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Best Crossfit grips for small hands

best crossfit grips for small hands

Best Crossfit Grips For Small Hands: Are you facing problems in your CrossFit workout, because you have hand blisters or ripped hand skin? If Yes, then you are in the right place, as we are going to help you to get rid of this problem, with minimal effort. Check out our full list of the best Crossfit grips for small hands in 2022.

The CrossFit handgrip is a great way to keep your hands healthy on the bar( avoid skin ripped) and increase your grip strength. These cross-fit grips are essential, and you have to put a lot of effort into choosing the right pair for your hands, and protect them before they rip. 

But first, you just need to know some, Important factors about CrossFit handgrips, and what is best CrossFit handgrips that suit your hands. 

The majority of these cross-fit grips are sold on Amazon so you are just one step away, to get rid of hand blisters from your hands. 

Best Crossfit Grips For Small Hands

For a comfortable CrossFit training workout, you need good CrossFit handgrips, that will support you in the training. These handgrips will ensure, your hands are safe from torn calluses, blisters, and ripped skin. The first step is to choose the perfect size handgrips for your hands. If you happen to have small hands, then this article will help you get the best CrossFit handgrips that properly fit your hands.? In this list, the best CrossFit grips for small hands are listed and also available on Amazon.

1. Bear KompleX 

Best Features:

  • Three-hole finger design
  • Very sticky grip
  • Lightweight carbon fiber
  • Extremely durable

Important Review:

  • Doesn’t work better with barbells
  • The three holes stretch and cause discomfort

This CrossFit grip is available in 2 and 3 finger hole designs. Users who lift heavyweights in their training can choose a three-hole design, and for pull-ups and lightweight, the lifter can opt for 2 finger hole design. 

For a comfortable experience during CrossFit training, the grip should be constructed well. These hand grips are strong and flexible as they are made of soft leather. 

For durability, the leather is properly balanced between resilient and soft. The resilient part adds the grip factor to the handgrip. The leather doesn’t get too sticky to the barbell( which causes difficulty in movement) and also doesn’t slide easily for the bar. 

For a better CrossFit workout, these grips avoid any impediments to wrist movement, thus you have full access to your wrist movement in your training. 

For string durability, these grips are constructed with triple-stitched technology, which is the utmost strong design. 


Customers often feel discomfort in their fingers area, as the leather requires some form of force to adjust to your finger’s size. Users who have thick fingers face most of this problem. 


  • Durable leather grips
  • Three fingers hole design
  • Size varieties


  • Leather is stiff 
  • Discomfort for the first few uses

Victory Grips 3-Hole Leather Gymnastics Grips

Best Features:

  • Soft, comfortable leather
  • Three holes design
  • Provides good grip during heavy lifting
  • Great wrist mobility

Important review:

  • Slightly expensive
  • The grip can be sticky sometimes

The 3-Finger Leather Victory Grips are one of the best popular hand grips in gymnastics. Despite being a gymnastics hand grip, this works similar to CrossFit handgrips, and on some level exceeds them. 

Specially designed for gymnastics, this has the softest leather among hand grips. Instead of using chrome tanned leather( most used in less expensive grips and has a rough surface), this grip is built with genuine leather. Thus making these hands grip to be softer, strong, and thin( for better grip strength). 

The surface of the grip is similar to the bear kompleX, but the grip strength is where the bear komplex gets ahead. 

The three-finger hole design provides enough area to prevent the hand from calluses and gives better hand protection. Also, the finger holes come in a rectangular design rather than circular ( so the lifter can easily lift the barbell). 


Most of the user complaints about the product are of the wrong size. So, make sure to get an accurate measurement of your hands before buying the handgrip. 


  • Durable leather grips
  • Thin but strong and flexible
  • Small size available


  • Problem with the fitting size
  • Expensive

Best Glovelike Grips: RawGear BAREHAND Gloves

Best features:

  • Thin, strong, and durable
  • Great contact with the bar
  • Good for heavy lifting

Important Review:

  • Can move/shift during training
  • Does Not have full palm protection

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It is a great option for those who want to avoid regular hand grip design and are comfortable with glove design. This handgrip doesn’t have full palm protection, which is good and at the same time bad. 

Without full palm protection, the lifter can get full contact with the bar, dumbbells, and have a better grip strength. 

Also to avoid the tear and calluses, the design covers the stress points on the hands. 

