How to overcome shyness? :10 Ways to Overcome Shyness

how to overcome shyness

Who doesn’t want satisfaction in their life? Well, everyone. There are lots of factors on which we measure satisfaction and one of them is expressing you boldly and clearly. We want a proper balance between our social and personal life. But what about those who have shyness in them.

Shyness is not a bad thing but if it starts letting you down then it’s a point of concern. It is generally seen when facing unfamiliar situations and people. For these people overcoming shyness is an important aspect which they should focus on to get a better living.

But what really is shyness?

In psychological terms, shyness is a lack of comfort. Unnecessary worries, tension, and unable to express yourself are its symptoms. Severe shyness can lead to trigger mental problems and you may then need a therapist. So, it’s better to cure far before it becomes a problem for you.


Causes of Shyness

There are few causes that we can relate to shyness. The first reason is inherited genes which may cause shyness in people. The other reasons are lacking self-confidence and unnecessary worries. Reason can be any but shyness can create a problem in your future if not overcome. With little effort and consistency, it’s a matter of time that shyness is with you.

Effects of Shyness

Don’t compare shyness with introverts. Introverts personality type people are much more into themselves rather than focusing on the outside world. People suffering from extreme shyness may develop mental and social anxiety at some point in their lives. They get scared while interacting with new people and sometimes out of nervousness they start sweating. In most cases their pulse rate increases.

How to overcome shyness

Overcoming shyness is easy until it is taken for granted. Various ways are mentioned below to overcome shyness. Don’t just read it but follow and practice it to full length to make it work for you. What flying teaches you is to overcome fear with knowledge. So fly from shyness.


A way to find a solution to a problem is to get to the root of a problem. Most cases of shyness are due to the traumatic experience they had earlier in their life. The relationship you had can also be one of the reasons for shyness. Examine and find the one that causes your Shyness.

Discuss it with your close ones and try to get it over with it. And don’t make an analysis of your own that you can’t overcome shyness. You might have heard slow and steady wins the race. So, it might take time but will surely bear the fruits.


What triggers shyness? After examining the reasons for shyness start working on the triggers. What is it that makes you feel shy? Is it when you meet new people or is it due when expressing yourself to others or is it when you are sitting in a group.

Some triggers like public speaking are common while some are personal depends on person to person. Triggers that remind you of bad situations are identified as personal triggers. It’s not easy as it sounds but not impossible as well. With continuous efforts you surely find them.

Don’t Disclose

Shyness is not something that everyone needs to know. Disclosing shyness will only bring you more tensions and worries. It’s okay if few people are aware of it i-e your closed ones. Act normal even if you meet the person for the first time or just pass a smile. At first, it might feel unnatural but with time you will get used to it.

In certain circumstances even if you have the zeal to speak about it then discuss it only with your close ones. No stranger has the desire to know about your shyness so it’s better to keep it in a small circle.

Meet Conditions

Once you’re done with the reasons and triggers start putting yourself in situations that cause your shyness. Make a list and accept it as a challenge that you need to pass. Don’t think what others will say or feel about it just focus on yourself and give it a try. Interact with more people; take part in events and discussions to overcome your shyness or social anxiety.

If you are uncomfortable take deep breaths and start it again. Shift your focus from the unnecessary tension to something productive. No doubt it will take time but you adapt it sooner or later.

Analyze Your Strengths

Strengths are the key to problems. Analyze your strengths, and try to apply them to overcome your shyness. Don’t get devastated by thinking that you have no strengths, every person on this earth has strengths and weaknesses.

Focus on your strengths and start using them in your daily life instead of wasting your time on unnecessary worries and tensions. You can also add more strengths to your list by learning new skills and practicing them to the core. Fly from shyness with your strengths.

Avoid Self-Sabotaging

It is observed that most of the time only we are responsible for the worst situations. What we do is start self-sabotaging, so stop doing it. Avoid it as much as you can. Practice meditation and follow a healthy routine to improve your inner strength.

Give importance to what really is helpful instead of demoralizing yourself. Overcoming shyness will take time and effort but it is better for your healthy living.

Learn From Mistakes

What if you make a mistake? Mistakes are common you might even make it after improving your Shyness too. A person learns from these small mistakes. So, focus on the positive aspects of mistakes rather than regretting them. No one is perfect; mistakes are natural in a person’s life, so learn from your mistakes.

Things might go even worse but don’t lose hope instead use these situations to make an advancement in yourself and for your growth.

Gain Knowledge

A great to beat your shyness is to empower yourself with more knowledge. Try to gain more information about overcoming shyness from your role models. Join groups for learning new things and overcoming shyness. Knowledge will not do any bad but will help you grow and get successful.

Seek more and more information about the reasons and the triggers responsible for your shyness. A quite time-consuming task but for whom, only for yourself. Start adapting this information to your daily routine.

Comparison is the Worst Enemy

No one is perfect. So stop this behavior of yours of comparing yourself to others. Comparison is the worst enemy. Comparing numbers is far different from comparing personalities. An individual’s comparison develops negative thoughts and makes the mind full of worries and tensions which eventually will lower your self-esteem.

Remember one thing that every person has their own strengths and weaknesses. Utilize your time on something productive instead of wasting it on the comparison. Avoid it at any cost, it’s better for you only.

Stay Calm And Practice More

It’s wrong to say that you won’t face pressurized situations. No need to worry about this, practice a technique called meditation, and add it to your daily routine. No need to panic, before facing take deep breaths and calm yourself down. While interacting with anyone, a smile also works.

Practice this to length to attain perfection, so that you won’t get panic in the future. Practice, practice, and implementation will surely work in overcoming your shyness.

Engage yourself socially and ask people questions. The experience you had while practicing these techniques will definitely build your confidence and helps in overcoming the most stressful word that you might be hearing since day one i-e SHYNESS.

Follow these techniques regularly to overcome your shyness and then there will be a time when don’t need them anymore.

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