Are Hand Grips bad for You?

are hand grips bad for you

Good that you have decided to give some time to your health. By performing various exercises that include our hands too. Our hands are basically used in everyday tasks whether you’re eating, cycling, or lifting weights. And the most important of all is to get a stronger grip and forearms. There are different exercises for different groups of muscles. Each targeting one particular muscle group and improving your bone strength. Don’t ignore the right technique to perform the exercise otherwise, it will reverse the main purpose of exercising. That is instead of getting a healthier body you end up having damaged or uneven body posture. 

Our hands are basically made of bones rather than muscle that is why they are unaffected by environmental factors. You can’t change the size of a hand just make it stronger. There are different techniques used to increase handgrips and using hand griping is one of them. Hand gripper, an equipment particular Designed to train and improve hand grip.

Let’s examine the hand gripper training methods in detail and see if hand grips are actually good for you.  

Are hand grips bad for you?

No, hand grips are not bad for you. Instead, hand grips are used to build lower arm muscles. Squeezing hand grips put pressure on your hands, increasing the ability to lift or perform many sports like martial arts, which involves hand movements easily. These are good unless you overdo it. 


Muscle group Targeted by hand gripper

Flexor muscle groups in hands and forearms are Targeted when training your hand grip movements with hand grippers. 

The muscles help to build strong grip movements by improving intramuscular strength through hand grip strengthening exercises. Although other exercises like deadlift, pull-ups involve palm muscles along with forearms muscles that eventually impact and lead to improved gripping strength. If you’re a beginner you should try handgrip training and forearms building exercises. Gripping is classified under three categories – crushing, gripping, and pinching. Train all three strengths for better results. Our fingers have no muscles, but they help in quicker movements when strengthening your grip. 

Benefits of using hand grips

Like the other exercises, hand grippers are beneficial to us in many ways. Check out one by one the benefits of hand grippers. 

  • Hand strength

Don’t be surprised when you can perform the high-intensity exercise with ease when you strengthen your grip. Indirectly increasing your hand strength. The stronger the muscles of your hands the easier you can perform difficult tasks. Sports activities like tennis which involves hand movements will eventually lead to more powerful shots. Activities like climbing where the most important thing in your grip, subsequently becomes easy to perform with high hand strength. 

  • High dexterity 

High dexterity refers to the skill that uses hands in a more skillful, coordinated way to grasp objects and demonstrate small, precise movements without getting tired. 

Hand grippers add power to our fingers by increasing the dexterity that automatically turns a big deal for players as well as for musicians where precise finger movements are demanded. It works great for typists too. 

  • Additional forearms strength

Get in shape to enjoy and relive more activities and moments. Every person out there wants forearms that look impressive and bigger, for that you should work out with hand grips. Hand grippers are of great help as they boost our forearms strength, allowing our body to have a perfect shape. The forearms muscles are used in training exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, and other intensive exercises. 

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Do hand grips build muscles?

Yes, training for gripping does impact our muscle groups. Basically, forearms and other muscles present within the hands. Flexors muscles are the most prominent one that gets better with handgrip exercises.

How often should you use Hand Grippers? 

By now you have known that hand grips aren’t bad. While there is every physical activity daily that is associated with the use of hand grips whether in or out of the gym. A poor or loose grip limits the number of activities like deadlifts, squats, bench press, pull-ups, and many daily functions in sports and even brushing your teeth, carrying weight. If you don’t have enough grip strength you are more risk of developing a wrist, elbow, or shoulder injury. 

Do your hands a little grip workout daily or 3 times a week. This translates to healthy and balanced arms as we age. 

If you are a beginner then you must start with the lighter guides, sport, or the trainer ones like an adjustable Grip Strength Trainer.

With these hand grippers, you will develop the technique and can increase the reps from 60 to 90 every week. Next, you can level up by increasing the pressure of the hand grippers because there are lots of available which you can better understand from this table.

Beginner to Expert Level Grip Training

  • The guide, the sport, and the trainer are the lighter grippers to start with. You can practice daily with these hand grippers to build the strength and grip of a rock climber. 
  • If you are training for several years, lifting weights, chances are you have the strength to close a #1 gripper like Hand Grip Strengthener, Forearm Exerciser, Finger Strengthener Trainer (11 to 132 LB)
  • Reaching #2 and #3 requires proper training and you cannot perform a high number of reps with these hand grippers. Because too much pressure can be bad for hands. So it advised having more than one level of grippers to train. 
  • #4 requires a high amount of strength than a normal human being. 

How to use hand grippers for strength? 

Hand strength no doubt is an important part of our workout. In order to train your hand, you need to know how to use a hand gripper. Before that, awareness of types of hand strength is required. 

Did you know there are three types of hand strength that you focus on with the use of an adjustable hand gripper? 

  • Crush strength

The strength you hold to clench your hand into a fist. Crush strength is required to work with dumbbells, barbells. 

  • Support strength

To hold something for longer periods like pull-ups to hold your body support strength is necessary. 

  • Pinch strength

Pinch strength is the ability to hold an object with a finger and thumb. Not only using a hand gripper build hand muscles but it as long improves arm strength. 

Let’s check the hand gripper uses:

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  • Hand squeeze exercise

In addition to developing grip strength, squeeze the gripper using a thumb and all fingers. Try to close the gripper and hold it for 5 seconds.  You can switch from high to low reps. Where high reps build strength endurance and low reps will increase the maximum fist strength. 

  • Hand reverse squeeze

Squeezing the normal uses the finger strength to press the hand gripper. And reverse squeezing measures your thumb strength. 

  • Finger strength

Although there are no muscles, still hand gripper functions to improve the overall strength of the hand and arm. Try to close the gripper with different fingers to test your strength.

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