Average Neck Size For Male And Female

average neck size

Learn how to measure your neck circumference and what the normal neck size is for women and men. Find out why a regular neck size isn’t always a healthy one, and what are health issues with a bigger one. 

This article is for women and men of all ages who are curious about the size of their necks. We’ll also explain why the normal neck size isn’t necessarily the ideal neck size for the vast majority of people, based on the most recent anthropometric data and scientific study.

You’ll also learn how to precisely measure your neck circumference, so you can see how your neck compares to others.

Average Male Neck Size

According to a study published in the Journal of Diabetes Research, the average neck circumference for a man is 16.5 inches. However, in another research conducted in 2009, and analyzing the data, the mean neck size of males is 15 inches. This measurement is based on a sample of 3300 men aged 20 years and above. Although we can’t verify the exact number, it’s most likely that most men’s necks are somewhere between 15 and 16.5 inches.


The size of the neck varies for different age groups. For instance, the males between the age group of 20-30, have a higher neck circumference as compared to males between 30-45. However, the difference is small. 

The variations also occur in men above 45 years of age, so it is indicated that over there is a significant decrease in the neck size. Although, older generations over 75 years, show a great difference in neck size, due to the excessive fat loss around the body. 

The following chart illustrates any normal neck size according to your gender and height. Note, if your neck size is under the given range ( 0.4 inches) then it is also considered normal. However, if your number is above the desired number, then you should get an appointment with the doctor. A bug neck is an indication of possible heart disease.

Men’s Neck circumference chart

On average, men tend to have bigger neck sizes than women of the same age. This is because of two reasons, bigger body mass, and long height. 

Average male neck size chart

Moreover, men have stronger necks as compared to women, the neck muscles are also jacked up during the exercise. 

This is a representation of a general population and is not valid in the weight-lifting population. 

For instance, men and women of the same age groups, like 28, have a difference of up to 2.5 inches in neck size. 

Average Females Neck Size

Based on the same anthropological data, the average neck size of a woman is 13. 5 inches. 

Similar to the male neck size, there is a significant change in the size of the neck in different age ranges. 

Women between the ages of 20 -30 have an average of 13.2 inches neck size, while the women between 30 – 45 have an average neck of 13.5 inches. This shows that women’s Nick size increases at a significant pace. 

The neck size keeps following the same trending pace, and women aged between 45-60 have an average neck size of 13.7 inches. However, there is no change in women’s neck size between 60 – 75 years. After that, there is a significant decline in the neck size, where the average neck remains 13 inches

Female Neck circumference chart

Average female neck chart

A normal neck circumference for a woman between the ages of 20 and 50 is anywhere from 12.5 to 13.5 inches. Although, there is an elevation in neck size noticed, the difference is not a great margin. 

After age 75, the neck size slowly again decreases, and after 90+ years the decrease is more rapid and of a huge margin. 

For example, women aged between 50 and 70 can have similar neck sizes, but there is a decrease up to 1 inch after 75, because of aging, fat, and muscle loss. 

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Average Neck Size for Boys

Guys between 12 -18 tears are in their development phase, and also growing through puberty. During this time, there is a change in the shape of the body, which includes building muscles, getting stronger bones, a deep voice, big biceps, increased height and weight, and also a change in neck size. 

The average neck size of a teenage boy between 12 – 18 years of age is between 12- 14 inches. 

Average teen neck chart by Age

If the child’s neck size is above the range limit, then you should visit a doctor, as big necks are a possible hint of any cardiovascular disease. 

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Average Neck Size for Girls

Similar to men, girls also have a slight increase in neck size between 12-18. However, the change is not a huge margin as compared to men. This is new to low muscle mass, body mass, and smaller height. Also, the neck of men looks thick because of Adam’s apple, which is missing in women. 

What is the average neck length?

There is no official report, stating the average neck length of either males or females. It is because the neck length is primarily dependent on the height of the person. Also, there is no accurate measurement procedure to measure the length of the neck, as some men have bigger taros, and others do not. 

