10 Best High School Romance Novels : Know Your Love

High school romance novels
High school romance novels

Teenage is the age of love, romance, attractions. No one can escape this age with their feelings in control. It’s natural and new, you are growing towards a different and yet very memorable phase of life. In high school, you may not know what actually the love is. You escape your class just to see him or you cannot take your eyes off from him. Heyy my friend you are feeling in something something!! Well, jokes apart!

Then how to know you are ready for the next step? Are your feelings genuine? Does your love have a future out of your high school? Do you feel the same as what he feels?

This is the time when we make right and wrong decisions both and these might go with us forever. Love and crushes in high school is super confusing. No doubt love is the most beautiful emotion in the world but choices changes over time. Maybe who you love today won’t carry out within the future. High school romance novels are stories that are answers to all the questions.

To find the right guidance and romance in your high school life all you need is a good read to these high school romantic novels. Here are your best ever listening friends, love books.

Keep reading and keep loving!


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  1. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

A story of a young high school girl and a model, Annabel Greene whose life a has hit her hard. A sudden incident collapsed her from inside, her friends, and her passion for modeling making her a lonely soul in the most important years of her high school. However, when a young man enters her town he falls for her. Will she be able to share her side with this stranger?

2. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

The story of a girl Natasha living in America since her childhood is suddenly ordered to deport her to her hometown Jamaica. On the other part is a young man Daniel who has always lived for his parent’s expectations. He tried to be the good son, sacrificed on his dreams and just living. Both being unhappy for their current situations, met by chance, and spend time together. Slowly falling for each other knowing that they have limited time together. What will these two young hearts choose for their future?

3. The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles

One of the most popular high school romance novel. The Kissing Booth is a story of Elle who has certain rules with her best friend Lee for not dating any of their relatives. Quite an interesting plot. But her rules backfire her when her hardcore crush on Lee’s brother Noah starts to come out. And when she gets the chance to run her school’s kissing booth, she locks her lips to Noah and that changed everything for her.

4. Where the Road Takes Me by McLean

Two different personalities and two different dreams. Chloe a young energetic soul have always had the freedom to live on the roads. Blake a basketball player has different meanings for his life. When these two souls meet there priorities changes. Blake is changed but Chloe doesn’t want to give up on her choices. Will these opposites attract or get separated forever?

5. Opposite of Always by Justin A. Reynolds

Sometimes you attach so much that you can’t take yourself out of that time. The same thing happens with this high school boy Jack. A high school novel describing the pure love. Jack whose girlfriend died found himself stuck in the time. He travels to places he used to meet her girlfriend. Will Jack find someone to help him with his situation or he ends up living like this?

6. The Beginning of Everything by Robin Schneider

So, what every student in high school dream of is what this young boy Ezra have. He is the captain of the tennis team with a beautiful girlfriend and popular among his friends before this strategy. Everything destroyed after this accident when he found his girlfriend cheating on him, his leg got injured where his dream of sports was put to an end. He spent a lot of time in the hospital getting surgeries on his wrist and his knee, but not one of his so-called friends visited. Feeling like he couldn’t fit in his friends, he went to high school and met Cassidy who understands him more than anyone. He started falling for her. But does Cassidy feels the same, In the end, will this read make you cry or happy?

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7. Bailey and the Bad Boy by R. Linda

Love, jealousy, and hatred are all accompanied on the same level. When your ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend patch up, it’s not more than a feeling of humiliation. The same is the story of Bailey and Chace. She devises a plan to make her ex-boyfriend jealous by faking a relationship with another popular guy in the town. Perfect plan, right? But in the end, what happens is only from the heart.

8. Challenge Accepted by Amanda Abram

Love becomes strong when passed on to challenges. Here’s is the story of two neighbors whose father is the best of friends. But these two are enemies to each other  Emma Dawson and Logan Reynolds. Forced by their parents to be friends they set challenges for each other Logan to help Emma with her lifelong crush and his best friend Matt. But the more the summer heats up the more their relation and they are ahead to face the biggest challenge of falling for each other.

9. The Practice Boyfriend by Christina Benjamin

A mature reading for ones who want to live a life in their own terms. This high school romance novel is the story of a girl Hannah Stark high school senior with a resume of straight A’s.

Practice makes perfect… So she thought. She thought of not leaving her adolescence without taking a chance to be wild and free. So she planned to date Harrison in her final years. A fun and romance read perfect for pretty girls.

10. The Hometown Groom by Jennifer Youngblood

A billionaire wedding is always a business deal which this girl Emmerson is trapped into. She is supposed to marry a billionaire son for her father’s business merger. Having her dreams, she chose to head on the different road where she finds a blue-eyed Ryker. Both completely fall for each other. But she was also dealing with her family pressure. What wins the in end, love or family?

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