Strengthen exercises for ankles

strengthen exercises for ankles


Crossing the road, running for your life because you just got a big animal upset but ankles a power booster that moves your feet gave up because you never trained them. Yes, ankles are something which we usually don’t train and as a result, we get injuries, low ankle strength and less ankle movement. So, how we train our ankle?. That is what we are going to share with you some strengthen exercises for ankles and feet.

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Before jumping directly to exercise let’s see


what is the cause behind weak ankles?

The main cause of weak ankles is comfortability. Yes, the comfortable cushions we wear under our feet limit the ankle movement thus, causes the weak ankle. So, to avoid this make sure to walk some time of the day without shoes, you can go barefoot there is no harm in that.

strengthen exercises for ankles

Image credit :Designed by Freepik

Strengthen exercises for ankles and feet

One leg high knee ankle movement

As the name suggests this exercise is performed on one leg, helps in increasing the mobility of your ankle, and also helps in strengthening the ankle. This exercise is performed by runners but anyone can perform this if they have weak ankles.

How to perform

● Stand straight on one leg and other up, so that you can hold knee with both hands.

● Now, start rotating your ankle in a circular motion clockwise. Rotate for 10 to 12 times, and you will start feeling the burn in your feet and ankle.

● Next, reverse the movement anticlockwise for 10 to 12 reps.

● Now, switch the legs and do the same movement and reps for the other ankle.

● Do this exercise 3 times(3 sets) for each leg and you will feel the stretch and burn in your ankle muscles.

The heel-toe walking

The best exercise to activate your calves’ muscles and ankle. Heel-toe walking as the name suggests is performed by walking on your heel and toes.

How to perform

● Stand on your toes and start walking. Try to lift your heels up as much as possible. Walk for 15 to 20 steps and then stop.

● Now, raise your toes up and down for 10 reps. Then, do the same by raising the heels up to train the behind muscles of your ankle.

● Next, start walking on your heels for 15 to 20 reps.

● Perform this exercise for 2 sets and you will the burn.

Single leg hop

Have ever done hopping on one leg. If you have then it’s going to be easy for you, and if not you will learn it easily. This exercise focus on one ankle from sides, front, and back. Great exercise for calves and feet strength.

How to Perform

● Stand on one leg and lift the opposite leg up by bending your knee backward.

● Start doing hoping (jumping ) by moving in front and back.

● Now, change the direction to sides without taking any rest. Do 8 to 10 reps for each side.

● Next, switch the legs and repeat the same movement for the other leg. Do 3 sets of this exercise. Make sure to do this exercise at the starting of your workout.

Inside and out rocks

A simple exercise to perform, targets the side muscles of your feet and ankle.

How to perform

● Stand straight on your feet. Now perform the movement by lifting the inside side of your feet up.

● Next, bring the feet down to normal flat position, and then raise the outer side of the feet up. Perform the movement with speed to feel the real burn.

● Do 12 reps for this exercise for 3 sets.


Stretching your ankles is a great way to increase the flexibility and movement of your ankle. This stretch can be performed before doing squats.

How to perform

● Sit on your knees folded, hips on your heels.

● Stay in the position for a minimum of 30 seconds. If you can go extra seconds then it’s great.

● Do this stretch 3 times to dealing feel the stretch in your upper ankle muscles or joints.

Calf raises circles

The best exercise to target your ankles and calves from all sides with one movement. Make your sure to do this exercise at starting of your workout or you can also do it in morning to activate the calves, feet, and ankle.

How to perform

● Stand on your both heels with toes up.

● Perform the movement by rotating your toes in a circular motion (clockwise) for 10 reps.

● Change the movement to anticlockwise with no rest. Follow the same 10 rep range.

● Do this exercise for 2 or 3 sets max.

Three-way calf raises

This exercise is a complete movement of your ankle and targets all muscles of your calves. This seems easy but gets harder when you perform it.

How to perform

● Stand straight with your toes pointing straight as a line.

● Now raise the heels up as much as you can. Do 15 reps for this movement.

● Next, move the toes of your feet inward and heels outward. Perform the movement by raising the heels up. Do the same 15 reps for this exercise.

During this exercise, you may get the bend in your knees, that’s normal but make sure to limit it as much as you can.

● In the last movement move your toes outward and heels inward. Now, perform the same calf raises for 15 reps.

Do a minimum of 2 sets for this exercise. Or if you feel comfortable you can go with 3 sets maximum.

Pronation walk

This walk is great to stretch the side muscles of your ankle and feet.

How to perform

● Stand straight on your feet and start the exercise by lifting the inner side of your feet up.

● Walk in the straight line for 15 steps minimum to 25 maximum.

● Do 3 sets for this exercise. One set is counted when you walk 15 steps in a straight line for one side and 15 to come back at the initial position.

Toe raises

Toe raise is a great exercise for upper ankle movement. Also great for your lower legs.

How to perform

● Stand straight on your feet. Now start the exercise by lifting your toes up with heels down.

● Now, hold it up for 2 seconds and then bring back your toes down.

● Again lift your toes up. Do 10 reps of this exercise for 2 sets.

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