Why you are not Noticeable ?

Body language is the most essential and highly effective part of how we communicate and present ourselves in the outside world. Its impact is more as compared to what we speak. Our subconscious mind is governing our body language. And becomes more important to differentiate between what you are saying and thinking. 

If we say a perfect and good body style it means that words and gestures are complimenting each other. Life is a journey of learning new things whether it’s a new skill or improving yourself to look better or even to enhance your body gestures. But the point is how we play along with it? 

Presenting yourself in front of the world is a powerful aspect of making an impression in the minds of people.

Have you ever noticed the charming personalities? How much do they affect us? And Why? Try to understand the body language of these people. They rule the hearts of millions of people with effective body language. 


Do you think they are born with it? Well, we can say some of them but not all. They work hard to get a good posture and appealing gestures. 


But what really is the meaning of body language? And how it helps us. 


What is body language?

As can be guessed from the name it is an unspoken element that reveals a person’s true feelings, thoughts, and emotions. It includes our facial expressions, hands movement, and posture. In simpler words, it’s how we talk, react, and express ourselves while dealing day to day activities. 

It is not just about setting your posture rightly but it tells a lot more than this i-e your attitude and confidence.

To be more engaging and approachable, proper coordination of body language is a must. 

Once we learn to read the signs of what another person is trying to convey then we can use it to our advantage. And also enhances our awareness of people.

A live example is when you apply for an interview and find yourself helpless to express yourself even that particular thing is known to you. No doubt educational qualifications are important but with a perfect and encouraging body language, you can excel at every level.

It’s hard to control our gestures and feelings in stressful environments. That’s why establishing a good impression is always the point of discussion among many. 

With consistent efforts and practice, you will have it.


Why it is important?


For making a good impression:

Whenever you meet someone for the first time our mind automatically visualizes the image of that person and that’s what we call an impression. On what basis you say it’s a good one or a bad one. Well, we usually imagine the way they greet you, they talk to you and they express themselves in front of you. That also is part of body language.

We all thrive to make a good impression. Whether we are going for an interview or attending any social event. 

Our gestures play a crucial role in this. For example, if you smile the other person will do the same but if you greet them with a serious look then they will assume you are not interested in talking. Even the smallest gesture speaks a lot.

Improve your body language to make a good impression like you do other things to achieve new heights in life. Body language is no less than your other skills. A confident person always shines and does great things along with a positive body style. 


For communication:

Before you even speak your body language conveys 60 to 90% of what you are about to speak. This is what is known as non-verbal communication. 

The message sent through body signals can be reinforced, may contradict our words, modify our statements, and compliment the meaning of words. It is evident how important body language is in our life. 

A little clash between our words and gestures can make us appear as untrustworthy. So, it is necessary that our body language aligns with our emotions.

You noticed how our gestures in communication affect us. Say with confidence whatever it is. Apparently this seems hard but with practice anything is possible. 


Public Speaking:

Most of us are afraid of public speaking. Hesitation, nervousness, fumbling are the reasons we avoid it. But how long can anyone avoid it? Our life revolves around activities that involve public speaking. Giving presentations in school, workplace, giving lectures, and even when we talk among a group of friends is a part of public speaking.

An appealing body language is what helps us to engage more people, masks our presentation nerves, and helps us to boost confidence. Carry out your public discussions in a more affirmative way. 

For a better experience use open gestures, make eye contact, and avoid anything that distracts you like a pen. Always keep your head up and use open hand gestures to make it more clear.

Any slip in the concentration of the audience can make the topic boring, so try to lean forward while you speak and ask them interesting questions to get attention, you can even use humor in between the discussions to make it more interesting.  



Not only body language helps us in communication but even boosts our health. A great posture is what makes our attitude positive and appealing. 

You must have examined people who do public speaking or whom you admire the most; they use confident body styles like keeping their back straight, use their hands wisely and walk like there is nothing that can stop them from getting success.

We can win over problems like stress, pains, and anxieties with a handful of exercises. All you need is to follow them for a better body style or we can say an appealing posture. Exercises make our muscles strong, increase concentration, relax our mind, and boost immunity leading us in the direction of a healthy lifestyle. 

Once you get good posture you find yourself more confident than before. Overall helping out in matching our words with emotions and gestures. 


What signs of body language are considered as negative?

We will project some signs of a body that are negative in a sense. The ability to read negative signs will help you to pick out an unspoken topic or bad feelings. Let’s highlight these signs to help you out.

Signs of disinterest, unhappy

Tense conversations are our part of life. We have to deal with them either today or tomorrow. Sometimes at work too you deal with difficult people. Though these situations require calmness but lead us to feelings of stress, nervousness, and anger. 

