Are Air Max 90 Good For Running?

Are Air Max 90 Good For Running

Once in their lifetime, all have gone gaga on these shoes including me. From design, and fitting, to overall appeal, the Nike air max 90 is an allrounder. But are air max 90 good for running?

Though Air max 90s are made specifically for running purposes, but they are not the best running shoes out there. It has less cushioning, and it’s heavier than other running shoes. There are lighter, more comfortable running shoes that you should choose over air max 90s because of their weight and comfort. Air max 90s are still a good shoe choice for some people, though they’re not the best running shoes available.

However, earlier in the late 90s when Nike released the first edition of Air max 90, people used them as running shoes.

Reasons air max 90 is not the best running shoe

Are Air Max 90 Good For Running


Air max 90 is the inspiration from the 90s, they are made for casual wear and running by Nike. However, when you look at the Nike website they consider air max 90 running shoes. And yes, indeed it is a running shoe, there is no doubt but I think there are some things that make these shoes not the best for running. I personally tried and dug online to find out if they are good for running or not and after analyzing everything I came to know that you can run in them but not for miles. Let’s discuss its two factors


Weight is my main concern with these shoes, they are light but not the lightest. They weigh somewhere around 400 grams which is more than some of the best running shoes from Nike like the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2, which weighs only 200 grams(7.4oz). They are almost double the weight of those shoes, which is a huge difference.

This means you can run in them but the extra weight of the shoes does bring down the performance.

I think the weight issue is due to the materials used to make these shoes like leather and suede, which weigh more than simple mesh. I think Nike is hitting two targets with one spin. They are making it stylish, and chunky for casual wear and keeping it a running shoe at the same time.

Just now in 2022, Nike released a Nike air max GTX which has more leather on it and also weighs more. Well, GTX version is more suited to golf players than runners as it comes with waterproofing and specifications required in golf

Now let’s talk about another factor which is…

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Less cushioning and midfoot flex

Yes, you may be surprised but the new air max 90 is stiff and doesn’t feel as comfortable as you think. However, they do get comfy once you wear them for some time. But the main reason is that it offers less cushioning and flex at the midfoot, which is an important thing to consider in running shoes else it can lead to discomfort.

Another thing is that they are narrow because of the material used in making them. So, basically, they are not comfortable for wide feet. I’m not saying here that air max is not comfortable at all. They are comfortable but not as much as you wanted them to be.

Though Nike declared that they offer supreme comfort because air technology is used. However, I don’t find them comfortable at starting, and not as comfortable as some other options.

But overall, if your feet fit great inside the shoes then they are comfortable.

After researching it online, I find that this is not my issue only but a lot of people have the same issue. They feel that air max 90 is stiff when you wear them the first time, though they get comfortable as you wear them regularly.

So, overall this is my second reason why I don’t consider Nike 90 air max as the best running shoes but they are not the worst at the same time I would say. You can run in them unless you are looking for the best running shoe.

However, I think Nike is improving this issue and I find the new AM90s more comfortable. Yes, they are more comfortable.

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What do I like about the Nike air max 90?

Though there are some deformities in the Nike air max 90 as a running shoe but overall it is one of the best shoes that is loved all around the world. It is also one of my favorites.

They are many things that I like about these shoes from technical aspects to design, I love these shoes. So, let’s begin

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So, air max has a legacy of its own. Nobody can forget the first Nike air max 90 when it boomed into the market. Even after years of their release, the Nike air max 90 is still one of my favorite shoes by Nike.

A lot of options

I love they offer so many options in this segment. You have many options to choose from like white models, black, and some other color combination. My favorite is pure platinum/gorge green/ university gold/ black.

You can go with any color combination all of them look good when you wear them. So, basically, they can turn heads if you style them correctly.

And people who know about these shoes will definitely appreciate your choice, that is sure. For a sneaker lover, this is one of the best shoes that you can spend your money on.

And anyone who wants the shoes to look good and match most of their casual outfits then these a great shoes.

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True to size

Though Nike Air max 90 are stiffer and can feel tight if you have wide feet at the start but they are true to size. There is no point in going with one size bigger. They are true to size and as I have already said that the more you wear them the more comfortable they get.

So, make sure to break into the first by wearing them inside the house and later go in them anywhere you want.

Can take the torture

What I love about Nike Air max 90s is that they can take the torture. You can pair them even in rough conditions and still, you see them surviving easily.

Should you buy an Air max 90 for running?

Well, if you are buying shoes for running purposes then I suggest you go with Nike zoom fly premium instead of Nike Air max 90 as they offer more cushioning, are lightweight, and flex at midfoot suitable for running. But if you want shoes that look good on your feet then definitely I suggest you invest in the Nike air max90.

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