Can I wear sweatshirt in summer?

Can I wear sweatshirt in summer
by cookie_studio

If you are a sweatshirt lover who wants to wear a sweatshirt all the time. But you are confused that is it ok to wear a sweatshirt all the time. One of the most asked questions about sweatshirts is can I wear sweatshirt in summer? Well, to know that read this article. 

Can I wear sweatshirt in summer? 

It is more complicated than a direct answer. In short in some cases yes you can wear sweatshirt in summer, but in some, it’s no. Though sweatshirt is considered as winter clothes that protect you from cold, still, you can wear the sweatshirt in summer if you choose the right fabric and the place you live is not too hot. 

In case you live in a very hot region then I recommend you to not wear a sweatshirt in summer because not only it will look odd but at the same time, you will drown yourself with sweat after a fresh shower if you wear a sweatshirt in too hot conditions.

How to choose the right sweatshirt fabric for summer? 

In case all things are in your favor and you want to try a sweatshirt in summer. The first thing you need is a fabric that is breathable and light.


Avoid any thick and unbreathable materials. So what’s the best material for summer? The best fabric for summer can be cotton.

You should avoid materials like polyester, wool, or any blend of them because polyester is an unbreathable fabric that doesn’t allow the air to pass through.

On the other hand, wool is the hot fabric that provides warmth to your body in winters. 

Besides any fabric, the other important thing to look into is the color of the sweatshirt. Yes, color plays a very important role.

As you may know that some colors attract more sun rays and some reflect them. Colors like red, black are some colors you should avoid. Instead, go with earthly and cool colors like- blue, white, pink. 

Pick the right color so that it doesn’t hurt other people’s eyes.

Picking cool colors will help your mind to think about the cool vibe, on the other hand, colors like dark black and red will make your mind think of hot and warm even you wear the lightest fabric sweatshirt. 

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How to style sweatshirt in summer

Well, if you bought the sweatshirt, the question remains how should you wear it. I mean how to style your sweatshirt with other summer clothes. 

Well, the cool thing about summer is that you go out of the box with your style. Where winter holds you to load yourself with a lot of clothes, summer gives you more options. 

Style sweatshirt with joggers

Well, it can only happen in summer that you can wear your sweatshirt with joggers. This is one of the coolest getup for summer. 

You can wear a grey jogger with a white sweatshirt and for footwear go with trainers. Sandals or slippers work fine if you are chilling at home. 

Before styling a sweatshirt with the jogger, you should make sure that the color of the jogger should complement the sweatshirt.

To make this simple for you, buy the universal colors for joggers. Colors like light grey, white work with most of the colors. Unlike sweatshirts, you can go with dim and dark colors with joggers. 

Style sweatshirt with chinos

In the early days, jeans are the only popular down wear for men. But it’s totally changed when chinos came into the game.

Chinos is cotton pants that are popular nowadays. The reason behind their popularity is the comfort and freedom of color selection it gives you.

Chinos are made of cotton which is a breathable material and that is why chinos are more popular during summer. 

As chinos give a lot of freedom in choosing the color, you can pick any color that compliments your sweatshirt. Cream color and light brown color are the two most popular colors for summer. 

Style a pink sweatshirt with cream chinos and for footwear, go with white pair of sneakers. 

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Style sweatshirt with boxers

This I suggest you to keep as an experimental option for you. Not everybody can pull off this. If you are a fit person then it becomes easy for you to rock this.

Well, it does not only depend on the body, if you can carry it with confidence then the body is the second thing to look for. 

When you wear a sweatshirt with boxers I suggest you to go pick the minimal boxers. Well, what I mean by that is to pick the boxers with one color and avoid any patterns on them.

Tough patterns are a huge trend for summer but still when you style it with a sweatshirt, you need to pick the minimal boxer so that it can complement the whole outlook of the outfit. 

Style sweatshirt with jeans

Last but not the least, you can style sweatshirts with jeans. Yes, this is what we do in winter. But you can also do it in summer if you wear jeans on regular days.

While blue jeans should be your first way to go but if you are experimental just like me. Then I suggest you to go with white jeans. Yes, it is tough to take care of white jeans but it compliments the weather more. 

In case you don’t want any white color burden then you should go with light blue jeans. Avoid jeans with dark tones. Instead, pick the light blue and white shade jeans.

Do you really need to wear a sweatshirt in summer? 

It’s always a personal preference for every person to what he or she wants to wear. But it’s not always about preference, sometimes it’s about your own view of yourself.

If we pick a sweatshirt case, I think most people will avoid wearing a sweatshirt in summer which is a smart decision I think.

But if you are a person who wants to wear a sweatshirt in summer then I appreciate you, because there is no book or law which suggests you should not wear this.

But besides that, I think one should avoid wearing a sweatshirt in summer if he or she loves in the hot region where the sun remains on your head all the time.

If you live somewhere where temperatures doest go too high then it is more acceptable and complementary to the environment. 


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