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average head size

Lots of people are concerned about their head size, some believe they have small heads and others believe that their heads are way too big. If you are facing this dilemma, then this article is the perfect medicine for it. This article includes the average head size for men, women, and kids, how to measure head size, and also helps you choose the right size hat according to your head size. 

Learn about the average head size in males, females, and kids according to height and age. Check out the average head size and compare it with your head size. Learn how to accurately measure head size.

What is the Average Head Size Of A Person?

The Average head size represents the circumference of a given number of people of different age groups and different heights divided by the number of people. This gives a precise head measurement of a different gender at different ages.

Average Male Head Size 

The average male head size is 57 centimeters (22+1⁄2 inches). The average head size represents the average head circumference of the human head above the ears. 


Why this range? 

The average head circumference depends on the age of a man, his genetics, height, and his head shape. For example, a man who has a round-shaped head and is 6 feet tall will have a big head circumference, as compared to a person of the same age and same height. In this, the head shape and genetics determine the head circumference of the men. 

Plus, people who are significantly taller, tend to have more bone mass, which, in turn, can support more muscle tissue and will have a bigger head size. 

Based on the research, the average male head size is between 22.5 inches and 24.2 inches in circumference.

average head size

Another study conducted by Newcastle University showed an average head size of 57.2 cm for males. However, the size varies with height and genetics. 

Also, the study was conducted by taking participants of different age groups (18 – 49), different body structures, different head shapes, and different body weights. Learn also about your other body part; Average Calves size( toughest to build), and Can You Train Calves Everyday

Male Head Size Chart By Height

Height Male Head Circumference ( inches) 
5 ft 4 inch 21.1
5 ft 5 inch 21.3
5 ft 6 inch 21.7
5 ft 7 inch 21.9
5 ft 8 inch 22.3
5 ft 9 inch 22.4
5 ft 10 inch 22.5
5 ft 11 inch 22.5
6 ft  22.7
6 ft 1 inch 22.9
6 ft 2 inch 23
6 ft 3 inch 23.3


The dictates a correlation between head size and height. that a person who is tall will likely have a big head size as compared to a person who is short. However, genetics also plays a huge role in the size of every human body, including your head size. 

Head Size Chart By Age

As the human body grows, the head size also grows in size. The following head size chart indicated an average size of kids’ heads for different age groups. 

Although, some kids grow more quickly than others due to the environment and their genetics. Thus, if you are choosing to get your kid a hat, it’s best to measure their head size regularly or you can choose a hat size according to their age group. For the faster growth of kids, it’s best to feed them healthy food. Check out which food is best for your kid’s growth.

This Head size Chart follows 7 seven different age group categories(newborn kids to 17 years old). 

Baby Head Size Chart

baby average head size
Image Credit: FreePik
Age Head size ( inches) 
0 – 3 months 13.5 – 14.2
3 months – 6 months 14.2 – 14.8
6 months – 12 months 14.8 – 16.4
1 year – 3 year old 16.4 – 17.5
3 year – 6 year old 17.5 – 18.5
6 year old – 10 year old 18.5 -21.5
10 year – 17 year old 21.5 – 23.5


Average Female Head Size

The average female head size is 55 centimeters (21+1⁄2 inches). 

Why this range? 

The head measurements for females are smaller than average male head circumference, because of genetics and height. The male body is built with more muscle mass and more bone density, thus the male head is bigger than the female head circumference. 

Also, the height creates a lot of difference in the head size of males and females, where the average height of males is measured at 5 feet 9 inches and women measured at 5 ft 7 inches. 

Thus the average head measurement is also smaller than men, by 2 cm or 1 inch. 

Based on the research, the average female head size is between 21.5 inches and 22.7 inches in circumference.

Newcastle University conducted a study of head size in females, stating that the average female head size is 55.2 cm. 

The research was performed by taking participants of different age groups (18 – 49), different body structures, different head shapes, and different body weights.

Women Head Size Chart

Height Women Head Circumference ( cm) 
5 ft 1 inch 54
5 ft 2 inch 54.1
5 ft 3 inch 54.2
5 ft 4 inch 54.4
5 ft 5 inch 54.5
5 ft 6 inch 54.7
5 ft 7 inch 54.8
5 ft 8 inch 55
5 ft 9 inch 55.2
5 ft 10 inch 55.4
5 ft 11 inch 55.4
6 ft 55.6


The chart states that women who are taller will likely have a big head. However, there is no research performed to determine the average head size by weight. 

Although weight can cause a significant increase in body measurements, head size doesn’t experience much change. 

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What is the average head width? 

The average width for males is between 14.3 – and 16.2 cm and the average head width for females is between 13.7 – 15. The maximum width of the head is usually above and behind the ears. The width of the head is also represented as the breadth of the head.  To calculate the width of the head, you need a measuring tape and a ruler. 

Place both rulers on the top of the ears and a second person will calculate the distance between the rulers. 

Can you change your head circumference?

No, you can’t change your head circumference. Head circumference primarily depends on the size of the skull. The skull size grows until humans reach puberty, and after that, there is no way to increase the size of the head. 

However, if you gain weight, at a high proportion, your head circumference will increase too because of the additional mass present in the forehead and other head areas. Although, the change in circumference if the head will be very small is likely between 0.5 – 1 cm. 

Another way to increase head circumference is by growing your hair. The longer and thicker your hair is, the bigger your head looks. 


Ideal head Size for Males and Females?

The ideal head circumference for men is 57 cm and the ideal head circumference for women is 55cm. 

Why this range? 

These are the average head measurements in The United States. There is no scientific evidence, stating the ideal head circumference, but there is an average indication of the head size. So, we can say that a person within the normal head range is considered an ideal head size. This is also indicated that the person is not suffering from any health issue, like an unusual large or small head.

At what age does the head size stop growing? 

The head size keeps on increasing until they complete puberty or sometimes till 20 years of age. Head size growth depends on genetics and weight. By age 5, the head circumference has grown up to 90 percent, and up to 18-20 years the head size fully grows. 

How to measure head circumference

Follow these steps to determine your head circumference. 

Equipment Required: Measuring tape, and a second person to measure the head circumference. 

  • Use a measuring tape and put it around your head. 
  • The tape should be covered around the middle of your forehead. 
  • Tight the measuring tape and record the result. Take a few measurements. 


Another way to measure head size is by taking crown head measurements. 

  • For these measurements, the tape is placed on the hairline, and the tape will go back in decline motion covering the ears too. 
  • This is used when you have to measure the largest head circumference, mostly when you need to buy a big hat. 

Choose Hat Size according to head size

Choosing a perfect hat size is impossible, with getting to know your head size. So check out the hat sizing chart in the US and UK for both males and females according to your head circumference. Check out the best hats to go with your outfits.

Head Size Measurements – Hat Size Chart For Women

Size Head Circumference ( cm)  US Hat Size
Small 54 – 55 6
Medium 56 – 57 6.5
Large 58 – 59 7
X-Large 60 – 61 7.5
XX-Large 62 – 63 8
XXX-Large 64 – 65 8.5


Head Size Measurement – Hat Size Chart For Women

Size Head Circumference ( cm)  US Hat Size
Small 52 – 53 6
Medium 54 – 55 6.5
Large 56 – 57 7
X-Large 58 – 59 7.5
XX-Large 60 – 61 8
XXX-Large 62 – 63 8.5


If you want to learn more about your body measurements,  Make sure to comment below.

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