The handgrip is constructed with superior quality leather providing good grip and flexibility around the finger. As these hand grips cover the wrist the user has a full range of motion, and has full grip strength, because of direct contact with the bars. 

The handgrip is thin and doesn’t cause discomfort to the user when wearing it. This is the best choice for people who avoid wearing bulky hand gear during Crossfit training. 

Unlike other CrossFit gloves, the grip doesn’t cover full hands, thus there is a high probability of sliding up of the grand grip during a workout. 

Also, users experience tearing and ripped skin around the palm area, and without a full cover glove, this is a great problem. 


The handgrip has a half glove design, and during workouts, users experienced the movement of the handgrip from hands. This causes a lot of issues during workouts, as it reduces grip strength. Mostly this issue occurs in heavy rep range exercise. 


  • Feels very comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Can slide during a workout
  • Missing palm and wrist protection

Best Crossfit Grips With Wrist Wraps: JerkFit WODies

Best Features:

  • Thick wrist wrap for additional support
  • Affordable
  • Three finger holes design
  • Washer/dryer safe

Important Review:

  • Padded grip boost the wrist strength during heavy lifting
  • Slightly tight around the finger holes. 

JerkFit is one of the most popular hand grip hands, the one that first introduced the three-finger hole design. This CrossFit grip is a combination of wristbands with a strong grip. The grip is similar to any other handgrip, that protects the hands from calluses, or ripped skin and the wristbands act as additional wrist support during training. 

For comfort, the grip is heavily padded ( which can be a little too padded for some people, as most people want thin hand grips). The thick padding fully supports the hand from ripped skin, but sometimes it is difficult to get a great grip because of thick padding. 

The wrist bands are also padded and stretching around the wrist slightly boosts the grip strength. With wrist tightness, lifters find it easy to lift heavyweights. Although some people find it annoying too, it all depends on personal choice. 

The CrossFit grip is extremely durable and made with the use of hypoallergenic latex-free elastic material, which makes it available to wash in a washing wash. 


The handgrip is available in different sizes, and the user has to cut the finger holes in appropriate sizes. It’s a difficult process, that people find annoying

For a perfect fit, the user can view the brand’s sizing chart on their website. 


  • Additional worst support
  • Thick padding
  • Easily washable


  • Tight around the fingers
  • Cut down your holes

Rogue V2

Best Features: The budget-conscious shopper who needs hand protection

  • Affordably priced (about half of leading brands)
  • Longer grips fold-over bars for better grip
  • Suede covering is comfortable on the hands

Important Review:

  • Inexpensive
  • Suede material increases durability

For a durable and comfortable CrossFit grip, you can choose Rogue V2, which is one top 5 CrossFit grips in the market. The feature that makes this CrossFit handgrip unique is its grip factor, at an affordable price. There is no other handgrip that offers a similar grip factor as compared to this at this price range. Also, this hand grip has extra-long grips so they can put a fold over the bar. Despite, being affordable, this CrossFit handgrip is durable and comfortable to wear.

If you have small hands and struggling to find CrossFit handgrips at a budget price, this is a suitable option to choose. The handgrip has an additional suede textured material, that makes it durable and comfortable. Although suede is not the best option for handgrips, this is a suede blend mixture, that creates a strong withhold to the hands of the lifters.


  • Can get a little slippery after a lot of use/chalk
  • Strap is uncomfortable
  • Two-finger design


  • Affordably priced
  • Longer grips fold-over bars for better grip


  • Two-finger design
  • The plastic strap is uncomfortable

How important are Crossfit Hand grips?

The only purpose of the handgrips is to keep your hand skin healthy. While doing exercises, the lifter often faces the problem of hand skin, mainly torn calluses, blisters, and ripped skin. Despite the looks, these ripped skin issues create a significant downside during the exercise. The lifter cannot close their hands and is not able to achieve a good grip strength for training. In addition, lifters often feel skin irritation, burn on their hands. 

So, with torn calluses or ripped skin, a lifter cannot do any training. 

For good training, you need durable, lightweight, stretchable hand grips to deal with weightlifting movements, kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells. 

Also, the CrossFit community has built their handgrips, different from other hand crips, that are not suitable for cross-fit training. 

Note: Gymnastics hand grips are not suitable for CrossFit exercise, as this needs more durability and a better range of motion. 

 A good CrossFit handgrip will provide you with a full range of motion, increase your grip strength ( by boosting the holding time), and also be budget-friendly.

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