Say “No” To Peer Pressure With These Activities

Say No To Peer Pressure
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There are important stages in life. But one that holds the most importance is adolescent age. At this particular phase in life, you go through various development and changes. While physical changes are an important factor but the role that mental health plays are directly dependent on your mental health and physical health.

Various factors depend on how you adapt to these changes and use them to your benefit.

School life is the most interesting and useful phase for almost everyone. But one never knows what the other person is going through.

What is peer pressure?

Peer pressure is the term used to define the pressure that anyone experience while hanging out with their friends or the people of their age with whom they get influenced.


With whom we spent most of our time in school your friends or children’ of your age. Or the other children that have the same interests as you have. It’s what commonly known as a peer.

Not only in school you feel peer pressure but the people around you in college, office, or at some other place. You may not admit it but psychological studies have proved that they will influence in some or the other way.


If you do ridiculous or have for yourself – say you won’t be affected by drinking for just one time. You will either burn yourself out or crash or let go of the commitment and experience some measure of having failed yourself.

This becomes especially dangerous when you mismanage expectations that are outside the sphere of you control. Expecting others to act a certain way.

The development stage of life is a teenager where we all learn new and different things. The most common and dangerous trap is peer pressure. One who falls into this knows how much it has affected them.

Is peer pressure good or bad?

The peer pressure that is experienced can be good or bad depending on the situations, and activities.

Types of peer pressure


  • Positive and Negative peer pressure

Peer pressure can be positive or negative. The company that you are with depends. Let’s for example, someone from your group forces you to drink. It’s negative pressure that will get you involved in dangerous activities.

While if your peer group is doing something productive for their future. In some time you will start doing it too. That’s the effect or influence of people we have in our lives.

  • Spoken and unspoken peer pressure

Some say loudly while another type of pressure is felt.


How you handle or avoid peer pressure?

Peer pressure is something that becomes unbearable at one moment. We are not pointing your friends or your closed ones. Parents play a big role in the development of a child. The famous saying

“Part of raising teens includes helping them develop the skills to be clear about their values, while still interacting with people who may have different ones.”

There common practices that are followed to avoid peer pressure.

  • Say “No” with confidence

From childhood, parents should teach their children how to say no with confidence whenever you’re in difficult situations. Peer pressure at worst can make fall into a deep well where it becomes hard to recover. The children of your age who things they are showstopper will get you involved in dangerous activities like drinking, drugs, etc.

But how you stop them just a simple no with confidence.

  • Back off

Prevention is better than cure. It’s even grateful to be away from the problems that are coming your way. A smart child will distance himself from the groups that are known to create problems for others. Distance yourself from the problems even before their occurrences.

Take a step back if they offer you to get involved in any activity that has adverse effects like drinking. A common problem faced today by most of the generation.


  • Empower Child with Challenges

Most of the generation has social anxieties or shyness In them. Empower your teens with skills.

Many opportunities come your way but what’s most important is to choose what is right or wrong for a healthy future.

No one is gonna fight for you. You should develop those skills to face social challenging situations.

Empower, empower, and empower with skills.

  • Evaluate

True friends are those who like the way you are not who they want you to be. It’s better to evaluate new friends than those who put you in difficult situations.

Keep yourself away from people who have hideous motives.


Activities to say no to peer pressure

What activities you should do to move away from peer pressure. There are many activities out there to do instead of investing your time in useless things.

  • Practice yoga

Why not focus on your health? A simple and most common activity to avoid any pressure is yoga. Unwanted worries or tensions will make your mind unhealthy. Better start with something positive for your body.

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  • Practice Saying NO

Not an activity actually, but a task that we should not avoid at any cost.

Don’t act like a coward but bluntly say no. The more you say no to harmful activities the lesser they will involve in any dangerous activity. And don’t fall into the trap that everyone does it.

Saying no will have psychological effects o the minds of the people who pressurizes you initially.


  • Explore Your Limits

Don’t stick to one activity practice the art of your limits. Our minds are trapped like we have unexpected no of limitations that restricts us to anything productive or give excuses to whom? To ourselves!! Just to avoid limits.


Indulge Yourself Or Your Mind With Some Activities


  • Do Sports

Sports activities are a great source of stress booster. Doing sports activities like playing cricket, badminton, etc. can free you from any type of stress.


  • Watch Movies or Web series

There is no best time to see movies or web series. With small technology in our hands i-e mobile with which we can easily access or watch movies and web series at any time of a day. Watch unlimited movies or web series instead of worrying about peer pressure.


  • Play Puzzles

One of the basic activities to build your mind stronger is playing or solving puzzles.

Give time to something that helps you to grow. Divert your mind with or make it sharp with puzzles games.


  • Spent time with those who Understand you

Spent time learning with someone who understands or supports you. Time is eternal so don’t waste your precious time doing activities that harm you in one or the other way.

Create moments with your loved ones. Rather than forcing yourself into the well.

Hope, smile, and smile.

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We are all aware of these important points but still make mistakes. Ok, now it’s good to make mistakes as they teach us in many ways.

What according to is making you indulge in activities like drinking, using weed? The worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself. You can’t put all the blame on your peers for making you do such kinds of deeds.

You have to control yourself or avoid these activities by just simply saying no. Your influence of “No” should be more than those who pressurizes.



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