it with black upper wear like – black long tees or turtle neck sweater. By going with the black-black option, white denim jeans are the item that makes you look dapper on your way to the mall or cafe.

Black military boots

Shoes to Wear With White Jeans

If you like these big boys supporting down your feet, then I would say your choice is great. Besides all of its advantages black military boots can be worn with white denim jeans and look great if you style the whole outfit correctly.

When styling white jeans with military boots make sure your jeans are correctly fit and not cover the shoe area from anywhere. You can either put your white jeans inside boots or keep it out if the length and fitting are at point.

Cherish Suede drivers

Get yourself noticed with cherish and white combination any place in the world. Cherish is a more cool and calm color that can be seen from far. That said, pairing a nice grey polo shirt with a white denim jacket and cherish flat loafers is the dapper combination for your date look.

Do’s and don’ts

● Don’t get easy on fitting, yes fitting is the key with all clothes but white denim demands more. Avoid long or loose pants because it may work ok with blue jeans or black but not with white denim jeans.

● White denim is a versatile piece that can be worn in all weathers such as winters, summers, and fall. Summer is the right and more acceptable opportunity.

● Take care of your whites. Yes, unlike other jeans your white jeans demand more care and awareness. Make sure to cover your pants with a napkin or any cloth when you eat or drink.

● White may be the only denim jeans that you can pair with jackets, formals, polo shirts almost with anything for any occasion. So, make sure you have at least one piece in your wardrobe.

● Wear appropriate ankle-length jeans that complement the shoes you choose to wear. That said, go with ankle-length fitting when you match white denim with loafers or shoes below the ankle. For Botts like Chelsea boots or military boots, you can go with extra length. The best option is to fold jeans up when it’s needed.

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