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Does Pilates make your bum smaller or bigger ?

Does Pilates make your bum smaller or bigger?
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Everyone is obsessed with getting the perfect bum, that his/her personality. Some have big butts and are willing to go any distance to make them smaller and on the other hand, some are quite the opposite. The butt is the beast of our body, it determines your personality ( good butts create an amazing body posture when looked at from behind) as well as it shows your fitness. Butts help us to lift heavy weights with our body and also benefits us with a great posture.

Does Pilates make your bum smaller or bigger?

No, Pilates doesn’t decrease or increase the size of your bum. It only makes your bum stronger, more toned, and gives you the power to lift heavy things. Pilates is best for activation of butts and shaping your butt rather than change its size.

Butt muscles are the strongest muscle in our body and are the least ones we train. Glutes are made up of gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus, and combined all three, these are the largest and strongest muscles in your body.

It is used in your everyday life from walking or standing, you need a great and strong butt to make your life a little easier when you perform any usual tasks.

The more your train your bum the better you will perform in any sports activities. Your speed will be improved and boosted power for carrying heavyweights.

What does Pilates do to your butts?

Regular practice Pilates could increase or decrease your butt shape but it’s highly unlikely. Pilates is not a hardcore exercise, it is more useful in activating all three glute muscles – gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

If you are doing Pilates every day, you are not far from getting a perfect curvy bum. If you have seen girls on Instagram who are constantly posting pictures of their booty all day, just think you could do that too in just a few months with Pilates.

Best pilate exercises to activate your butt

Criss Cross

Does Pilates make your bum smaller or bigger?
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  1. Lie on your back on the yoga mat and with a flat back.
  2. Curl the head and shoulders off the Mat and place both your hands behind your head.
  3. Keep elbows wide open during Criss Cross.
  4. Lift your legs off the ground, creating tension in your legs.
  5. Bring your right leg towards your chest and rotate your torso towards the right knee as the left elbow touches the right knee.
  6. Switch legs and repeat the same step.
  7. Perform 20 reps.

Leg Kick Back

Does Pilates make your bum smaller or bigger?
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  1. Place both your hands on the floor and make a high plank position with knees on the floor.
  2. Lift your abdominal muscles.
  3. Extend your right leg to make it parallel with the floor.
  4. While maintaining the height of the knee, Bend your heel back toward your butt.
  5. Perform 20 reps, and Switch sides.



Best pilate exercises to activate your butt
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  1. Lie flat on the back and lift your hips by placing your hands on your back to lift yourself.
  2. Extend both legs up toward the ceiling and don’t bend knees, keep them straight.
  3. With a neutral spine, Scissor split your legs in the air.
  4. Maintain control and squeeze glutes when practicing.
  5. Count to 20 to complete one set.


Kneeling Side Kicks

Does Pilates make your bum smaller or bigger?
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  1. Start on your knees and then lean over to your right side and place your hand on the ground.
  2. Your left knee should be in line with your left foot.
  3. The right hip is to be placed directly over your right knee and place your left hand behind your head.
  4. Kick forward with your left leg forward and back and then bring it back.
  5. That’s one rep, perform 10 reps then switch legs.


Flutter Kicks

  1. Lie on the yoga mat with a flat back.
  2. Extend your legs and lift them towards the ceiling and arms by your sides.
  3. Lift one leg the height you can comfortably achieve.
  4. Don’t bend the knees as you lift your leg.
  5. Keep your hips pressed toward the floor as you flutter straight legs.
  6. Count to 20 and then switch legs.
  7. That’s one rep, practice 10 reps.

Which celebs are big fans of Pilates?

If you are concerned about Pilates and does it affect your bum. You could find out like these Hollywood actresses who are big fans of Pilates. Here are some names of the famous Hollywood actresses and if you know them, you have seen their figures. Getting Hollywood actresses bum is every girl’s fantasy and this could all be true with Pilates.

Kate Winslet, Amanda Seyfried, Anna Paquin, Ashley Greene, Cameron Diaz, Mandy Moore, Megan Fox, Sandra Bullock, Vanessa Williams, Chelsea Handler, Hilary Duff, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler, Reese Witherspoon.

These are just a few names of the actress that confirmed in the interview that they regularly do Pilates to maintain their figure.

Frequently asked questions?

Do bigger butts boost your ability to lift weights?

The size of the butt does not determine how you can lift the weight. There is a difference between a big butt and a strong butt. Big butt is usually most filled with fat and their unlikely in any circumstances that fat will help you carry heavyweights.

On the other hand, a strong butt boosts your lifting capacity, or any other sports activities, and also reduces the risk of Injury in lower areas.

It’s possible to lift heavy weights with a small butt?

The ability to lift heavy weights does not only depends on your butt, it depends on your whole body from head to toe. You need to train every muscle in your body to lift heavyweights. Lifting heavy weights could be a dangerous and high risk of injury if your body proportions are not appropriate. In our expertise, if you want to lift heavy weights but have a small butt, we recommend you to train your butt and at that time, don’t lift any heavy weights. Training your butt will increase its size, making it stronger, and gives you the power to lift heavy weights without any injury.

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