Can I workout after botox? 

can i workout after botox
by nensuria

Can I workout after botox? :  Botox Or botulinum toxin has become so popular in recent years. Today it is easy to find every other person getting his skin treatment. Even on looking social media, botox makes it a more acceptable and trusted way to enhance your beauty. The reason is very simple, we don’t want to be aged and thankfully we have solutions to hide any aging signs. 

For starters, botox is a drug that has been used for years to treat wrinkles and facial creases. It is just the name of the brand of the toxin, you can find others but possibly hear most using Botox. It takes a few minutes for all the procedures, within which botox is injected into different muscles. After that, you are free to do whatever you want to do. Thinking about this, Can I workout after botox? So in this article, we will discover answers to all your questions. 

Can I workout after botox? 

Yes, you can workout after a botox only after a break of 24 hours. Fortunately, it is a minimal downtime procedure, it doesn’t require much change to your workout schedule. And to really play it safe, it’s ideal to wait for at least a week before getting into high-intensity workouts. 

After the botox, the muscles become very sensitive, therefore doctors advise avoiding any high-intensity workout to prevent bruising or swelling due to pressure. 


Also, you will be advised not to touch your face for the first 4 hours. And if you are working out, you will directly hit those sensitive areas making it worse. If you’re someone who often wipes away sweat when working out, you might be applying pressure to your face without even realizing it. 

It is also important that you keep yourself still and avoid any large movements like yoga stretching or facial stretching. As you exercise, blood flow increases, sweat develops and the body gets heated up which will metabolize the product before completion. Instead, you should keep cool and wait for at least 5-6 hours and then begin with moderate exercises

Although there is no evidence to support that fillers will get dissolved or move to surrounding areas. However, the absorption rate varies for everyone, which is why it is advised not to refrain from strenuous workouts to avoid any bruising or swelling in the injected areas. 

Can you workout after forehead botox

Forehead botox treatment works to smooth fine lines and 11s between your brows. Like any other botox, you should wait for at least 12 hours before hitting a gym. Because if you exercise, you’re going to sweat, and wiping off the sweat can move the botox from the injected areas. 

Instead, do some facial exercises. A study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology was made to determine whether facial muscle exercise after botox results in more rapid improvement of wrinkles around the area. The participants were women between 18 to 65 years who were prescribed a facial exercise regimen. Overall, 68% of participants believed the forehead exercises they performed sped the onset of their BOTOX results. It might feel silly but facial exercise actually helps the botox work faster. 

What to do after Botox on the forehead

It’s highly recommended that you move your face after getting Botox. This includes smiling, frowning, and raising your eyebrows. 

You must not get a facial or head massage for a full 24 hours after Botox. You should also avoid rubbing your face in the area that was treated.

Can you workout after underarm botox

Botox is FDA approved and can be used to treat different kinds of skin problems. One such is excessive sweating near the underarm. Some people sweat more than a normal person. So botox can be helpful as it works by blocking a chemical in the body that activates sweat glands.

After getting an underarm botox, you should never workout. The more you engage yourself in exercise, the more likely you are to sweat and of course more pressure on the injected areas. 

Take about 3-4 days after an underarm botox and then restart your workout. Don’t use any deodorant and keep the underarms clean and cool. You can use mild soaps to clean it. 

Can you run the day after getting botox?

As a basic rule, patients should avoid any exercise for about 24 hours or more. There needs to be enough downtime to allow for the BOTOX injections to settle into place and take effect properly.

By running also, you are going to increase the blood flow in your body, the neurotoxin serum proteins will metabolize more rapidly. If you are more susceptible to bruising after BOTOX injections, then running too soon can increase the risk of this possible side effect.

So start with walking. Although it is generally advised to avoid exercising for 24 hours, it can be best to wait a full week.

Dos and Don’t after botox

The above things were about workouts but you need to know all about the Dos and don’ts after getting botox. 

  • Stay upright for the first 4 hours after treatment. It will help to avoid any excessive pressure or circulation in the injected area. 
  • Do facial exercise right after the treatment. This will make it easy for the botox to reach the desired cells and faster results. 
  • Don’t wipe or rub your face after botox. It will worsen the effect. 
  • Don’t apply makeup or deodorant near the treated areas for at least 24 hours. 
  • Avoid heat and sun for almost a day. Going out in the sun can inflame your skin causing redness and swelling. 
  • Give yourself a proper break of a week before getting to the gym. 
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