Mens Summer Fashion : Build your Stylish Summer Wardrobe

mens summer faashion
mens summer faashion

2020 is all about breaking barriers and going out for fashion outfits. Summer is a season in which you have a lot of choices for your outfits. Choices are best but sometimes it is difficult to choose from many options. So today we will discuss some cool mens summer fashion trends and outfits that every man should have in his wardrobe.

Post summary.

T-shirts- must be the first pick for summer.

Pants- what pants are more comfortable for you in summer.


Shirts- latest cool minimalistic color for summer.

Shoes- white sneakers, blue sneakers.

Flip-flops- be different, paddlers are must to have in your wardrobe.

Shorts- when to wear and how to pair them with.

Accessories- plays an important role



T-shirts are the most common and classic thing that almost everyone wears. But what makes a person stand out than others. The key to making any t-shirt super cool on you is by understanding the Colors.


Understanding the Colors

Red. Green. Yellow etc. These are warm colors. If you wear them in summers they will absorb heat and make you feel warm. This is the most common mistake a lot of men make by choosing these heat absorbent Colors.

Best Colors for (mens summer fashion) a cool look. white (must recommended). Light blue ( must recommended). Pink These are some Colors that will give a cool vibe. And make you look much cooler.


What to avoid?

Make sure when you are buying any t-shirt it doesn’t have any printed stuff on it.
Always go minimalist and choose a T-shirt to have only one color. Never fall for two color options.
Never buy a v neck t-shirt. Always go for a round neck or color.


How to style a T-SHIRT?

You get a lot of options to style with T-SHIRT.

Shorts- are the best option if you are going for any pool party or walk. You can pair a white t-shirt with blue denim shorts or with brown shorts.
The second option is if you are going to an event. You can wear a color t-shirt with chinos. The best way to look professional is by tucking the t-shirt. Make sure T-SHIRT must be with Colors if you tick in.

Casual look – best way to dress a t-shirt for casual occasions is wearing a round neck white t-shirt and blue jeans or you can go with chinos.


Pants are 20 to 30% of the portion of our style. What makes pants different in summer than winter? The latest trend is all about chinos. Pants are all about material, avoid wearing denim jeans in summers. Denim is too heavy material for summer instead go for cotton chinos.


Things to avoid

-Pants are not easy to style like t-shirts. You need perfect length and size for you if you want to look cool.

-Always avoid too heavy and loose material.

-don’t go for the low waist. That trend is over, don’t even think of it unless you are a pop star or rapper.

-Avoid fade. Fades are for boys. If you want to look stylish and trendy always go for the minimalistic simple option.

How to style pants?

Light blue shirt with grey chinos – you can go with grey chinos if you are wearing a light shirt
Light blue shirt with dark chinos – the light-dark combo is best. And you can rock white shoes with these combo Light green with light brown chinos –

If you want to go out of the way. You can choose light chinos (the light brown color is the best option) with light or dark shirts.



are the most important parts of every style or trend. But in the latest trend of mens summer fashion, you have the best one or two options. Loafers and sneakers.


Sneakers- Sneakers are best for casual occasions. You can go with white sneakers or light brown.

Loafers- Loafers are in trend in 2020. If you don’t have these. Make sure you buy these and add up in your wardrobe.
Loafers are best for the Summer season and you can wear Loafers with shorts and pants. If you are an office person, you can too rock these with formals.
Loafers are best for any suitable occasion. Loafers expose your feet a little bit and provide air to flow in and keep it light.

What to avoid?

Don’t buy heavy boots. Boots are for winter not for summer

One-color is the key. Don’t go for mixed color combinations, maybe two is good. Go for flat shoes instead of big soles.

Use shoes like Loofers which expose your feet and gives a cool look.

How to style shoes?

White sneakers- sneakers are a good option especially if you are talking about white. White sneakers are classic and are in trend for a long period of time and will remain for 2020 also. You can pair white sneakers with any combination. It will work great.

Loafers- Loafers are the latest trend for men’s fashion in summer. You can rock these with green pant and white shirt, Loafers works great with t-shirt also.



Shorts are in trend in 2020. This is a  great option to add to your wardrobe. You can rock shorts with shirts and t-shirts. shorts are at the top of the latest mens summer fashion list.


What to avoid?

Avoid fade and lose threads. Always go for simply stitched shorts.

Use light material for example- cotton instead of heavy denim.

Make sure you don’t have a lot of hair on your lower legs. This is the most common mistake most men make. Don’t go for a clean shave just make sure it looks clean.

Never wear socks with shorts. You can use under ankle socks.


How to style shorts?

The best way to wear shorts is with a T-SHIRT and shirts + Loafers You can go with t-shirt+short+flip-flops. This is also the best option for casual occasions.



Shirts are something that is in trend in all seasons. But the only difference in winter shirts and summer shirts is color and material.

Colour- wear light cool colors like white, light blue.

Material- use light material like linen which lets the airflow from the shirt and gives a cool vibe.


What to avoid?

Avoid sleeveless shirt. If required fold sleeves instead. You can wear a sleeveless shirt if you get it perfectly tailored.

Avoid checks. You can go with a simple blue or white color shirt instead of a check.


How to style?

The best combination is Shirt+chino+Loofers for a formal occasion

Shirt+short+ Loafers for a casual occasion. You can use flip-flops instead of Loafers with shorts.



Accessories are the most important thing which can make you outstand in the crowd. The most common accessories for summer 2020 are. watches. sunglasses

Watches are very important for every man. But what is different in watches for summer? For summer avoid dark tone color watches. Dark colors will make you look classy but in summer you need more bright colors.

Sunglasses are a great option for summers to protect you against sun radiations and dust. Use more bright colors like blue, pink, etc. Which gives a cool vibe. Avoid black Or other dark colors.



Flip-flops are in trend in  2020 mens summer fashion. One or two pair of flip flops is a great option to have in your wardrobe.
You can wear flip flops with shorts. And work great for a walk or any casual situation.

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