Best Coconut Vanilla Perfume : (Men and Women)

Coconut Vanilla Perfume
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If you are looking for the best coconut perfume then this article is for you. If you are looking for the best coconut vanilla perfume then this article is for you.

Yes, I have gathered the list of the best coconut vanilla perfumes available in the market.

The list includes perfume that shares the notes of coconut and vanilla. All the perfumes on the list made it to the list after gathering all the information about the smell, and their performance.

So, let’s look at which favorite perfume of yours made the list.


Coconut vanilla perfume

Tom Ford Soleil blanc (unisex) 

Coconut Vanilla Perfume

There are many popular fragrances from the house of Tom Ford. But when it comes to perfumes that smell rich, luxurious, and has coconut and vanilla effects in them, Soleil is right up on the top.

If you are a woman, I think you might have already heard of this scent. It is so amazing scent with a coconut creamy touch to it. Let’s know how it smells

In the opening, it smells like a spicy, scent with a touch of creamy fragrance. The prominent note of this fragrance is a woody coconut scent that smells very creamy and good. 

This fragrance is one of the top seller perfumes from Tom Ford’s house. It smells excellent on men and women. If you love creamy, and coconut vanilla scent then this is a lux perfume option for you. 

It projects good, not great but not bad at the same time. The longevity is decent, you get about 6 to 7 hours of longevity. But in the smell segment, it is one of my favorites.

Mancera holidays ( unisex)

Coconut Vanilla Perfume 

Macera, the brand from Paris is one of the best perfume brands in the market. Not only it provides high-quality fragrances but also authorizes longevity with it. So, speaking of this holiday fragrance, it is one the best-smelling coconut vanilla fragrance out in the market. 

It smells like suntan lotion. But it smells very rich and amazing. Just like lotion, it also has creaminess in it with a coconut flavor. It is a coconut dominant fragrance and if you love a note of coconut too much, then you going to love this fragrance. 

It opens as a fruity scent,  but what shines out is the coconut. It starts to shine out there from the beginning. It basically smells like a mixture of coconut milk ( creamy and buttery coconut milk) and white floral flowers.

In the mid, the vanilla and musk notes stand out. You can really smell it, even if you never smell it for a purpose. This is why I consider holidays from Mancera to be one of the best coconut vanilla perfumes out there. 

It is a unisex fragrance. But if you love the masculine fragrance as a man then I don’t recommend this to you as it is more of a sweet fragrance. 

Mancera coco vanille edp

Coconut Vanilla Perfume

Another one of the best coconut vanilla perfumes from Mancera is coco vanille EDP. As the name already suggests it is dominated by coconut and vanilla notes.

The best thing about Mancera is they use high-quality ingredients to make their perfumes. So, if you are looking for high-quality fragrances that smell like coconut and vanilla then Mancera coco vanille should be your pick. 

Let’s talk about how it smells. Just like the other one, it is also a creamy fragrance but it is mostly a coconut and vanilla fragrance. So, you get a sweet smell.

Without a doubt, if you looking just for coconut and vanilla then this is what you are looking for. 

Again I want to say that, any fragrance from Mancera including this, is a top-notch quality fragrance. You will never feel you are wearing a cheap drugstore fragrance. It has a richness to it. 

If we speak about longevity and projection then Mancera is one brand that never compromises on it ever, and it is the same case with this fragrance. It can easily last up to 8 to 9 hours. Projection is good for about 3 hours. 

Alexandere zafeer oud vanille

Coconut Vanilla Perfume

If you are looking for a warm and creamy coconut vanilla fragrance with a touch of little spiciness then j zafeer oud vanille is a must-try. 

This fragrance is sweet but not like the Mancera ones which are more on the sweet side. It also has little spiciness to it, which makes it good for both men and women. 

In the top notes, you get leather, coconut, and toffee.  In the mid notes, you get Tonka bean, clove, alang, and white wood.

And in the base, you get musk, oud, and vanilla. The prominent notes in this perfume are vanilla, coconut, and white wood.

In the opening, it is a bit strong but on dry down, it becomes sweeter and sweeter. Though I think it takes more time to settle on your skin than the other ones. But when it gets stelled on your skin, it definitely feels sweet coconut vanilla fragrance with a creamy touch. 

It can last 6 to 7 hours on your skin. The performance of this is okay but it is not a beast fragrance. However, you do get coconut and vanilla in the top notes. 

