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Exercises to Avoid With High Blood Pressure

Exercises to Avoid With High Blood Pressure

Hypertension something found commonly in people nowadays. If you are dealing with this disease, you have to keep in check some things to keep those blood vessels and heart pumping at a normal rate. Now, if you are a gym person, it’s really important for you to avoid some exercises with high blood pressure.

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Although on the other hand exercises are best to heal high blood pressure in the long run. But, if you do some exercises with high blood pressure, sometimes it can lead to lifetime disabilities and cardiac arrest problems. The best way to low down blood pressure in the moment is medicine and rest. First, take medicine, and wait till the blood pressure comes low. Exercise is only a healer. Doing exercise in blood will never bring the heart rate down.

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Exercises to avoid with high blood pressure

If blood pressure is a common problem to you, then you need to avoid some exercises in the gym to keep yourself safe from life-threatening disabilities.

Scuba diving

Exercises to Avoid With High Blood Pressure

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Scuba diving is a very interesting sport performed underwater. But before doing scuba diving you need a doctor guide and need to perform some tests for proof. And if you are a patient of high blood pressure, you put yourself in a dangerous situation which can lead to a risk of a condition called immersion pulmonary oedema.

Not only that, doing scuba diving if you are blood pressure patient, can harm the blood vessels and kidneys as well at the same time.

During scuba diving the deeper you go, the pressure keeps increasing, which makes the breathing hard during high pressure underwater, increase the blood pressure and heart output.

Because of reduced pulmonary ventilation due to dense gases, sometimes increase the flow of blood through your brain, which can speed up oxygen toxicity if you’re breathing a hyperoxic gas mix.

Sky diving

On the height of altitude at unpressurized conditions, makes it hard for you to breathe. If you have any history or present which tells about your high blood pressure and heart issues then sky diving is a wrong bet for you. Sky diving is an interesting sport that everyone wants to experience once in a lifetime, but the few know about its health troubles.

It is noted that the amount of pressure at the moment when you jump from the aeroplane makes your heart beat at the rate of around 135 beats per minute, makes it hard to breathe which increase the blood flow in blood vessels, and further which sometimes lead to cardiac arrest.

Running at max speed

Running at your max speed for a short period of time is proved to be very dangerous with high blood pressure situations. Because the spike of blood flow from normal to high in a short period time cause breathing problem, and also makes the blood flow with maximum speed in blood vessels.

Although running is a great aerobic exercise, recommended by doctors to cure the high blood pressure condition but, sprinting is just opposite to it.

Instead, do jogging with normal breaks in between to maintain the heart rate.


Exercises to Avoid With High Blood Pressure

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Weightlifting is one common exercise that covers a lot of exercises in the gym. Although weightlifting is proved to be the best intense workout, that helps you build muscles and keeps you fit. But with high blood pressure, it is as harmful than beneficial.

● Deadlift

The deadlift is a very intense exercise that regulates the blood flow through blood vessels at maximum speed, causes bleeding through mouth and veins sometimes. So, you have to keep yourself as far as possible from this exercise when you have high blood pressure.

● Squats

A squat is a normal exercise in leg day routine. But due to the excessive weight on your shoulders, makes this exercise dangerous in high blood pressure. Keep the weight light if you have to do it. Because high weight will require more strain, and also increase the blood flow. Also maintaining the breath for a period of time in lifting heavy on squats which you have to, increase the blood pressure and carbon dioxide.

If you have more than 180/110 mm blood pressure, its not a time to lift anything at all.

● Bench press

The bench press is the usual bench exercise, that helps in building a strong chest. But at the same time, the pressure on your heart is also more, which increases the blood flow faster in blood vessels.

The other bad point in bench press that makes it a bad exercise with high blood pressure is, that when you carry the weight down to the lower level and then push it up. It requires you to hold your breath to generate the maximum power, but with high blood pressure it becomes dangerous and the last thing you need.

● Leg press

The leg press is one of the heaviest exercises perform in the gym, not only it put pressure on your legs, but the amount of pressure it put on your heart and upper body is huge. In the leg press, there is no limit until there is no space left in the machine to add weights. And this exercise should be a priority in the list of exercises to avoid with high blood pressure.

● Lifting anything from the floor

There are a lot of different exercises that involve lifting weights from the floor like – kettlebell exercises, lifting heavy dumbbells, etc. Lifting anything from the floor requires more power and force from your whole body legs, shoulders, upper body, and back, which increases the blood flow to its peak level.

Of all the gym exercises, there are some exercises that you can do, if you have minor blood pressure i.e below 160/100 mm. Still for security, first take a doctor’s guide to start any exercise program. Exercises that are normal and doesn’t cause any harm in minor blood pressure are low weight dumbbells exercises. Avoid barbell exercises in high blood pressure.


Push is a normal bodyweight exercise, but most of the weight is on your upper body and push-ups involve only upper movement, which puts lots of pressure on your chest and heart at the same time. So, if you have high blood pressure, avoid doing push-ups for long repetitions.

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