Madison Beer Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Madison Beer Workout Routine and Diet Plan
Instagram: @madisonbeer

Madison Beer Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Madison Elle Beer, aka Madison Beer, is an American singer and songwriter, who gained immense popularity, when teen pop star Justin Bieber, tweeted a link of her cover of the song ‘At Last by Etta Jones.

When the 25 million Twitter fans of Justin viewed the link, they rushed to listen to the song, and in a few months, Madison became a global star.

Currently, she is putting many singles on the Billboard Top 100 charts, and it happened with her melodious voice and her charming personality. Get ready to see Madison Beer Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

Evey Madison beer fan knows that she has an amazing physique which fans could only get a glimpse of when she is performing live shows or through her Instagram.


Every girl on the block is eager to know the transformation she had gone through for her physique, and one day hoping that they can have the same physique like her.

Well, the wait is over as this dream comes true for her fans when Madison Beer revealed her Workout routine and diet plan. 

Madison Beer Workout Routine and Diet Plan
Instagram: @madisonbeer

Singer and pop stars are constantly performing live shows and concerts, and they have little time to maintain a healthy body.

Despite, so much much and pressure and stress from live shows, Madison has maintained her physique through her workout and her healthy diet plan.

And if you look closely at the picture, you know that the routine and diet have definitely paid off. 

Madison beer is one other top pop stars in the music industry with an amazing body physique. If you want to look like Madison Beer, you have to closely follow the Madison beer workout routine and Madison’s beer diet plan.

In this article, you get to know how Madison’s beer eating habits and what exercise she does to maintain her physique.

Following this workout routine and diet, in just a few months, you will have the same body physique as Madison beer.

So are you up to the task? Let’s find out.

Madison Beer Body Stats

Madison Beer Height 1.65 Meters/ 5 feet 4 inches
Madison Beer Weight 53 Kg / 116 lbs
Madison Beer Age 22 years
Breast 34 Inch
Waist 25 Inch
Hips 33 Inch


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Madison Beer Diet Plan

Before we dive into the Madison beer diet plan, we should remind you, Madison is 22 years old and weighs about 53 kg/ 166 lbs.

In an interview with Vogue, Beer mentioned what beauty means to her “ It’s authentic and expressing yourself in a way only you know”. 

If you are a fan of Madison beer, you are definitely following her on her social media, and from that you know she doesn’t say no to junk food.

If you look at her social media, you can easily spot a pic of her eating junk food at a restaurant.

From burgers to ice creams, there is nothing she wants to cut down. According to her interviews,  she doesn’t believe in weight loss.

So, despite the junk food then eats how does she get this incredible body. Well, it’s doesn’t matter if she eats junk food, it matters what she eats on a daily basis and what are her everyday meal plan. 

Madison Beer eating
Instagram: @madisonbeer

Whenever Madison feels like she is putting on weight, she only eats healthy food for 3-4 days, after that she gets back to eating ant the delicious food she can find. 

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Madison’s Breakfast Menu

As you know, the first meal of the day should be healthy as possible, most people don’t follow this routine and madison is not one of these people. 

Madison starts her day with a healthy breakfast where she eats bacon and scrambled eggs with a glass of orange juice. 

Madison’s Brunch diet plan

Although she eats a lot of junk food, she always tries to avoid eating it in the miring. 

For brunch, she either a plate full of fruits, melons, berries, etc. And with that a healthy smoothie, and generally it’s always more than one. 

Madison’s Lunch diet plan

After eating healthy fries and juice all morning, she began dipping her mouth in the junk food. For lunch, she prefers to eat, pasta with a big Taco bowl. 

Or she goes for every one American usual, a big cheesy pizza, sandwich with 2-3 soft drinks. 

Madison’s Dinner Diet Plan

Pancakes, noodles, and burgers are her favorite food at dinner.

After a delicious breakfast, she heads down to eat her favorite dessert, ice cream. Although she has a toned body, there is one thing she never misses at night, which is eating ice cream. 

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Beer doesn’t drink alcohol

Yes, although she is 22 she doesn’t drink alcohol, this was revealed at her 21st birthday party, where she mentioned “It feels weird. I feel like I’ve been 21 for a long time, but I haven’t. It’s weird. I don’t drink, so it’s not really like a big day for me,“. So, this is one of the reasons she always maintained her skinny figure by avoiding alcohol. 

This is all about the Madison Beer Diet Plan. 

Madison Beer Workout Routine

From the beginning of her debut, she has always been skinny and toned, and after 9 years she has maintained the same physique with her diet plan and workout routine. 

Let’s dive into the work’s history of Madison beer before she made her big debut. She was a member of a gymnastics team, for six years, but due to a sudden neck injury, she had to quit the gymnastics, mentioned by her during an interview. 

Madison Beer Workout Routine
Instagram: @madisonbeer

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If you are a Madison fan, you knew that she isn’t a fitness freak girl. In numerous interviews, Madison admitted, that she is not a considerable workout fan. But despite that, there is work out she does in her daily routine. 

It’s hard to see a Popstar big as Madison, not go to the gym. But it’s true, and it’s always true that she doesn’t have a personal trainer. So, how does she maintain this incredible physique? 


The primary mode of Madison’s training is her performing on live shows and events. As Madison is one top pop stars in the world, she is constantly on world tours and performs live shows, where she dances and sings for a few hours. 

Madison Beer abs
Instagram: @madisonbeer

In her interview, she mentioned, “ Performing in live shows is exhausting, and tiring”. Also, she admitted that performing is the only thing that is keeping her fit. 

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Evert Madison fan knows, that she is an amazing dancer. She is one of few pop stars that are very good at dancing and all because e she joined dance classes when she was young.

Dancing is an internet workout session that burns a whole amount of calories and helps her maintain her amazing figure. So, if you want to look like her, You must follow in her footsteps and that means joining dance classes too.

So that was it for the Madison Beer workout routine. 

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