Bomber Jacket vs Puffer Jacket

Bomber Jacket vs Puffer Jacket

Lots of trends come and go, but some items and classic pieces remain there for a very long period, and that’s what bomber jackets and puffer jackets stand for. Well, both jackets fall in the same category but still have some different and unique qualities. That is what we are going to discuss today. If you are one who wants to know the difference between both (bomber jacket vs puffer jacket) then, stick to the article for 5 minutes, and you will know all the differences and what’s best for you.

Bomber jacket vs puffer jacket

Bomber jacket

● The bomber jacket is a revolutionary jacket that takes us back to the times of the first world war when the bomber jacket is first introduced to the pilots to get warmth, but after years of evolution, it is now considered as a classic and stylish piece of jacket that you can rock in winters and fall.

● A bomber jacket is a waist-length jacket with front zip or buttons, and elastic round neck collars, and tight elastic cuffs.

● A bomber jacket is usually made of wool, nylon, polyester, and suede material. And also present in leather.


● Styling a bomber is very easy. Although it’s a uniform jacket still it is mostly styled with a casual t-shirt paired with jeans and a designer pair of shoes. A shirt is also a good option under a bomber jacket.

● Bomber jackets are great for cold winters. But may not perform well in snow.

● Bomber jackets are present in different patterns and colors. And if you looking for style purposes, then a bomber jacket should be your pick.

Puffer jacket

● The Puffer jacket is usually known by the name of the quilted jacket. This jacket is a down waist jacket that usually covers your hips, comes with a front zip option and back cap.

● The Puffer jacket is usually built for winters.

The best quality puffer jacket can perform well under minus temperature.

● Unlike the bomber jacket, the puffer jacket is not usually a style material because of fluffiness. But still, if you have the charm, you can easily pull off this jacket with a nice shirt paired with denim, and a nice pair of hiking boots.

A Puffer jacket can be your go-to jacket for the office or at any work.

● A Puffer jacket is a lightweight jacket material that provides more warmth at the same time. On the other hand, the bomber jacket is heavy if compared with a puffer jacket.

● A Puffer jacket is an insulated jacket, present in synthetic-filled and down-filled. Unlike the bomber jacket, the puffer jacket has limited fabrics and materials to choose from.

● Puffer jackets are present in horizontal stitching known as horizontal puffers, vertical puffers, triangle puffs, etc.

● Unlike the bomber jacket, the puffer jacket does not have any fancy elastic cuffs and collars. Puffer is a simple jacket with limited design and style.

● Unlike bomber jackets that are present with patterns and plain options. Puffer jackets only follow the plain rule, despite the change in stitching (horizontal, vertical, etc).

How to choose the best bomber jacket?


Fitting is the number aspect of buying any cloth item, and it’s the same when buying a great bomber jacket. Before buying a bomber jacket look for shoulder fitting, v shape arc, collars, cuffs, and length

Shoulder – shoulder should sit right on the end of the shoulder points. Make sure to try a jacket with a sweater or shirt underneath it to get a perfect fit for you.

V shape arc – when you put on a bomber jacket, it should be forming a v shape arc to make the upper body look broad. If you buy the straight or wide jacket from down it will make you look fat and fluffy from down.

Collars – make sure the collars of the bomber jacket sit or standing, covering half of your neck. Never buy the jacket with collars down because it is small for you, or if the collars are all the way up, covering your whole neck then it’s a big size for you.

Cuffs- Although bomber jackets have well-structured cuffs to prevent any untidiness. But still, make sure the cuffs are just touching your hand.

Length – length is a very important factor while buying any coat or jacket. So, make sure the length of the bomber jacket is down to your waist so that it just sits on your hips or butts.


A bomber jacket is present in a lot of different fabrics, each has its own benefits.


Nylon is the oldest material used in making bomber jackets, still it is the most popular and common material for bomber jackets.


Over the years, the fashion industry has evolved, so did bomber jackets. Now bomber jackets are present in suede material to look more stylish and cool on street. The suede bomber jacket is best for the fall season.

Wool and leather

Wool and leather is long-lasting material used in bomber jackets, especially to counter the harsh cold weather and provide more warmth.

Patters or plain

The impact of the latest pattern trend can be seen in the jacket industry also. Most of the jackets are present in different patterns and designs which look cool and stylish for casual wear. You can rock a pattern bomber jacket with a t-shirt, paired with chinos and a nice pair of sneakers.

But if you are looking for something serious, mature, and jacket that will be on your wardrobe for years then I will suggest a plain bomber jacket without any designs or patterns.

How to buy a puffer jacket?

Types of insulation in a puffer jacket

Before buying a puffer jacket, check the insulation used in making a jacket. There are two types of insulation in puffer jackets.

Synthetic insulation

Synthetic insulation is a polyester microfibre blend that is a lightweight material, with the ability to perform well in wet conditions or weather.

A synthetic insulation jacket protects you from cold weather by storing the body heat in tiny air pockets. Also, it is a less expensive material than down insulation.

Besides, all merits. Synthetic insulated puffer jackets are less compressible, difficult to fold or carry in a tiny space. Although this jacket is easy to care for.

Down insulation

Down insulation is the expensive material used in puffer jackets to protect you from too cold weather. Just like its alternative, down insulation is best for cold weather, better than synthetic insulation. Down insulation is a lightweight material, lighter than synthetic insulation.

Although it can lose its puffiness in wet conditions. But can be super compressible, that you can carry it in a tiny bag and it doesn’t lose its shape.

Check warmth parameter

There are many things to look for in a jacket like fit, size, length. But warmth should be a priority when you are selecting a puffer jacket because it is used more for warmth than style.

There are two things to look for when you check the warmth of the puffer jacket.

Fill weight

Fill weight is the weight of the down insulation in the jacket. It should be less than the loft of the jacket. The higher the number the heavier the jacket.


Loft is the fluffiness in a cubic square of a jacket. The puffer jacket is usually stitched and makes a cubic square with fluffiness which is counted as in no.s as -600 cubic loft, 800, etc.

Always make sure the loft is more than the weight because the more the loft and less the fill weight, the warmer the jacket will.

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