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Action Thriller movies never go out of fashion. No matter the circumstance audience always wants their heart pumping with badass, intense action, suspense, and drama. To be fair, it’s a universal thing, the audience gets never board of car chasing to suspense thrillers. With so much this genre has to offer, sometimes creators to be a little more innovative. They constantly bring out new ideas to keep the audience entertained.

So here are the best action-thriller movies you should get on the couch and watch. We have included the best this Action-Thriller genre has offered in 2020.

Bad boys for life

Why To Watch It-

After waiting for I’ve a decade, the third installment of the action-thriller franchise Bad Boys is finally out. The audience is a big fan of the bad cops ultimate friendship starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Now we can see one more time the badass cops fighting crime and intense action car sequences. This series made theses actors the action movie icons in the 90s and they are still managed the reputation with this badass movie.

It’s still not the best movie to his predecessor, the director couldn’t manage to touch the role of the classic badass cops and poor choice of script. The audience has waited over a decade for the third installment, and the creators should have seen it and gave us a worthy script. In previous movies, we have seen cops fighting crime or drug mafia lord but in this, it all comes to family.


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The Assistant

Why To Watch It-

Kitty Green’s The Assistant is the first great women-centric movie, it shows the real challenges a woman has to face with gender-imbalanced abuse and unfairness are built in the workplace systems. The story follows a young college graduate being recruited for her dream job and the problems come with it. Being the assistant of her daily routine making coffee, ordering lunch, arranging travel accommodations and taking phone messages but it shows how a woman being mistreated on a job.

In the recent issue raised by women and with movement like #metoo, this movie is a perfect example of these problems. This thriller movie follows how a woman being degraded and abused on a workday and how she takes a stand. One of the inspiring and thrilling movie to watch in 2020.

Bad Education

Why To Watch It-

Martin Scorsese constantly giving us the best to great movies. There is no stopping him from giving another masterpiece. Similar to his previous movie Wolf of The Wall Street, this action thriller also follows down the same path of greed and status. The movie features Hugh Jackman as Dr. Frank Tassone superintendent in Roslyn School District embezzled millions of dollars to make it the best school in the country. With an amazing star cast and true story of how few trusted employees in school make the largest school embezzlement in American history.

Hugh Jackman dashing personality in this action thriller is worth binging in 2020. A greedy man whose only purpose is to be rich and live in a luxurious lifestyle, is what great movies are made. This movie is premiered on April 25, 2020, In United States.

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Do Little

Why To Watch It-

It’s more like a kids action thriller movie featuring Robert Downey Jr. For over 10 years we have seen Robert Downey Jr in an IronMan role. After 10 years of watching genius, billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist Tony Stark, it’s quite fun to see him in different characters rather than an egoistic hero. Do Little has everything from funny and joyful characters to great script and cinematography. Robert Downey Jr as a physician, who can talk to animals is pretty much we want in a movie.

Despite getting awful reviews, this movie is good with great CGI effects and amazing cast performance and also animals making silly jokes. We can’t say it is the best movie of 2020 to watch as an adult, but sure it’s watching worthy with your kids.


Why To Watch It-

Netflix original movie featuring Chris Hemsworth is the biggest Netflix movie ever. Extraction is Netflix’s most-watched film ever, crossing over 99 million views. Directed by Sam Hargrave and written by Joe Russo, this is one of the intense action-thriller movie. Hemsworth portrayed Tyler Rake, a black market mercenary who is hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord. Hemsworth is like John wich but with a bigger gun and but muscular. His charming personality made this one the movie to watch worthy in 2020.

The Hunt

Why To Watch It-

The most intense action thriller film of 2020, 12 strangers fight for their survival. It’s much like The Hunger Games of Jennifer Lawrence, but with a lot of violence and action sequences. The movie is based on the 1924 Richard Connell short story The Most dangerous game follows the story of 12 strangers who wake up in a field, but aren’t sure exactly how they got there. Soon after that, they discover that they are the prey in a hunting game designed by a group of elites.

Blood, violence, guns there is nothing that this action thriller movie is missing. With an amazing cast performance and the under the best direction, this view made it to the hearts of the audience. Its one the movie you shouldn’t miss if you’re a hunger games fan.

My Spy

Why To Watch It-

My Spy is an action thriller film featuring Dave Bautista, you’ll probably remember him from his WWE career or soulful portrayal of Drax in Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy. Directed by Peter Segal, the movie follow the story of CIA agent rescue the world with the help of 9 year old. The film continues with JJ (Dave Bautista) demote and sent to capture Sophie’s nefarious uncle, Marquez (Greg Bryk), who is on the brink of selling nuclear weapons plans to another terrorist.

The script is not that good, but while watching the movie you just lose it into with the amazing chemistry between JJ and Sophie. As for Dave Bautista, this is an amazing film after his massive hits in Marvel’s franchise.

Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey

Why To Watch It-

After studios presenting us with male-dominated movies like Avengers or Justice League, its nice to watch a woman-dominated over a long time. It was a stereotype that women as superheroes cant make a difference in the film cinema. But Wonder Woman turned that down. Birds of Prey is a simple movie as the studio is just focusing on building the character’s origin. It’s just like marvel did with its characters.

Birds of Prey follows the story when she breaks up with the Joker and the problems come with it. Harley Quinn is forced to run from Black Mask and every thug in the city. But things change when she became allies with three deadly women, who are going to help her stay alive. As for the studio, it is the best in the action-thriller movies list of 2020.


Why To Watch It-

Vin Diesel staring Bloodshot is feature with lots of blood and violence. It follows around the life of An ex-soldier who was deceased in battle given a second chance. He was brought back to life with an army of nanotechnology in his veins. The superhuman biotech killing machine is stronger than ever and has a superpower with the healing capacity instantly. Vin Diesel has super strength and the ability to heal from almost any injury, much like Wolverine or Deadpool. This is the first movie from the Valient Comic Universe (VCU) and top action-thriller movies this genre has offered. From an amazing Star cast to mind-blowing VFX, there is nothing that this movie is lacking.

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