In addition, men tend to have a longer neck length as compared to women, because of the height difference. Although the neck length may appear smaller, because of its thick nature, compared to women, men have a longer neck length. 

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How to measure your neck circumference

Here’s a step-by-step guide on measuring neck circumference accurately and preventing any unnecessary mistakes.

  1. Stand straight, to avoid any movement of your head during the measurement process. 
  2. Wrap the measuring tape around your neck. 
  3. The tape should be exactly 1 inch above the contact of the neck and shoulders. 
  4. For men, the ape will be right under Adam’s apple. 
  5. Make sure the is not too right or too loose around the neck. 
  6. Note down the measurement, and this is your accurate neck size. 

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What is a normal Neck size for a 4′11″ woman?

Based on the anthropometric data, the normal neck size for women with a height of 4’11”  is 12.5 inches.

However, some people have bigger or smaller necks at this height range, but neck size is also affected by resistance training, obesity, or genetic and muscularity.

Nevertheless, this data is useful for gauging how your or your daughter’s physical development compares to that of his peers.

What is considered a small Neck?

When a person either male or female, has a body measurement less than the average number, then it is considered small. This case also applies to neck size, where some people have smaller neck sizes as compared to others, which can be the result of lower body weight, lower muscle mass, or even genetics. 

For men, anyone with less than 14 inches of the neck, will be considered a small neck, and in women, this is under 13 inches. However, the neck size is also determined by the fitness level, like bodybuilders who have a bigger neck size as compared to a normal person. And people with short height, also have smaller neck sizes. 

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What is a healthy Neck size for women?

Women tend to gain fat around the waist, and thighs, it is known, but there are huge fat deposits around the neck area. So, there is an increase in the average neck of women, until they reach 75 years of age. This trend is not followed among men, because of higher muscle mass around the shoulder and neck area. 

The healthy neck size for women will be between the average neck size of women, which lies between 13 -14 inches. Anyone above this size range has a higher fat deposit, which is harmful to health, and thus not considered healthy. 

What is a healthy Neck size for men?

Healthy neck size for males is between the average range, which is between 14 -16 inches. However, if you have a small height, then a 16-inch neck will not be considered a healthy neck. Similar to other body areas, the neck also accumulates fat deposits, which lead to several health problems. 

Thus a healthy neck for men is, according to fat deposits around the neck, which can be distinguished by measuring the body fat percentage Or BMI. If the results of these tests showcase greater body fat, as compared to a normal person, then the person doesn’t have a healthy body and also neck size. 

What is considered a large neck size?

Anyone with a neck size over 15.5 inches will be considered a large neck. However, the bigger your neck is, the higher the risk of heart disease. 

 According to research in Brazil, of 4000 men, every 1 inch in the increased neck size (compared with a normal neck size), there is an elevation of 32 percent more insulin resistance, 24% risk of higher blood pressure, 50 % more likely to have high triglycerides, and 22 percent more likely to have low HDL, or “good” cholesterol. 

The reason behind the association of neck size with heart disease is the fat accumulation around the neck, which increases plaque buildup in the carotid arteries, which directly affects your heart. 

What is the ideal model neck size?

Ideal model neck measurements for men and women vary depending on the type of the modeling gig. 

In the fashion industry, men and women both have lower body weight, and muscle, which showcase the angular structure of the face and body. The ideal model neck size in fashion modeling is under 14.5 inches for men, and 13 inches for women. This number can be small if you are on the shorter side. 

In contrast to fitness modeling, a male fitness model should have a big neck, above 15 inches. This is important, as a person looks big, and toned when his neck and shoulder are jacked up. 

However, you should not harm yourself while trying to achieve a specific modeling look. 

Conclusion: Do you have a normal neck size?

Despite what your trainer speaks, it is very hard to increase neck size. Even after putting a lot of hours into training neck, the result will not be as you expected. With excessive training, you can only increase your neck size up to 1-inch maximum. For men, the ideal neck circumference is between 14 and 16 inches, and for women, it is between 12 and 13.5 inches.

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