Average Japanese height For Male And Female

Average Height In Japan

Have you ever wondered what the average height of Japanese men and women is and how it is different from the rest of the world? If Yes, then this height guide will let you learn the important facts about the height difference, at different ages in Japan, and what is an ideal height in Japan. 

This data is collected from different sources, including different studies conducted to determine the height change in Japan and the rest of the world. The charts below will easily help you learn about height variations at different ages and locations, and compare them to people in different regions. 

You will also learn how to accurately measure your height, and what factors affect height growth, and on top of that discover some ways to manipulate your height growth. 

Average Japanese Male Height

According to the research carried out by Japan’s National Health and Nutrition Survey, the average Japanese male height is 5 ft 7.4 inches (171.2 cm). 


Another study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health showcases the recent increase in average Japanese height of up to 6 inches in the last century. 

Previously, Japanese men were considered short compared to other countries, as 50 years ago, the average Japanese male height was 5 ft 2 inches. However, in the last 50-70 years, there has been a significant surge in the average height in Japan. 

To put into context, American people are about 3-4 cm bigger than Americans, British people, and Australians on average.

On average, an American male’s height is 5 ft 9 inches, UK male height is 5 ft 10 inches, which is only slightly more as compared to an average Japanese male. 

The rise in height in Japan is a great mystery, and various studies are being tested along with South Korean People, who showcased a similar trend in elevated average height. According to most of the studies, this change is the result of changes in lifestyle, diet, and adoption of westernization in Japan. 

Check out below, the factors responsible for this drastic height growth. 

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Average Japanese Female Height

Based on the same reference data quoted above, the average height of a Japanese woman is 5 ft 2.6 inches ( 158.8 cm). 

The significant surge in height in the last century is also noticed among Japanese women, where the average height used to be under 5 feet, but now it has been elevated to up to 4 inches. 

In comparison with the average female height in the US, which is 5 ft 4.6 inches (164.1 cm), the difference is very small. 

So, to put into context, the average female height around the world in different regions differs only about 4-5 cm, which is clearly not a high number. 

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Average Japan Height Chart by Age and Gender

This is a representation of a mean height Of a Japanese citizen in accordance with age and gender. check out the chart for a clear depiction:

Japan Male Height Chart By Age

Age Height (cm) Height (ft)
12-16 162.4 5 ft 5 inches
16- 18 168 5 ft 6 inches
18 – 50 171.2 5 ft 7.4 inches
50 – 80 167 5 ft 5.7 inches
80 – 95 165 5 ft 4.9 inches


Japan teenage boy height chart By Age

Age Height (cm) Height (ft)
0 – 2 49.0 – 84.7 1′ 7″ – 2′ 9″
2 – 4 85.4 – 99.7 2′ 10″ – 3′ 3″
4 – 8 100.2 – 124.8 3′ 3″ – 4′ 1″
8 – 12 125.3 – 148.5 4′ 1″ – 4′ 10″
12 – 16 148.5 – 169.2 4′ 10″ – 5′ 7″


Japan Female height chart By Age

Age Height (cm) Height (ft)
12-16 146.5 4 ft 9.6 inches
16- 18 157. 5 5 ft 2 inches
18 – 50 158.8 5 ft 2.6 inches
50 – 80 155.9 5 ft 1.4 inches
80 – 95 149.8 4 ft 11 inches


Japan teenage girl height chart By Age

Age Height (cm) Height (ft)
0 – 2 49.0 – 84.7 1′ 7″ – 2′ 9″
2 – 4 85.4 – 99.7 2′ 10″ – 3′ 3″
4 – 8 100.2 – 124.8 3′ 3″ – 4′ 1″
8 – 12 125.3 – 132.5 4′ 1″ – 4′ 3″
12 – 16 132.5 – 157.5 4′ 3″ – 5′ 2.6″


How to take accurate height measurements

If you are in a doctor’s office, your height is measured with the use of a device called a stadiometer. 

A stadiometer is a vertical ruler, with an attached sliding horizontal piece, which can be adjusted. In this, the person stands near the vertical ruler, and the horizontal headpiece rests on the top of the head. The vertical ruler is engraved with a number, which represents your height. 

However, if you are at home, you don’t have a stadiometer, thus you have to follow a different way to measure your height accurately. 

Steps to measure your height accurately at home

  • First, discover a flat wall and take off your shoes.
  • Remove braids, headbands, or whatever else to your head that could withinside the manner of a correct dimension.
  • Stand together with your toes flat, and your back head buttocks should touch the wall. 
  • Your chin needs to parallel to the floor. 
  • Have someone put a ruler on the top of the head, and make sure it is also parallel to the floor. 
  • Mark the point with the pen and measure the distance from the floor to the point. 
  • This distance is your height measurement. 

