How to stop sleeping on stomach ?

How to stop sleeping on stomach
by svetlanasokolova -

How to stop sleeping on stomach:  From an early age, every person develops a sleeping posture that feels good to them without knowing the side effects of that. There are two most popular ways that people adopt as their sleeping pattern which are sleeping on the back and sleeping on the stomach. Where sleeping on the back is the best option for comfort and to prevent any pain in muscles, sleeping on the stomach is all opposite of it.

How to stop sleeping on stomach?

Below are some methods and steps that I have applied to stop sleeping on my stomach. If I can change my habit, I think you can also.

Drink water or eat before sleeping

If you allow yourself to sleep on stomach the first thing you should do is to avoid eating a heavy diet just prior to sleep. When you sleep when your stomach is full it will very uncomfortable experience and you may put a lot of pressure on your stomach.

The key here is to eat heavy not to go less because you have to create uncomfortness, so that, you can change your sleeping position.


Though it is not the best thing to do. In case you still want to sleep on your stomach, you should make sure that you do not eat anything for 2 hours before going to bed. 

Sleep in less space

This is one effective way to prevent sleeping on your stomach. You can sleep with another person so that you get less space to sleep on your stomach.

This works because your body requires more space to get in a comfortable sleeping position when you sleep on your stomach.

The key here is to give yourself less space to sleep on your stomach but make sure it is enough for you to sleep on your sides and back. 

In starting it can be uncomfortable but as you practice it, your body will adapt it just like the stomach one. 

Get the right matrix

Matrix is very important for the right posture. Earlier I used to love the soft feel of matrices but I neglected the fact that it can ruin my posture.

So what matrix should you buy? Well, the best is to buy a matrix that not press down when you sit on it. Nowadays there are a lot of matrices out there that are specially designed to prevent back pain.

The matrix should be hard enough so that your body can lay flat without getting uncomfortable. When you lay flat not only does it prevent back pain but it also maintains the good blood flow in your whole body. 

Choose the right pillow

If you didn’t find the right matrix for you then you can choose the alternative which is less expensive and can work to some extent to prevent back pain.

Buy a flat pillow of a size that compliments your body curve and body size. The size is of the pillow is important so try different until you get the perfect one.

After choosing the right pillow for you, put it under your knees to decrease the pressure on your spine.

But still, I recommend you invest in a good matrix for the long run. In case you find any difficulties in choosing the right pillow, here are some of my picks for you. 

Practice side sleeping

If you tried hard but it’s difficult for you to sleep on your back then the alternative option is to sleep on your sides. While doing so you should know that most of the pressure will be on your shoulders and glutes.

So, to avoid too much pressure on your shoulders and glutes the right matrix will help you. Keep changing sides so that you can fall asleep fast, this will also reduce the pressure on one side of your body.

While sleeping on the sides, your neck will stretch down if you sleep with your hands in front. To avoid neck pain keep one flat pillow of normal size under your neck and the other between your knees. 

Tie a cloth ball on your stomach

This method helped me a lot during sleeping when unconsciously I tried to sleep on my stomach. This is also one of the most effective methods of all.

To apply this in real, all you need is a cloth ball or ball made of soft fabric. Then you have to tie that ball on your stomach with any soft fabric. This will help you to adopt the habit of sleeping on your back.

Anytime you try to sleep on your stomach at night the ball will make it uncomfortable for you and you have to sleep on your back or sides.

Always know that, in starting when you trying to get sleep, is the hardest part but when you pass that, after 15 or 20 minutes you will fall asleep. 

These are some steps and methods you can adapt to stop sleeping on your back. But make sure you have to be patient and don’t be too hard on yourself if you are not able to practice these steps.

I want you to know that I myself applied these steps to quit my habit of sleeping on stomach. And it is not a hundred percent that these methods are effective on all of you.

Some of you are more adapted to sleeping on stomach habits that you will need willpower and control on your brain as well to make this work. 

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Does sleeping on your stomach harmful? 

Well, in case you tried all methods but haven’t got the results you expected and you still want to sleep on your stomach then it’s totally fine.

Never put a lot of pressure on yourself. Instead, try slowly and don’t push hard on your body. It’s a habit that can only be gained slowly over time.

But never totally quit trying because sleeping on your stomach may be your habit, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is bad for your body posture, especially for your spine and neck.

But as in your beginning phase, I suggest you do take some steps to avoid pain and bad posture while sleeping on your stomach

Stretch your muscles daily

Stretching is important to relax the tight muscles and to gain flexibility. Regular stretching will improve the movement and reduce the tightness in your muscles hence preventing the pain in your neck, back, and other body parts after you get out of your bed. 

Neck stretching – move your neck round and stretch it by moving your head down one side. This will relax the tight neck muscles. You can do this after you get up from sleep or you can do this daily at the time you do exercise. 

Backstretch – stretch your back and warm up to avoid any pain in your back after you get up. I suggest you avoid backstretch if you have any back problems like – disc allocation, severe pain in the lower back, etc. 

Stretch your shoulder- this is which a lot of people forget but shoulders are the ones that go through a lot of pressure when you sleep on sides and on your stomach. 

Avoid eating a heavy diet before sleep

While above I have said that you should eat or drink before going to bed. Well, that not the healthy way if you want to sleep on your stomach. Only do that when you have willpower and your health is good. 

Sleep by lifting your one leg up

A lot of people who sleep on their stomachs don’t know that you can reduce the pressure on your back when you sleep while lifting your one leg up. 

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