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Does Sleeping On Your Stomach Make Your Bum Bigger

Does sleeping on your stomach make your bum bigger
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If Bigger butts are your goal and you are too lazy to work out like me and looking for some magical way to increase that booty size without moving an inch of your body. Well, you have good luck, we are going to give you good news. The good news is that you could increase the size of the buttocks without working out. But first, let’s jump to an important question Does sleeping on your stomach make your bum bigger and sleep affect your butt.

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  • Does sleeping on your stomach make your bum bigger?
  • Does My Lack of Sleep Make My Butt Look Big?
  • Sleeping on your stomach is bad
  • Tips for sleeping on your stomach

Does sleeping on your stomach make your bum bigger?

No, sleeping position does not affect the shape of your buttocks. Good sleep without any disturbance promotes the health of every organ, boosts, and regulates energy in every human cell. Good sleep with a good sleep position relax the muscle tension in your buttocks.

Sorry, but this is bad news for you as will not be able to increase the size of your butt by just sleeping. But there is an alternative way you could change the shape of your buttocks with minimum effort. But first, let’s discuss how sleek affect your bum size.

Does My Lack of Sleep Make My Butt Look Big?

Yes, sleep-deprived has any effect on your butt if you sleep for 8 hours or 5 hours. Lack of sleep causes multiple problems like chronic disorder, depression, hypertension, stress, and a weak immune system.

According to experts if you lack sleep, you are probably hungrier which led you to eat at any time. If you are awake at 2 AM in the night, you will surely get a craving for food.

High carbohydrates( bread, pasta, cake, cookies, candy, ice cream) and fats are the only food that is available at this time of the night.

It’s just not the food that is a problem that causes you weight gain but also your resting time decreases that change your metabolism. The highest amount of calories is burned when we sleep, but when we sleep less, the burn calories time decrease which led to fat gain.

Lack of sleep also causes cortisol hormone which if increased causes large deposits of fat around your butt.

Medical research proved that a human being who lacks sleep eats 600 calories more per day than those who got enough sleep. If all this combination you are going to add an extra a pound every weak.

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Sleeping on your stomach is bad

There are a number of health problems that could occur if you are stomach sleeping.

Three types of problems mainly occur:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Wrinkles and aging.

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Continuous sleeping on the stomach could lead to pain in the neck and back. That’s because when you sleep on your stomach, it pulls your belly down, and the alignment of your spine changes which causes discomfort and muscle strain in your spine. Sleeping on the stomach for long hours causes lower back pain as your spine is not neutral condition all night.

It’s just the back that hurts, it also causes discomfort and pain neck as sleeping on the stomach forces your head to turn at a 90-degree angle. This causes strain in your neck as your neck is turned at a 90-degree angle from the rest of your body.

As you sleep on your stomach, your face is pushed towards the pillow or bed. Face skin is very sensitive, even with a little bit of dust you can have pimples and wrinkles. When either side of the face is pushed towards the pillow, the weight of the head is all focused on the skin.

This causes wrinkles, saggy skin, and signs of aging. To avoid that it’s best to change your sleep position. But it’s quite difficult for anyone to just change his sleep position overnight. But it’s easy to do some changes in your environment without changing your sleep position.

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Tips for sleeping on your stomach

Everyone’s sleep schedule and sleeping position are different. The favorite sleep position, the own where we could relax all our bodies after a hard day, and getting to that position is enough for us to make us go to sleep.

What’s yours? Mine is on the right side ( I know, it’s not best) Doctor advise me to either sleep on my back or left side but there was nothing I could do.

It’s the only position where I can finally relax and go to heaven in my dreams. So without changing my sleep position, I changed my sleep environment that benefits my health without changing by position.

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But we are talking about that, we are going to talk about tips on how you could decrease the health problems without changing your sleep position.

  1. No to a pillow. Using a pillow keeps your neck more inclined which causes neck strain.
  2. Pace a pillow under your pelvis. It keeps your spine in a neutral position and removes lower back pain.
  3. Stretching in the morning. It relieves muscle tension, and it is best for healthy glowing skin.
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