is it ok to wear shoes without socks
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It’s killing your style, and you want to follow the trend by going socks less. Well, this is a hyped discussion now for those, who follow fashion. This new trend makes every young age to middle age men want to know about one thing, is it ok to wear shoes without socks? well, in short, It depends.

Is It Ok To Wear Shoes Without Socks?

Yes, it is ok to wear shoes without socks if you are a low sweater. Because then you can use foot powder or talc to overcome the slight sweat. However, if you sweat too much then, you should always wear shoes with socks because even if you use foot powder it’s impossible to prevent sweat, as foot powder loses its ability after a couple of hours.​

​But there are other options that work best if you don’t want to show your socks.

How to wear shoes without socks?

is it ok to wear shoes without socks
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Use foot powder 

If you have decided to not wear any socks for any reason, then you can still use foot powder to prevent sweat for a short period of time. Foot powder is a good option basically if the temperature is normal and you are a low sweater.

  • To use Falc powder just spray powder inside your shoes and you’re good to go.

Cloth insole

If we speak technically, cloth insole is not socks but is a great option if you want no socks at all. Cloth insole is an insole that sits under your feet when you wear the shoes. As of my personal experience, this option may not be the best one because it’s hard to find a good company that provides quality fabric insole.

If you can find one, then it’s one of the options to go sockless.

  • To use it, you have to put the insole inside the shoes and you’re good to go.
  • Keep in mind to wash them regularly as with your other socks. And make sure to buy the length that matches your shoes.

Wear loafers line socks 

This is one of the best options out of all is if you only want to hide the socks. These socks are popularly used all over the world now, as it gives you protection from sweat and smell.

But besides it, loafer line socks give you the authority to show your ankle area without disturbing the outlook.

Loafer line socks are worn just like the other socks. These socks are great but point to check before buying is the support for the ankle, and the quality of the fabric used.

What socks to wear with different shoes?

is it ok to wear shoes without socks

No-show socks

Made a statement with its entry no show socks are the most popular socks preferred all over the world right now.

As the name suggests no show socks, allow you not to show socks but still gives you all protection and benefits of socks.

If you are a young man who is into fashion, then these socks pair is a must piece to have in your wardrobe.

No-show socks work best with loafers, casual sneakers, and low ankle boots. Avoid wearing these socks with high neck shoes or boots, the reason being is due to the high length the air is unable to enter the shoes and make your feet sweaty and stinky.

If you follow fashion, the latest trend you can see is men and many male models on magazine covers like GQ are rocking suits with loafers paired with no-show socks.

Ankle socks 

These may not be best for style but they do work well with running shoes.

As a fashion follower, it is important to know what’s works best with what, and there is no doubt that these socks are great for a workout when paired with sports shoes.

Ankle-length socks are also best for outdoor activities. You can pair wear them with hiking boots while hiking or doing any type of adventure or sports activity.

Make sure to avoid these(Ankle length) socks with sneakers because in my suggestion no show(socks) length is always great with sneakers, either you pair them(sneakers) with casual jeans or shorts.

Mid-calf socks

The sock is called with many names, Also known as quarter socks. As the name suggests these socks basically come up to 6-inch length, cover above the ankle and mid-calf area.

These (quarter socks)socks work best with mid-ankle-length shoes like – hiking boots. The function of these socks is to protect you from scratch or Bess while hiking or tracking.

Avoid wearing mid-calf socks with any type of sneakers, as they do get trendy with sneakers lately but the idea doesn’t suit very well in my opinion because these are worn best with boots while camping or tracking, and with sneakers, nothing can replace a no show socks right now.

Crew length 

A general length socks of which everyone knows. These socks are the longest socks that almost go up to your upper midcalf.

Crew-length socks are usually made of cotton and other different fabrics. Besides that, these socks offer a varied range of patterns (lines and dots on socks to give socks a stylish and fancy look ).

Crew-length socks likely works best with dress shoes for semi-formal or formal occasions.

As it comes in a lot of colors and patterns, you can choose what’s works best with your outfit.

The minor drawback about crew length socks that you might face is the loosening of fabric if not bought perfectly sized.

Calf socks 

If you prefer to wear more formals like suits on a regular basis then these socks can work great for you because these socks are dressier and complement the formal look more.

As the name suggests these socks cover almost all of your calves to the up, proved to be great in wintertime with boots.

These socks are best with trousers and a dressier look where you can show your socks like – suits or tuxedos. But you can only wear them with dress shoes, not loafers.

Which is the Best fabric for socks?

If you think no-show socks are best and want to buy one pair. The main thing you should be looking for in socks after a sock length is fabric and ankle support from behind.

So, let’s discuss which fabric can fulfill all voids by overcoming the itching and sweating problem.

As it is known that there are different types of fabric that are used in making socks, contain their own beneficial properties and demerits.

Cotton fabric for socks

The most used material in all types of clothes because of it benefits it provides like – cotton is strong and soft, which doesn’t make you feel itching on your feet, It also retains heat which helps in sweating less, besides this, the major plus point of cotton material is that, it doesn’t get loose quickly.

Cotton fabric is not the best material for socks because there are better which works best for socks.


As it is known that being a natural fabric, wool contains some amazing properties like – it absorbs moisture, which is a plus point for any high sweater, besides this, it is also helpful in absorbing odor.

Wool material is also wrinkle-resistant and durable.


This is the softer version of cotton which is now used for socks. It is made from beech trees. Modal has some merits over cotton like- it’s more stable and softer than cotton. Besides this, it also has more durability. If we compare their quality to modal then, it comes in premium and is also costlier than cotton.


Best known material used in many clothes also. It is also a natural fiber with strong and flexible behavior. The main drawback of this material is that it is heat resistant which makes it less appealing to wear in summers.

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