Heeley Coccobello

Coconut Vanilla Perfume

Heeley cocobolo is one of the most popular coconut fragrances out there in the market. As the name already suggests it is a coconut dominant fragrance that both men and women can wear. The aura of this fragrance is sweet and fresh. 

In the opening, it is a bit of a green fragrance with palm leaf and Gardenia in the top notes. Further, in the mid, we got salt, coconut, and vanilla. Lastly, base notes are cedar, benzoin, and sandalwood

But after 5 minutes or 10 when it gets settled, you start to sense the fresh coconut fragrance. 

Unlike other coconut perfumes, the ones that I mentioned above, which smell creamy and like a lotion, this is completely different, It gives a summer beach vibe.

With the fresh notes and coconut notes, it smells delicious. 

I think in the quality segment, this perfume is in the middle. It is not better than Mancera but also doesn’t smell cheap at the same time. Most people love this scent because of the freshness and coconut smell it gives in the opening. 

It is the best coconut vanilla perfume for holidays in summer. I urge you to look out for this if you are planning your holidays for summer on the beach in Hawaii or the Philippines. 

The longevity of this perfume is decent. You can get around 5 to 6 hours on your skin, depending on how much you spray. Projection is also decent for the first 1 hour and then it clings to the skin. 

Estee lauder bronze goddess(woman) 

coconut vanilla perfume

When we talk about Estee lauder bronze goddess it is always a different version. Yes, a bronze goddess has a few versions of it. So, it becomes difficult to find out the right one.

But the single fact that remains the same with bronze goddess is that it is a coconut vanilla perfume. The only difference is the concentration.

So, if you love strong coconut vanilla perfume, then go with the EDP version of the bronze goddess. It is the strongest coconut vanilla perfume, which is best for you if you love coconut.

It is a summer perfume but the only thing is that it goes well at night than the day. You can also wear it in winter as it carries that warm vanilla aroma with it.

Without a doubt, it is a seductive scent, and you get more longevity with this than any other version of the bronze goddess. 

Another version of the bronze goddess is o fresh version. To find out which is which, look at the bottom. If we speak of this version then you can assume just by name that it is a lighter version of the EDP.

It also has coconut and vanilla in it, but the concentration is much less than in the EDP version. It is more of a coconut dominant fragrance. It is a perfect summer fragrance. 

If you love vanilla over coconut then go for the EDP version, else o fresh is what you should prioritize. 

Tiziana terenzi borea ( male and female)


Another one of the best coconut sweet perfumes for summer nights is terenzi borea. Though it is a unisex perfume but I think it leans more towards females, because it carries a little extra sweetness in it which might not be for most men. 

In the top notes of borea, you get coconut, plum, and almonds. And in the middle we have jasmine and turbross.

The top notes sit there on the skin longer than expected until the mid notes sit on the driving seat.

The best thing about this fragrance is that it has jasmine and turbross notes, which are often criticized for being too loud.

However, the case is different with this fragrance, as the notes are blended so beautifully that you have a rich and smooth fragrance. 

The best thing about this perfume is that it gives you 8 hours of longevity. You also get good projection, especially at night time. 

Zara gardenia (women) 

Coconut Vanilla Perfume

Zara gardenia is one of the best coconut vanilla perfumes on a budget. If you ever smelled YSL black opium then you will find it similar to that. It is also considered a clone of YSL black opium.

But what’s best about Zara gardenia over black opium is that it lasts longer than the original black opium. Zara beating designer fragrance is one of the rarest things, but this perfume has done it. 

The opening in this is fruity, citrus, and floral. But on the dry down, it gets very sweet and woodsy. If you like extra sweetness then I suggest you spray it on your skin rather than on clothes because it smells sweeter on the skin. 

Without a doubt, this is the best-smelling perfume in the Zara collection for women. On the contrary, if you are a man then I think rich warm addiction is a better option. 

You can wear this perfume during summer and winter as well. Mostly it is a summer and spring fragrance but it has a depth in it, especially on the dry down which makes it versatile for mild winter nights. 

If you are tight on budget then this is a perfect fragrance. It will cost you around $17.

Dolce and Gabbana the only one intense

coconut vanilla perfume


If you are a woman you have already heard about dolce and Gabbana, the only one intense. Without this perfume, I think this coconut vanilla perfume list is incomplete. 

It shares some of my best notes like patchouli, Irish(it gives the fragrance a powdery vibe), and vanilla.  If you love low-key perfumes then this is one of the best perfumes out there. It has a calm vibe to it, it doesn’t go overboard with the strong scent trail.

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