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What factors affect height in japan

As mentioned earlier, Japan has recorded one of the quickest and highest collective height growth sprouts in less than a century. If we compare the average height change in a Japanese Male in 1950 and 2022, the difference is almost 4 inches. This surge changes the biology of the human body and researchers all around the world are predicting the causes of this change. Some of these factors are mentioned below. 


Genetics is one of the prominent factors that decide a person’s height. It is scientifically proven that genes determine a person’s height. According to science the height of a child can be predicted up to a certain extent.

This method of height prediction is known as the Khamis-Roche Method, and it was developed in 1994 at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.

According to this, to predict a child’s height – combine both parents’ height in inches or centimeters ( add 5 inches or 13 CM for a boy and subtract 5 inches or 13 CM for girls from the total sum. Then divide the sum by 2.

You will get a specific prediction of height. However, genetics play a 60 -80 % role in the height of a person. 


The second factor which is highly responsible for a child’s height is diet or nutrition. Getting proper nutrition at an early age and in adolescence highly affects the child’s growth including mental and physical health.

Although eating a balanced diet doesn’t mean a child will be taller, a poor nutrition diet will definitely risk the favorite to a shorter height. 


We all know that males are significantly taller than women. However, the rate of height growth is different in males and females. Boys’ height growth is slower in comparison with girls, due to the difference in puberty age.

However, at 18 years of age, most males will result in taller height as compared to women. On average, there is a 14 centimeters (5.5 inches) difference between adult males and females


The environment is also of key importance that has a direct impact on the person’s growth. According to the data, the Netherlands males have an average height of 5 ft 11.9 inches, wherein in the Philippines and India, the average height of males is 5 ft 4.9 inches.

This huge change in the average height is because of the difference in the environment. However, it doesn’t mean that changing an environment will definitely change a person’s height, but it will definitely create a short impact on the height further down the generation. 

Who is considered tall in japan? 

Japan is one of those Asian countries, which is considered for having a smart brain and short height. However,  it is just a myth, Japan’s population is on average a good height, and the difference between Japan and America, the United Kingdom, and Australia is not very huge.

The difference in number is around 2-4 cm. So, Japanese people cannot be considered short in comparison with the rest of the world. 

The average height for a man in Japan is 5 ft 7.4 inches (171.2 cm) and the average height for a woman in Japan is 5 ft 2.6 inches (158.8 cm), any person above the average height will be considered tall. 

So, if you are a male of height over 6 ft or 5 ft 5 inches in females, you will be considered tall in Japan, but if you are above 6 ft 2 inches In males, and 5 ft 7 inches in females, then you are considered to be exceptionally tall. 

The problem of Tall In Japan

If you are a resident or are traveling to Japan on vacation, with over 6 ft height, then you might have to face certain obstacles in your journey. 

With an average height of under 5 ft 8 inches in males, a person with over 6 ft will shine, and people might stare at you in the beginning. But this usually goes away in a few seconds, so this will not be a huge problem. 

The primary problem for a tall person in Japan is accommodation, as the hotel beds might be too short for some people.

This problem generally occurs in ancient hotels, as they were designed according to the previous average height in Japan. Although, some hotels are specially designed for tall tourists, so if you are lucky, you can find these hotels. 

Doorway height – Most of the doorways are not built for tall people or people over 6 feet, thus you might have to duck every time you go through every doorway. 

These are mainly two things most tourists consider as a small problem during their visit. Apart from this, Japan is a beautiful country, rich in traditional culture and heritage. 

What is an ideal height for males in Japan? 

There is no specific ideal height number, but the average height in Japan for males is 5 ft 7.4 inches, and women prefer taller men. So, we can say that anyone above the average height will be considered tall.

According to a survey in Japan, and dating sites, women tend to swipe toward men with a height between 5 ft 9 to 5ft 11.

Anyone above 6 ft in Japan, will be considered exceptionally tall and the women’s preference tends to decline, as there will be big height differences. So, if you are under 6 ft, and above 5 ft 9 inches in Japan, you have an ideal height measurement. 

What is an ideal height for females in Japan? 

Similarly to men, there is not an exact number that can be considered an ideal height for a person. The average height for a Japanese woman is 5 ft 2.6 inches, and according to surveys all around the world, women between 5 ft 5 inches and 5 ft 7 inches are considered an ideal height for females, in modeling. So, if you are in this range, you have an ideal height. 


There are many sources that show the average height in Japan in males and females. However, much of this data is anecdotal. The data on height is also used in national growth charts to help track changes in disease risk or body composition.

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