If you see one of these signs it means the person is disinterested, don’t want to engage or maybe unhappy

…Face is tensed 

…Arms are crossed

…The person is not facing towards you

…Minimal or no eye contact at all

So it’s important what you say and how you say it. Adjust yourself to make the person comfortable. 


Signs that may turn your presentation boring

For collaboration and to make deals successful you want people’s engagement. But due to these gestures, you may miss out on the chances of having it. A negative body gesture will also create an unhealthy environment. 

…People avoiding you and using different means to pass the time like mobile

…Writing or playing with pens 

…Sitting with head down

…Talking with someone

This will help you out if you’re aware of these signs. If someone seems disinterested ask him or her a question to involve them in the discussion.


Positive signs of body language

body language

A positive body gesture boosts your confidence. And it becomes easier to convey your message. 

We are more attracted to people who speak with confidence and use positive body gestures. They don’t need particular things to get attention as they already have the power to outshine themselves among a group. And win many hearts with their sweet, innocent and affirmative gestures. 


Make a good impression with these positive body language signs:

Open Posture: 

Keep your body straight and hands beside you and just relax. Don’t cross your arms as it shows that you are disinterested. And also avoid putting your hands on hips as this displays a dominating behavior as it may seem that you are instructing or ordering the other person instead of having a casual talk. 

The more relaxed you are the better you will be able to speak and explain things to others. Allow yourself to adapt to the changes in you by changes here means a proper routine for a good and relaxing posture.


Greet with a smile:

Who doesn’t like to be treated well? Everyone! We have seen a lot of people whose face is always covered with a wide smile making their inner self let out in the open. Their smile can make our day. And even we can make them happy too if they are in a bad mood with just a smile. The smile had the energy to let go of the negativity around you. 

Don’t force it otherwise it may seem as fake. And you’ll likely show yourself as rude or aggressive among people. Make the habit to smile and enjoy it. 

Greet with a smile on your face will make the other person feel good. You will also like when someone will greet in the same way. It’s what you give to the world and the world will give back to you. 

The smile is priceless as it has the tendency to heal a frozen heart. 


Eye contact:

While interacting with someone make sure to hold your gaze with them a few times. Doing this will show that you are interested in talking and speaking. It creates a good impression.

Holding it for more than a few seconds will turn the atmosphere into a feeling of awkwardness. So don’t take too long.

There may be one of the reasons like hesitation, nervousness, and lack of self-esteem that we find ourselves unable to make eye contact during interviews, meetings, or meeting someone special. In situations like these drift your gaze in between the eyebrows of the person sitting in front of you. It will help you. But you need to overcome the reasons as soon as possible.

These gestures do make a difference. You will know yourself when you start using them.


Avoid distraction:

Nobody likes to get interrupted in between a discussion. When speaking or listening don’t play with your phones, hair, or face particularly when your goal is to make the other person feel special or want to be seen as trustworthy. As it causes distraction and diverts your attention elsewhere. 

It’s also one of the reasons that you may have some relationship issues. You may not feel now but it does affect us. If you’re habitual of doing it regularly, start working on it to prevent yourself from the problems it causes.

To make a good impression it’s an important factor in body gestures. 


When in public speaking use these aspects of positive body language:

Start with a story: 

To make the discussion or topic more interesting and engaging try to start it with a short story.

A convincing story garners attention making the whole discussion successful. 

Don’t make the speaking boring by just reading lines from the pad. Use hand gestures and facial expressions to make the topic more convincing.


Head straight:

While speaking in public keep your body erect. A straight body is more recommended to keep the audience engaged.

Public support is what you require in public speaking but who will pay attention to you if you stand there and not meet the people’s gaze. 

Leaning too far will make you look more arrogant.

So try to position your head and back straight.


Use hand gestures:

To make the topic more clear use hand gestures. It’s a sign of sharing ideas and willingness to communicate.

You may have heard that excess of everything is bad. That applies here too. Overdoing will create confusion in the minds of the audience whether to focus on your speech or your hands. 

Make sure to use your gestures appropriately. While practicing, use hand gestures for better understanding.


Perfect Posture:

A great posture not only helps your body to overcome health problems but will help you to boost confidence.

Make your body relaxed and don’t take too much tension on your shoulders.

It’s highly effective and appreciated to make the speaking better and great.




The tips mentioned above may not be applicable to everyone. But you could give it a try for your satisfaction.

A rule like a king in public speaking, interviews, meetings, and events with enhanced posture, gestures, and confidence. As coordination plays a crucial role so match your thoughts with the words you speak.

Keep learning more and more with experience. Consistency is important for early and better results.


Hi, gurbi is a fashion blogger, designer, and fashion consultant. He is 25 yrs old man who love the world of fashion.