9 Highest Silage Perfume

Highest Silage Perfume

If you are looking for the best and highest silage perfume then this article is for you. In this article, I will go through some of the best silage perfumes that leave a great trail of scent behind them. The list is prepared by researching perfumes and some of them are tested by myself. 

Most of the list includes designer fragrances but some of them are clones of other fragrances that are cheap and perform better. 

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What is silage? 

People often misunderstand the difference between projection and silage. And a lot of people might not know what silage means. Silage is a term used to describe the trail it leaves behind when someone leaves the room. Whereas projection is the distance a fragrance can cover from one point to another. 


For example, – if one person is wearing perfume and he sits in front of you and you get the smell of the fragrance then it is called projection. However, when he leaves the room but you still can sense the smell of the fragrance is what is called silage.

 Highest silage perfume

Versace eros EDP

Highest silage perfume

Versace EDP is the newest version of the original eros EDT. But what’s best about this is that it performs much better and has great silage. If you are looking for a trusted and tested perfume that can last you long and can leave a memorable scent behind it, then Versace eros should be your pick. 

It is a fresh minty fragrance, people often call this a shower gel fragrance. It is fresh in the opening but as it dries down you get a sweet scent of vanilla. The silage of Versace eros is for 2 hours is excellent. After 2 hours it gets down but still, it leaves a sweet trail behind it. 

The price of a 100 ml bottle of Versace eros will cost you around $98.  So, it is an affordable designer fragrance and one the best blue fragrance out in the market.

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Parfums de Marly habdan

Highest silage perfume

If you are looking for a perfume that has a mysterious smell and phenomenal silage then habdan from the house of parfums de marly should be your pick. It leaves a mysterious trail because of the resin and saffron notes in it. Parfums de marly perfumes are always strong but this one is one of my favorites. 

When you spray this on, it is hard to find out the exact prominent note it as it gives a mixed smell of multiple ingredients at the same time, that is also the reason why it comes as a mysterious scent.

If I have to explain how it smells. Then it has a lemonish and exotic smell in the opening, the notes of apple in it make it smell fruity and fresh. However, at dry down, it turns into a sweet-smelling fragrance because of the caramel note in it. 

The best time to wear this fragrance is in the summer, winter, and fall as well. It is a spicy, fruity, and sweet scent that goes well for all occasions.

The longevity of this scent is 9 hours straight. On clothes, it is up to 12 hours. The projection is also great for 4 hours.

So it is the perfect scent if you want to smell unique and mysterious. It comes with great silage and projection as well.

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Prada l Homme intense

Highest silage perfume

One of the best fragrances from the house of Prada “Prada l Homme intense” resembles the original “Prada l Homme” but is more intense and better.

The DNA of this fragrance is similar to the original l Homme but what makes this stand out is it has a phenomenal silage and projection quality.

A person can literally smell you for a period of time when you leave the room. This is how amazing the performance it has. 

Speaking of smell, it has Patchouli, leather, and amber notes. It also has an Irish touch to it. It gives a sweet chocolate boy kind of vibe.

It is a great fragrance for the winter season. You can wear this to a club and I’m sure you will get noticed. 

Overall it has a great scent with an amazing blend of Patchouli and amber which gives it a sweet smell.

I would recommend this to anybody who is 25 plus as it smells strong and mature. But if you think you can pull this off then go ahead.

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Navitus parfums soir exclusif 

If you are looking to impress a girl on a date then soir exclusif is one the best fragrance out there. This is a red seductive fragrance that is best for date night, during the fall season. 

The projection and silage of this fragrance is amazing and without a doubt, you can bet on this fragrance. 

It is a warm scent so it can be your signature scent for the winter season. The top notes of coffee and almond are blended amazingly, making them come out as prominent notes. 

In the mid, you get sweet marshmallow notes with the touch of French Tonka bean which gives a warm touch to this fragrance.

On the dry down, you will sense the vanilla, a little bit of musk, and oakwood. You might not know about this fragrance, but I urge you to look into this as it so a good fragrance. Not only that also get a phenomenal silage and projection from it.

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A*Men Pure malt

If you are looking for a high silage bozy scent for winter then A*Men pure malt is up right there. If you love patchouli fragrances, then I’m sure you are going to love this designer fragrance.  This is one of the most popular fragrances for winter in the designer perfume category. 

In the opening, you get hit by fruity orange and bergamot notes. After 40 minutes, you get to sense the whiskey notes shine out with a touch of coffee in the background. 

On the dry down, patchouli stands out with a touch of musk in the back. This is one fragrance that works phenomenally in the harsh winters. 

So, if you live somewhere cold, I recommend this to you. It smells amazing and has excellent silage. However, I must say the older of this performs better than this, but still, the performance is amazing. 

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Azzaro Wanted by night

If you love aftershave fresh smell then this is one of the best cinnamon-based aftershave fragrances. This fragrance is well known around the world for its silage and performance. 

The silage is excellent and one can pick up the smell of it from afar, so the projection is also great

If we talk about when you can wear this. Then I would say fall is the best season to wear this fragrance. The reason for that is it is a fragrance that is not as warm for winter and not a blue fragrance for summer.

It lies somewhere in between, so fall is the best season to wear this fragrance. But if you go with the EDP version, which is released in 2018, then you get more warmth in it, which can be worn during winter

As I have already discussed, this fragrance is dominated by cinnamon notes. The second prominent note of this scent is incense, which gives it a smoky type of vibe in the end.

You also sense the fruity notes. But the fact is that it has fruity notes, still, it has depth, and it is a heavy perfume.

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One million Paco Rabanne

One of the known perfumes for clubbing one million from Paco Rabanne performs excellently in sillage and projection. 3 sprays of it are more than enough to get you noticed. 

It projects about 5 feet in the beginning for about 2 to 3 hours. If you spray it on clothes, it can easily last you 12-plus hours. It is considered a beast-mode fragrance. 

It is a sweet, spicy, and Woody fragrance, which makes it best for the fall and winter seasons. 

It opens up as a fruity scent but after a few minutes, it turns into a sweet and warm scent because of patchouli and leather notes.

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Jean Paul gaultier ultra male

Jean Paul ultra male is one of the best seductive fragrances out there for clubbing and dating. It is noticeable and it leaves a sweet scent trail behind it. 

Jean Paul Gaultier ultra male is my personal favorite fragrance for winter. I love its performance, especially the projection and silage.

A person standing 5 feet far from you can easily smell you. Moreover, the trail it leaves behind is one of the memorable fragrances, which is unforgettable. 

If I have to recommend colognes that you can buy blindly, then that would be Jean Paul Gaultier in terms of smell. 

It can last up to 10 hours on the skin. So it is a very good fragrance. 

The best time to use it is during winter in the evening. It is a perfume that you can wear to impress a date or to a club to get compliments.

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Mancera red tobacco

If you live somewhere where winters are harsh then “Macera red tobacco” should be your priority pick. Without a doubt, red tobacco from Mancera is the number one fragrance when it comes to silage and projection.

If I have to give it a number in the silage and projection segment then it is 10 out of 10 without any hesitation. 

It has an amazing blend of tobacco, cinnamon, and vanilla notes, that grows on you with time. 

This scent from Mancera can become addictive because of its smooth, creamy, and warm vibe. 

The only downside of this perfume is that it is not versatile, you can only wear it in winter, or else it is a strong and warm scent that stands out in the crowd.

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