Hip Pain While Sleeping on Your Side? Causes, Treatment, And Prevention

Hip Pain while sleeping on your side
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Hip Pain is the common symptom that is experienced by 90% population in their lifetime. For some people hip Pain is temporary but in some cases, it is severe and causes various health conditions. To know the causes and how to fix Hip Pain While Sleeping on Side read below.

From walking, running, lifting weights, the hip joint is used. The hip joint is known as the most durable joint but sometimes Muscles and tendons start showing strain, tightness, stiffness which ultimately led to hip pain. To overcome this hip pain you experience when sleeping on your side you should know the cause, medical conditions that are associated with hip pain, and how to fix and relieve hip pain.


  1. What causes Hip Pain while sleeping on your side?
  2. Medical conditions that cause hip pain on your side.
  3. How to fix and relieve hip Pain?
  4. Sleep methods to get rid of hip pain.
  5. Frequently asked questions
  6. When to Seek a Doctor





What causes Hip Pain while sleeping on your side?

The cause of your hip pain could be different from fracture, injury, strains, hip flexor dislocated, and medical conditions. Every location of your hip tells us the different causes of pain, treatment, and medical conditions promoting the pain.

If you are experiencing pain on either side while sleeping ( lateral hip Pain) pain on your side and posterior hip pain ( pain in your buttocks region), the cause of the hip pain is hip joint muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Runners usually experience hip pain due to overuse or muscle strain in the hip joints.

Note: Excessive use of sudden hip activity causes hip joint muscle strain which ultimately led you to experience hip pain while sleeping.


Medical conditions that cause hip pain on your side

Lateral Hip Pain

Pain on either side of the hips is described as the Lateral Hip Pain. Some medical conditions are associated with lateral hip pain are:


Greater trochanteric pain syndrome

Often called “Trochanteric Bursitis “, it is caused by inflammation of the fluid-filled sac, or bursa, on the outer edge of your hip. It causes pain on one pint on either side of your hips.

Causes of Greater trochanteric pain syndrome :

  • Injury or fracture on your hip bone.
  • Long term sleeping on your side.
  • Muscle strain due to running, cycling, or excessive use of hip joints.
  • Arthritis or thyroid disease.
  • Poor standing posture.


Snapping Hip Syndrome

Sudden muscle strain or excessive use of tension on your hip joint ( lifting heavy weights) cause snapping hip syndrome. It happens in a snap and it is mainly caused due to tight muscles and ligaments.

If you are experiencing a snapping or clicking sound when you move your hips, you have SHS.

Causes of Snapping Hip Syndrome are :

  • Swelling in your hips.
  • Muscle and ligament strain
  • Injury


Posterior hip pain

Pain in your buttocks region is known as Posterior hip pain. These are some medical conditions associated with posterior hip pain.

Hamstring Muscle Strain

Sudden twist to hip muscle could cause long-term injury to hamstring muscle and it a possibility you are feeling hip pain when sleeping.

Piriformis Syndrome

Also referred to as the deep gluteal syndrome mainly occurred when a large leg muscle suddenly becomes compressed and it cause posture deformity.

Other medical conditions which promote hip pain are:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

If you are experiencing hip pain for a long period of time, you might have these medical conditions. But if you are experiencing sudden hip pain, check out below to fix and relieve hip pain.

How to fix and relieve hip Pain?

These are some easy ways you could perform at home that would fix and Relieve Hip Pain.

  1. Putting Ice: Hold the ice and place it on the area you are experiencing for about 15 minutes. This procedure will reduce muscle strain and it is to be performed 4-5 times a day.
  2. Hot Bath/shower: A warm hot bath is another procedure that could be done to fix and relieve hip pain. Hot water increases the body temperature which ultimately increases the blood circulation and results in losing the tight hip muscles. It also helps in mobilizing hip joints for stretching.
  3. Low impact exercises – These are considered an exercise that doesn’t tear your body down and it acts as a counterpart for stretching. Walking, stair walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, and Pilates are some few low-impact exercises. To know more about Low impact exercises click here.
  4. Glute Activation exercisesHip Pain most occurs due to a lack of stretch of glute muscles. No, yoga is not a Glute Activation exercise, glute Activation exercises are exercise performed to relieve pain or before running or lifting heavyweights. Click here to learn more about Glute Activation exercises.
  5. Glute stretches for Runners: If you are a runner you should follow some extra and mandatory hip stretches. To decrease hip pain, these are some special and mandatory stretches. Click here to learn more about glute stretches for runners.


Sleep methods to get rid of hip Pain?

Sleep position helps the body to relax and ease the stress and tension from all muscles. Bad sleep position could easily worn out muscle joints. These are some sleep methods that benefit in easing the hip pain your experience when you sleep on either side.

  • Back Sleep: You could sleep on your back which is recommended as the best sleep position by the doctors.
  • Add Pillow: If you side sleeper you could add a pillow on the right abdomen which aligns the body posture and relieves the stress from the hips.
  • Change sleep position various times: If you change your sleep position, one side of you does not feel the pressure for a long period. This will benefit you to relieve hip pain while sleeping.
  • Sleep on your stomach: Although it is a bad sleep position according to experts, it is the sleep position where your Lateral Hip or Posterior hip is used. It gives the hips muscle resting time and in a few weeks, you are going to get rid of hip pain while sleeping on your side.


Frequently asked questions

Does long term sleeping on either side cause hip pain?

Yes, it is a possibility by which you are experiencing hip pain while sleeping on your side. When or body sleep on one side for a long-duration, all weigh of the hips are focused on hip joint muscles ( pressure for a long time causes stiff and tight muscles). You can reduce the pain by adding a pillow, a better mattress, or change sleeping position consequently while sleeping.

Does Sleeping on your back or stomach would help to minimize hip pain?

Yes, it would help to minimize the hip pain but only if you are experiencing lateral hip Pain ( pain on either side of the hips). Sleeping on your back is the best sleep position recommended by experts but stomach sleeping is bad for your health. It could lead to some additional health problems.

You could check Does stomach sleeping make your buttocks bigger.

This will help you understand which sleep position you have to choose for better health.

How bad is Hip Pain for your health?

Any pain in your bad for your health, longer and consequently you experiencing the pain the more you are going to have health problems.

If you just started feeling hip pain while sleeping on your side, firstly you have to determine how and why it is causing. The most common hip pain causes are :

If you have hip pain due to muscle strain like running a marathon or sprint, it is not bad for your health. This pain can be easily diagnosed by taking some rest and apply for some medicine to your hip joints.

If hip pain is due to injury or fracture, it doesn’t cause any additional health conditions and can be easily treated in a couple of weeks.

If hip pain is due to medical conditions like arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, you might have to rush to seek the doctor.

Mattress to use to ease the pain while sleeping?

Mattress and pillows are the primary factors that are responsible for either increase the pain or decreasing the pain. To get the best sleep without any disturbance, one should get the best mattress which will help him to get better dreams.

These are some recommended mattresses you should check out, these are the best mattresses to decrease the pain you experiencing while sleeping

When to seek a doctor?

 If the problem is severe, it’s better to seek medical attention. If you have been experiencing hip pain for a consequently long period of time, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Some additional medical conditions associated with hip pain :

  • Fever
  • Swelling
  • Limping
  • Fainting
  • Ability to lift 30 kg weight

If you are experiencing these conditions, you want to rush to seek the doctor.

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