7 best ways to wear a scarf professionally ?

How to wear a scarf professionally
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The scarf is a functional and stylish way to give any outfit a spark whether it is casual or professional. while where scarfs are mainly worn with casual outfits with jackets and long coats, it sometimes raises the question in our mind that how to wear a scarf professionally. Well, I must say this is a very simple task but this doesn’t mean every scarf knot can be rocked professionally, but there are several knots that offer great authority to professional people and you can wear them with suits, coats, and dress shirts.

How to wear a scarf professionally

wrap around

wrap around is one of the easiest and professional ways to wear a scarf. What makes it professional is its simplicity. Any woman or man can wear this scarf to their meeting or office down their suit jackets or coats.

How to tie

  • Wrap the scarf around your shoulders in a way that both ends are equally hanging down.
  • Now, bring the left side of your scarf towards the right side.
  • Continue and pass that side over your right side to give another wrap to the left side around your neck.
  • Now, you have one extra wrap on the left side. After that adjust the lengths of both ends, so that they are equal.
  • To keep the look professional, keep the ends of the scarf inside your suit jacket or long coat. If you are wearing double coats then make sure the ends are inside your inner coat.

This knot not only looks professional but gives you more protection around the neck area, While the area it covers around your neck also depends on the thickness and fabric of the scarf.


The Ascot

Ascot knot one of the controversial knots in the men’s fashion industry because it may be regarded as girly knots but this is not the case now. Today, many people rock these in workplaces, but still, there are also people who struggle in rocking this knot, no matter how good they tie it. But the amazing thing about this knot is it is unique and when carried in a proper it may become one of the finest work knots. While writing this I’m not fully confident on this not then what I’m on others but if you can rock this, you will stand out in the crowd. But what about women womens can rock ascot knot easily because this scarf naturally fits them. If you are a woman there is no problem if you wear the ascot knot as a professional daily. While I will suggest to men to give this a try and you can wear it on alternative days.

How to tie

  • Drape the scarf around your shoulders and leave both ends hanging of equal length.
  • Now, first, bring the left end of your scarf over the right end, this makes the cross.
  • Bring or pull the left end through the loop or cross. When pulling make sure to keep the left side flaten to give the scarf an ascot knot, keep the side flat in a way so no inner layer of your shirt under the scarf is visible.
  • After that, adjust the ends and place the scarf under the lapels of your coat. Never leave the buttons of your coat open when wearing an ascot knot.

The ascot knot may not be the best way to keep your neck warm but it gives you a classic and professional look when you walk into the room of professionals.

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Tuck in

“Tuck in”, I can say one of the best, simple, and most preferred knots by professionals. The tuck-in is rocked by many big personalities like Barack Obama when he was president. The reason what makes this scarf knot so professional is its simplicity. The knot is one of the easiest knots to tie. It doesn’t matter you are men or women you can rock this any day or every day on professional occasions with your suits or coats. While this knot is super professional and formal it can only be worn under suits or coats., you can knot wear this just on a dress shirt on your casual workday.

How to tie

  • Just like all, First, drape the scarf around your shoulders and leave the sides hanging
  • Now, bring the left side over the right side to make the cross.
  • At the end tuck in under the lapels of your suit jacket or coat by closing the buttons.

Classic drape

Classic drape is for people who give priority to simplicity in their professional life. But -what this option offers is an easy layer above or along with your suit jacket whether you are men or women you can rock this. One thing that may be not so classic about this knot is its protection ability, it does not provide you any warmth from the cold.

How to tie

  • Make the scarf slim by folding it in half.
  • Then simply drape it around your shoulders.
  • You can either leave it outside your suit or coat with the button closed, or you can place it inside and keep the buttons of the coat open.

Fake knot

how to tie

  • Drape the scarf around your shoulders and bring the left side over the right side.
  • Make the multiple crosses with the left end or side of the scarf by wrapping around the right side.
  • now pull the left end through the big loop on the top and pass it through the small loop created with a cross to make the tie knot
  • Leave the knot without making it tight to the neck.

Slip Knot

Slim knot is the most used scarf knot, popular in men and women. This provides a great professional look, not only that, unlike other knots which are only for shows this knot also provides a great warmth around your kneck.

how to tie

  • reduce the length of the scarf by folding it in half.
  • Now, drape or place the scarf around your shoulders in a way that both ends are on one side while scarf making hoop on the other side.
  • Now, bring one end usually which is on top towards the hoop or loop, and pass it through that hoop.
  • tight the knot by stretching the passed end

Infinity scarf

how to tie

  • Drape the scarf around your shoulders and tie the small knot with both ends, and make sure it is tight.
  • Now, you left with a circle, Next, make another circle by intercrossing both ends from the middle.
  • Now you have two circles, one is up and the other is down. Lift the down circle and wrap it around your neck.
  • Tie the ends with a knot inside your jacket or coat behind your neck.

How to choose the scarf to look professional?


scarves made of chiffon fabric is the best option for any professional occasion. Besides that scarves made of silk are also a great option.


keep the pattern as simple as possible. Avoid scarfs with a lot of prints even you are a girl because that will make your scarf look a little extra and more dominant in your whole outfit. Keep the color f the scarf warm and normal, black, and greyish camel colors work best with professional and formal outfits.


Match the scarf with your outfit, although in everyday life there are unlimited options to match your outfit with scarves, but when you play like a professional, you need to level up your game by giving more attention to your outfit and not outfit, this means wear the scarves that are classic don’t overtry many colors just stick with a classic warm color that goes well with your outfit because when you try different colors then your scarves will outshine your outfit which gives a funky vibe.

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