When to “Give” up on Relationship

When to Give up on the Relationship
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The relationship a word that no longer can be explained in just words but has a wider perspective.

A relationship is a two-way thing. Like a clap needs both hands to make it work. The same goes for relationships too.

The efforts you put and how well you handle fights and manage everything or do sacrifices all depend upon how both partners manage it. 

A happy and healthy relationship is a dream of everyone. 


While love is important for a relationship to work out, that’s not all you need for a healthy relationship.

Once in awhile, most of us come across some of the questions that keep vibrating in our head. 

Are you in that phase of the relationship where you no longer want to be in it? Are you having second thoughts? Or it seems that the relationship is not going anywhere?

You might as well think you are stuck in one place. What might be the reason for all these thoughts? 

The problem here is not you. The problem is that your love is coming in your way to make you confront reality.

The reality is bitter but you have to face it. For your own sake, you have to take one of the hardest decisions.

While nobody’s perfect. You just have to pick one who you want to struggle with.

Here are the signs that reveal when you should give up on relationship.


  • Not happy in your relationship anymore

We all have issues or problems in our relationships. Even the relationship that looks good and healthy too suffers from ups and downs. But the reality is how we handle it, is it worth fighting for the relationship, are we both ready to sacrifice and build this relationship. 

You both are finding difficulty in smiling or hardly laughing or enjoying together anymore. Hardly making time to enjoy and just passing your days. 

Believe your instincts that this relationship is no longer going anywhere but got stuck in between. And neither you and nor your partner is enjoying it anymore.

It’s the sign to move on from this relationship. 


  • You are not part of his/her plan

Any key decisions taken without your consent is a sign that he/she doesn’t want to be with you. It’s reasonable if she/he doesn’t have enough time but not always. 

Regular avoidance or excluding you from important decisions of life is a sign that you need to discuss it.


  • Always busy with taking care

Caring is one thing but if you start babysitting a person it will turn your life upside down. 

It seems easier at first but sooner you will realize what you have missed or lost. 

The real you. 

Don’t fall into the trap of emotional sentiments just come to confront your partner about this. If they listen well and good, if not then time to move on guys. Don’t let them exploit you 


  • Emotional and mental abuse

Emotional or mental support is what we seek in a relationship if going through difficult times. It’s good to have a supporting partner.

But what happens when it’s the opposite of this. There are people who do things like controlling, isolating or ignoring their partners. This type of abiding is known as mental and emotional abuse.

It’s easier said than done. Often people advise them to sort out their differences or stop this but all efforts in vain.

The one who is suffering is easily manipulated by their partner with some soft and touchy words. And keep enduring it. 

Realize it sooner that there is no reason to stay in a relationship like this where every time you endure mental pain. 

It’s crystal clear to move on from this relationship.and appreciate yourself.


  • Changing yourself to an extreme level

Change is natural to come into a new relationship. You have to sacrifice many things to make things work. 

Alert yourself if these changes are affecting personal well-being and forgetting about whom you really are. 

In the long run, these hurdles will impact your health. 

Doing everything that he/she likes and changing accordingly. 

Don’t forget who you are while making a successful relationship. Both should be done simultaneously to keep balance. 


  • Holds Your Growth

We all have those imaginary feelings or beliefs that when the time will come everything will get to normal on its own. 

To be clear it’s just a trap of dreams that never get fulfilled without working on it.  

Once you start realizing that your relationship is the stone in your path that leads to your dreams, just break that door.

Either make clear things with your partner or end this relationship which is a barrier to your dreams.

  • Dominating or controlling Behavior

Behavioral traits like dominance and control happen to cause problems. 

Some of you may defend your partner by saying it’s their way of showing love. Yes, sometimes it’s but not always. There is a slight difference between possessive behavior and over-controlling and dominating behavior.

If something excites you and you are not able to do it, how would you feel? Obviously not good. That’s the line we have talked about. They’re now controlling and dominating you with their actions.

Don’t let them run your life on their terms. Get over it before it’s too late to come out of the situation.


  • Communication Breakdown

Communication is the soul of any relation to work. And without soul nothing is alive. 

Lack of communication leads to mistrust, conflicts, and many other problems that block the way of your relationship to move forward. 

Sometimes it’s okay to give time to your partner and have their space. 

Those people who struggle in communicating with their partner will eventually find their relationship growing apart. 

If your partner is avoiding it on a daily basis it’s better to alarm yourself that he/she is not interested anymore. Good for you to give on the relationship.

  • Living in the past

In remembering and living there is a lot of difference. 

Remembering the past – you might think of the bad or good experiences and learning from the mistakes or might be laughing about the foolish thing that you have done.

Living in the past- it’s completely about living that particular moment again and preventing you to live in the present. Living those lovely moments again because now you hardly have them.

It ain’t going to solve anything. You either need to talk to your partner or even after countless efforts they don’t get it then it’s a sign to give up on this relationship.



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