How Long Should a Suit Jacket Be ?

How long should a suit jacket be
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For an event or any family function, suits are men’s number one priority. Suits are classy but they do sometimes make you look like a fool especially if you don’t get the fitting right. Suits consist of pants and a suit jacket, where the jacket covers most of the portion of the suit. Picking the right length of a suit demands a little focus of yours on some tailoring tips. So, today I will answer the most randomly asked question about suit jackets i.e how long should a suit jacket be?

How long should a suit jacket be?

A suit jacket should be as long that it meets the middle of your palm or thumb when you stand in a natural stand position. Any suit jacket that surpasses the thumb of your hand is too long, and any less than the midpoint of thumb makes it too small for you.

Sometimes thumb rule doesn’t provide an accurate answer, then making sure that the jacket sits where the curve line of your buttocks stops (covers the buttocks) is a good measurement.

How to measure the perfect length of a suit jacket?

Start by measuring the arm length and then the length of the suit jacket.


Arm length – A good suit jacket arm length should meet the criteria of ” a half-inch of linen” an old proverb that means a half-inch undershirt cuff should be visible when arms are down at a natural stand.

what to avoid?

Make sure the sleeves of suit jackets don’t pass the wrist area or meet the thumb, covering the shirt cuff under it, which is a sign of too-long sleeves. Always make sure that some area of the shirt cuff is visible.

Similarly, what you should not do is keeping the sleeves too short by keeping the length of the sleeves too high, which makes the whole cuff visible. Keep it so that, only a little portion of the shirt cuff is visible not more than that.

Suit jacket length – as discussed above the right way of measuring how long should a suit jacket be is by thumb rule, or to make sure, your suit jacket sits on the end of your buttock curve line, where the upper leg starts.

What to avoid?

Make sure that the suit jacket doesn’t cross the thumb of your hand when standing in a neutral stand position. If it does cross the thumb, then it is too long for you.

Similarly, if you can see your buttocks from behind while standing, then the jacket is too short for you.

How should a suit jacket fit?

How long should a suit jacket be
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Getting the right length without the perfect fit is winning the game without the prize. As said, Fitting is as important as getting the right length measurements for your suit jacket.

A good suit jacket is that which fits well on shoulders, chest, and belly. So, let’s discuss the right fitting for your suit jacket.

Shoulders fitting

Shoulders should have a ¼th of inch wide seam (connects arms sleeves with the suit jacket) and should sit at the right place i.e on the end line of shoulders.

Anything more is the sign, that the suit jacket is too big and will collapse after one or two times of wear.

Similarly, if the seam sits on the upper area of the shoulder, it’s too short for you.

Select a good tailor, who you trust because shoulders are something that demands detail and perfection, and it’s also difficult to make changes after construction.

Chest fitting

Right chest fitting is when the lapels of the jackets are inline nice and flat without any bowing or shrinks.

If the lapels have any bowing or stretching then it’s the sign, that the suit is lacking the right chest measurements.

Front button fitting ( belly area )

Check the fitting by closing the front button and make sure there is half-inch of excess in front between the suit jacket and your shirt.

Anything above that or below that is the indication that either the jacket is too big or it is too tight and doesn’t fit you.

If the excess in front is more than half-inch, it shows the structure of the suit jacket is more square and loose.

You can always measure the distance between your shirt and jacket by using your hand. If your hand goes easily with little space left then that’s a well-fitting jacket.

If the hands go easily but more space is left then the suit jacket is too big for you.

But if neither of the conditions works and it’s hard to put your hand inside the suit then the suit is too tight.

How long should a suit pants be?


To measure the length of your pant, first, you have to find the perfect waist for you. As the perfect place or waist for pants is different for individuals but, you can use your fingers to find the perfect waist position for you.

To measure take three fingers and place them below your belly button and you get the right waist position for your suit pant.

What a perfect suit pant looks like

● Make sure that suit pant fits you perfect without the belt. Because nowadays a lot of quality fabric pants come with no belt loops and if you’re young you should go without a belt option.

● Pants should no contain the plates. Plates are a big no in this fashion era. Plates are old fashioned and don’t look good on with suit or any shirt tucked in.

● Make sure the pant fabric carries top to bottom in the way that the pant doesn’t look too attached or too disparted from your legs.

Buttock pant fitting

Buttock fitting is very important for a perfect suit pant. You can spot the bad fitting signs of suit pants by paying close attention to the wrinkles and bowing of pant at the back.

● If the horizontal wrinkles tangles here there, stretching your butts then it’s the sign of bad fitting, basically means the suit pant is too tight for you.

● If the pant is bowing towards your thighs that’s the indication of too loose pant.

● The perfect fitting follows the perfect middle line of pants sits comfortably on the underwear line without any wrinkles or bowing.

Lenth of a suit pant

The length depends upon individuals because there are three different options to select from. Half break, full break, no break.

full break- is the worst option you can pick because the length of the pant becomes too long and makes it bowing on your shoes with multiple horizontal folds.

Half break- is the best option where the pant just sits on the head laces of your shoes from the front, makes one horizontal fold. And, touches the sole of your shoes from the back.

No break- Where the bottom of your pant just touches the upper part of your shoes, where pant remains flat, creating no fold. No break is one of the trendiest and suitable options for young men.

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