How to Overcome Laziness? : 6 effective ways

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Everyone in their life faces or makes themselves bound to laziness. Laziness has become a hot topic of discussion. The thought of doing nothing but in actuality it needs to be done is considered laziness. 

We become lazy at an extreme level like if you want to shut the door you won’t even do that due to laziness. 

There is no such thing as a medicine to cure your laziness. Our childhood is so much active and energetic than we are now in our teenage. There is something going inside your head either your feeling or emotions have been hurt that you end up pushing yourself into a pool of laziness. 

While we don’t know the actual reason behind our laziness but the consequences it has have made our lives boring and frustrating. 


Well, if you are one of those who do have problems of laziness and avoid every task that is coming in your way then it’s the perfect place to know about laziness. 

6 ways to overcome laziness


Early morning exercise can be very effective where punctuality works in molding the mind rightly and giving you a boost to do difficult tasks at ease, especially those that require strength. Half an hour works fine at starting, you can increase the duration with time.  

Have Purpose (Goal)

As talked above we have seen how life is without a goal. Make the real-life purpose and pursue it accordingly, break the goal into small steps and start working on it one by one by focusing t every level and finally achieving it. If you don’t find any let exercise be your starting point.

Avoid Negative Self Talk

When we don’t have any task or activity to complete we start talking to ourselves. Well, it’s good only if it not letting your self-confidence down. We often compare ourselves to others and start regretting things we don’t do and so to make things easier, avoid speaking negatively about yourself even if it is a talk going on in your own mind. If you have any doubt then take the help of others but never let yourself down with negative self-talk. The one who does this suffers from low self-esteem and making you lazy and distracting from facing serious/difficult situations.

Have Proper Rest

Design your routine such that it has proper time to get you enough sleep and rest. Most medical conditions like anxiety and stress are caused due to improper sleep. Focus on health while doing activities that are exhausting.

Eat High Nutrition Food

Tiredness and weakness after doing minor tasks are results of eating less nutritious food. Have proper protein intake and other essential nutrients to boost your energy level.

Find Ways to Clear Obstacles With fun

We have to do things in life that aren’t part of our skillset. And when that happens, it’s important to find a way to make the experience more enjoyable… or at least bearable. There are many experiences in our work and personal life that are boring, mundane, or even stressful.

Why do we become lazy?

Lazy is not just a word now but has overtaken the responsibility of our life, moving us into a pit where there is no enjoyment, no happiness just negative thinking, and praying for something good while lying down on a bed. 

Only praying won’t do you anything good but makes you feel good for few moments. 

But why laziness has captivated our body and mind. That not only disturbing daily activities but worsening our health. There is no proof of finding the right reasons to be lazy but here we have with deep research collected some basic things which might be responsible for your laziness. 

  • Are you in a difficult situation? Well in order to avoid its circumstances and assuming only bad things might lead to avoiding it any cost. And don’t want to face the actual facts. You can’t avoid it for too long and someday have to face that. So, if this is something that is stopping you and leading to you the path of laziness. Wake up now ok. 
  • There are times where you think that you are no longer needed and can’t be bothered. not a good quality at all because you can’t just leave any opportunity just by your visualization. Simply not a desirable trait. Giving an example of work, working on a presentation, and then due to fear of losing or criticizing you won’t even try that and end up rejecting it. That’s how your mind will visualize everything if it’s in a state of laziness. 
  • When was the last time you have performed physical activity, or actually spend time exercising? It’s like ever. That’s might be the reason for your laziness. As the world is growing towards automation our physical work has narrowed down. and it’s becoming narrower day by day. Wasting time surfing the sites why because it’s just a click away and exercise needs you to get up. Less physical activity equals more laziness. 
  • Our mind never stops working, even if we are sleeping. And doing habits that actually lead to laziness is like placing concrete, sand, and cement. By following the wrong habits is like watering and tries to get hardened. Let’s see with an example. Suppose you’re fat and watching other people exercising and getting fit and not actually working on it, you just thought of getting fit but not trying anything to be in a good posture. With time you( in actual your mind) will carry on every other task like this. And leaving it on tomorrow. It becomes habitual now and an instant word to say is lazy. 
  • The purpose is what makes our life going. People just sit back at their homes as there is no real-life purpose is there for them. The laziness grows at such an extreme level that you find it hard to do daily chores. They too seem boring, and avoiding becomes the habit. 
  • Medical condition: yes this can also be the hidden reason behind your laziness. Sudden weakness, tiredness, and fatigue after a small task give rise to laziness. Your body is not supporting and you withdraw in between a task. 
  • Depression and anxieties: as people are burdened with responsibilities and fear of many other things in life. They end up having anxieties and depression and the worse part is that you are not aware of it. And do irrelevant things and one of them is being lazy. 
  • The body energy has to be utilized by exercise which is clogged and converting as negative thoughts that do not register now.

“Laziness erodes a person of his enthusiasm and energy. As a result, the person loses all opportunities and finally becomes dejected and frustrated,” says the Sama Veda Kabir

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We need to change the habit as our necessary need to make our conscious effort.


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