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Entrepreneur Movies You Should Watch for Inspiration

Entrepreneur Movies

Entrepreneur movies are best as they inspire people by showing how other entrepreneurs like them achieve their goals. Also, they are the perfect movies that can get an entrepreneur motivated and do some hard work. 

If you are on your 9-5 job or are a new entrepreneur you must watch this entrepreneur movies list to get inspiration of how other entrepreneur achieved their dreams. 

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Here are 8 entrepreneur movies to get motivated and inspired.

The Social Network

Based on the life of Mark Zuckerberg and how he created the first biggest social media platform, Facebook. It shows the life journey of Mark Zuckerberg in his Harvard College days and why he was sued. Two brothers sued him for stealing their idea.

Why should entrepreneurs watch it:

Directed by David Fincher and played the role of an entrepreneur by Jesse Eisenberg, shows how big companies have a small beginning. The Social Network is evidence that large companies don’t get there by accident or luck, it requires hard work, patience, and most importantly will do anything with the utmost focus. It is the only movie that is based on the real-life of entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg and how just a college student built a multi-billion-dollar company.

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The Pursuit of Happyness

The true-life story of Chris Gardener played by Will Smith in the movie is one of the most inspiring movies that every entrepreneur should watch. It’s based on the real-life journey of a single father, who has brought his family out of poverty. It is one of heart touching movies you can watch in your lifetime.

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Why entrepreneurs should watch:

It provides a clear message of determination, hard work, and motivation, that in the end, everything will go according to your plan. This entrepreneur movie is iconic and mostly preferred by every entrepreneur in the world. According to a few entrepreneurs, watching this movie gives them hope when there is nothing good in their life.

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The Founder

As the name suggests, this entrepreneur movie is based on the largest food chain company, McDonald’s. There is probably any week where a person font chooses to eat at a McDonald’s restaurant. Well, we have to because of its crispy and delicious food. 

Why entrepreneur should watch:

This entrepreneur movie can help any person who wants to make a billion dollars chain company. It depicts how McDonald’s managed to save itself from going bankrupt with hard work and commitment. This movie will also motivate you to get hungry for success and on the way eat at McDonald’s. After watching these entrepreneur movies, every time you will eat at McDonald’s you probably get a reminder that you want to do something great in your life.

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Pirates of Silicon Valley

Based on the life journey of not one but two entrepreneurs that revolutionized this century. It’s their hard work and determination of these tech giants that made this century. Yes, they have most of the share of changing our lives in these few decades. It’s none other than Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. This is an iconic film, build in the 1980s, and depicts how these two-man build two trillionaire companies. 

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Why entrepreneur should watch:

The fear that every entrepreneur has is fighting with a muti billion dollars organization. This movie shows how 20-year-old Bill Gates fought with the largest organization of that decade IBM with his hard work, willingness to succeed, and confidence in his beliefs. 

This movie is a gentle reminder that competition never hurts in this business world. At the same time, it is a motivational movie for all the entrepreneurs around the World.

Flash of Genius 

One of the inspirational and learning movies for all entrepreneurs around the World. It is based on the life story of Robert Kearns who invented the windshield wiper in the 1960s. Directed by Marc Abraham, and starred by Greg Kinnear, it shows that with a strong mind you can succeed at ant thing. 

Why entrepreneur should watch:

It is a learning lesson for all entrepreneurs, why it is important to protect your ideas from being stolen. Robert Learn who build a standard windshield wiper fought for the credit with powerful and muti billion dollars automobile companies. This movie is filled with ups and downs and in the end, you can finally rest that Robert Kearns wins against the companies. But it could be possible without his dedication, strong belief, and willingness to do anything for success. It is one of the best entrepreneur movies that every person should watch and see how a small standard device of a car has a long history.

Office Space

This entrepreneur movie is another masterpiece that made some huge headlines and inspired millions of people. This movie is based on the life of an economic office employee Perter Gibbons portrayed by Rob Livingston, who is fed up with his 9-5 job. It’s one of the hilarious entrepreneur movies on Netflix, that consists of what life is when you have a creepy boss.

Why entrepreneur should watch:

This is the perfect example of how your life can be if you don’t work hard on your goal.  This movie shows your life if an entrepreneur like you is stuck on a job. Also, in these worst scenarios, the entrepreneur movie motivates people to peruse their dream. Also, it shows you the future of how an entrepreneur follows his dream becomes successful.

The Wolf of the Wall Street

It one of the best movies of Leonardo DiCaprio after Titanic playing Jordon Belfort. It’s a story of a young broker who made millions of dollars in a short time. Some were legal some were not, but it’s not the main part. The main thing about the movie is how a single man takes down the bulldogs of the bull street and achieved his goals of becoming rich, successful, and with plenty of dollars in his bank account.

Why entrepreneur should watch:

This movie provides a valuable lesson to every entrepreneur, about success, fame, fortune, greed, and respect for the law. This movie is filled with motivational speeches like, “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” These speeches will get you going in your life faster and achieve the things you want in your life. Also, it shows the bad effects and small mistakes that could ruin your whole life.

Boiler Room

This movie is similar to The Wolf of the Wall Street and instead of Jordan Belfort we have Gordon Gekko, that runs frauds and manipulate people to buy penny stocks. This movie is an inspiring movie for youth and people who think that they can’t be manipulated. It also shows how a single man can run wall street.

Why entrepreneur should watch:

Every entrepreneur wants to make quick money and get hard cash but it’s not that easy. This movie depicts how not to get swayed to follow the life of Rick and get to hard work and legally earn money. It is one of the movies where you learn some tactics to use in a stockbroking world. If you are in this business why don’t you learn some new things?

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