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The one thing everyone on the planet is obsessed with is to get a flat stomach. And your belly fat is only the obstacle for you to achieve that flat stomach that you always dreamed of. It’s common knowledge, to reduce belly fat – diet and exercise are the key factors. These are the primary factors but these are not the only factors that could help you achieve a flat tummy. There are many easier ways that you could perform in your daily life to achieve your goal. Have you ever wondered if there is any way that can help you reduce belly fat and have a flat stomach without working out and maintain a harsh diet?

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  • Does sleeping on your Stomach make it Flat?
  • Which sleep position reduce your belly fat and make your stomach flat?
  • How sleeping on stomach affect your health?
  • How to reduce your tummy by sleeping?
  • Who can sleep on stomach?

Some people don’t think that it is possible to get rid of belly fat and have a flat stomach with working out. It’s a perfect time to prove those people wrong. But first, let’s answer the question that is bugging you always.

Common Myth regarding Sleeping down on your stomach makes it flat is


When we sleep on our stomach, the entire weight of the back puts the pressure on your stomach and this will make your stomach flat. If certain pressure is applied on our stomach it black the abdomen where the fat is accumulated.

This is only a myth and there are no facts to prove this. Lying on the stomach has bad effects on our body and this is scientifically proved by doctors. If you want to check out what health problems of sleeping on stomach and Tips to improve your stomach sleeping. Check out this: Bad effect of sleeping on your stomach

Does sleeping on your Stomach make it Flat?

No, sleeping position does not affect the flatness of your stomach, and neither it reduce the belly fat. Sleeping position has to affect your body but no circumstance is could magically reduce your belly fat and make your stomach flat.

Don’t lose hope, even if your sleeping position does not affect the flatness of your stomach, there is a way you could reduce your belly fat. You just have to modify and change your sleep habits. Improving these small sleep habits have a large effect on your body posture, mental stability, and reducing the overall body fat.

Which sleep position reduce your belly fat and make your stomach flat?

No sleep position has a magical effect on reducing fat on your tummy. But sleep positions are good for reducing fat over-all body. Confused right? Well to elaborate this as an easy way, sleep position doesn’t only affect on reducing your belly fat but whole-body fat percentage. Good sleep promotes losing weight and good sleeping position benifits to it another level. According to Doctors, these are the best sleeping position to reduce belly fat.

  • On Your Back
  • On Left side

How sleeping on stomach affect your health?

Sleeping on your stomach, tummy is quite comfortable but it has serious health problems. According to doctors while sleeping on your tummy, your arteries near your backbone and neck are constricted, which causes low blood flow through the brain. As a result, you might get headaches, dizziness throughout the day.

If your fat and have high belly fat, it could be dangerous for you to sleep on your stomach. Fat people mostly have high cholesterol and arteries are blocked with plaque this could lead to critical health damage. Your blood flow through the Brain could be stopped when lying in this position. You should sleep on your back if you have a high cholesterol problem.

When we sleep on our stomach, our chest is compressed, and due to that, it’s difficult for the lungs to inhale oxygen properly.

How to reduce your tummy by sleeping?

Yes, it is possible to reduce your belly fat by just sleeping. many people don’t believe this and consider this as a myth. But according to ti experts, the body burns fat when we sleep. The tricky part is you have to modify your daily habits of sleeping and in few weeks you going to see results. Your body fat percentage will reduce without working out.

What’s happen when we sleep?

When we sleep our body relaxes all its muscles and to do that, your body must be in your favorite sleeping position. For some, it’s own right or left side and for someone, it’s on the stomach. To change the sleeping position is difficult, we do work all day and sleeping is the only time where we relax our body.

When we sleep, our body releases two hormones Leptin and Ghrelin that directly affect the body weight. Leptin is made in the small intestine adipose cells and enterocytes which helps to regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger. On the other hand, Ghrelin is also known as hunger Hormone, which increases the food intake and it’s at its peak position when we are hungry.

If our body does not get enough sleep, the misbalance in Leptin and Ghrelin. Releasing if Leptin decrease and Ghrelin increases, that increase our food intake when we are awake.

To reduce our tummy and its flat. We have to get appropriate sleep, that help us to maintain Leptin and Ghrelin level in our body.  It is the first step that could reduce belly fat and make the stomach flat.

Who can sleep on stomach?

We have mentioned above that sleeping on the stomach is bad, but in certain cases, it is beneficial for the person to sleep on their stomach. Doctors only prescribed two people who can sleep on the stomach.

  • Newborn babies
  • Person with kidney disease

Newborn babies: In general, all Newborn babies love to sleep on their stomachs as give relaxes their body by releasing their cramps from the body. Also, it’s the same position he stays he is unborn. It gives babies a sense of security environment like in a mother womb.

People with kidney disease are often recommended by doctors to sleep on their stomachs. In this position, there is no pressure on the kidneys and it allows them to flush out easily. If you have kidney disease sleep on the stomach for a few hours, and then change your position to either side or your back. Continuous sleeping on your stomach could lead to health problems that we have mentioned above.

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