Best New Zealand thriller Movies

New Zealand thriller Movies

New Zealand thriller movies give a real competition to Hollywood and they almost beat it with the Lord of the Rings Franchise. New Zealand thriller movies are famous all around the globe, due to their unique, original content. It is one of few countries where all the great movie ideas are copied and widespread around the world. So, we get together the list of best New Zealand thriller movies that have taken over the cinemas and box office. These movies are critically acclaimed and loved by the audience.

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So, check out these amazing thriller movie of New Zealand.

Once We Were Warriors

Based on the best-selling Alan Duff novel, Once we were warriors is a true masterpiece in every stage. This movie is mixed with emotions, family abuse, violence, and a thriller of what can go wrong. This 1994 movie is about the story of Hykes( urban Maori Family) and their issues dealing with poverty, alcoholism, violence, and sexual abuse.


While watching this movie, you’ll experience how bad a life can be and it also provides topics that are never discussed in our society. Director Lee Tamahoti managed to show the life of New Zealand that was still now uncovered in the eyes of everyone. This movie is loved by the audience and critics and also got nominated for several awards.

Bad Blood

One of the New Zealand classic thrillers that gets us through the old days of World War II days and what was happening in New Zealand. This thriller movie is set in October of 1941, when a young man and his wife threaten all the townspeople. Also, at that time government made a law to deposit all their firearms for the duration of the war.  But this husband and wife refuse them and in the process injures government officials. To maintain order in the town, government imposes a manhunt for the culprit. This movie is loved by the audience as at the end of the movie you’ll get excited, whether he will be caught by the police or can remain free with his tactics. Manhunt movies are the prime plot of every thriller movie, and when we add a horrific historic war with it, they’re nothing more movie plot there can be.

Boy – Taika Waititi (2010)

This movie takes the New Zealand cinema with a stroke and it was critically acclaimed and loved by the audience. It is the second blockbuster by none other than Taika Waititi.

The New Zealand thriller movie is based on the life of a young 11 year old and depicting his emotions with his father return home after along time. This movie shows the life of a boy who always wants a father and regrets that he killed his mother by being born.

This New Zealand thriller movie won its first award at the 2010 Berlin Film Festival and broke all the box office records of every New Zealand film. These New Zealand thriller movies are must-watch movies for every age group.

Bridge to Nowhere

This thriller movie can ruin your future camping trip! Who doesn’t love a good camp trip with friends, drinking, sitting beside a campfire, lying under an open sky and we all think what could go wrong? This 1986 horror thriller movie directed and co-written by Ian Mune tells the story of five friends who are on their camping trip in the wood and suddenly encounter a mysterious hermit and he is not happy to see them. In this whole movie, we see the kids fighting for their survival with their small tactics and it gets real thriller when they fight with the hermit. Although this movie did manage to win any award but it still is one of the horror-thriller movies of New Zealand.

Perfect Creature

Perfect Creature is a New Zealand thriller movie from 2007, written and directed by Glenn Standring and starring Saffron Burrows and Dougray Scott. This amazing thriller movie tells the story of when a vampire and a cop unite to stop the war between vamps and humans. Vampire myth starting in 1960 and it still now the box office genre of all time. We have hundreds of movies show the life of a vampire and this movie is no different. In this movie, you’ll be fighting between a bad vampire who is killing girls and a good vampire who is trying to stop him. It is one of the thriller and thriller movies that can goosebumps while seeing the fighting of the vamps.

30 Days of Night

Who love night, the answer should be vampire. Vampires can fight everything but not sunlight, strange but it’s their weakness and our strength. It gives an advantage to humans as they can come freely around in the day if there are vampires. But this is not the case in Barrow town where there is almost a 30 days all blackout and town people are not going to see sunlight for almost 30 days. It will be the worst place for humans and they will lose one strength over vampires.  This movie is filled with blood, violence, and thriller as town people are getting hunted by a group of vampires and they gave almost 30 days to hunt humans in a small town. If you want to know would humans survive this, check out this amazing New Zealand thriller movie now.

Human Traces

Human Traces is a New Zealand psychological, thriller movie directed by Nic Gorman, that deliver one of the best splendid suspenseful movie. It is based on the life of two married scientists, whose lives change when a handsome person arrives at their research station. It shows how a single person who is a master in manipulation can change the life of a married couple. The actors has gives one of the amazing performance with a magnificent storyline. Directed made an amazing movie with a combination of suspense, thrill, manipulation, and everything an audience expects from a movie. It was critically acclaimed and loved by the audience and it is about to watch worth movie of 2020 New Zealand thriller movie.

The Dead Room

It’s more like a dangerous version of the Ghostbusters. The Dead Room is a New Zealand thriller movie directed by Jason Stutter and stars Jed Brophy, Jeffrey Thomas, and Laura Petersen. Based on the 1970 urban legend of a haunted farmhouse, this horror thriller movie tells the story, when an insurance company hires three Ghostbusters to confirm whether there is paranormal activity or not. The insurance company has to take this step because the family is scared to enter the house. The three Ghostbusters strata investigation with their modern technology.

Spoiler alert: there is a ghost. If you want to find how dangerous a ghost can be watch this amazing New Zealand thriller movie.


Housebound is a 2014 New Zealand horror thriller movie, directed by Gerard Johnstone. This suspense thriller is based on a young girl who is on house arrest in his mother’s house for a crime she committed. After entering the house, she gets to know the house is haunted and fee years back there was someone killed near the house. If you are a fan of haunted houses, dark rooms, and neighbors killing people, you are going to love this amazing New Zealand thriller movie. This movie won many awards and managed to get lots of love from the audience and had a massive box office.

Heavenly Creatures

This brilliant thriller movie of New Zealand received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay and also won Silver Lion at 51st Venice International Film Festival. It stars Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey and they give one of the best performances of their life in this amazing suspense thriller movie. The movie tells the story of two teenage girls and their friendship. They have an inseparable bond and they live in their fantasy world. Due to the society raising issue, their parents separate them and furious by this action these girls take a revenge plan. If you want to know what revenge plan they build, check in this amazing New Zealand thriller movie.

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