How to Slim down a Round face Naturally

slim down a round face naturally
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If you have a round face shape, You are always surrounded by people who love pull your cheeks. Its time to Slim Down your Round face Naturally. It’s cute sometimes but now you are frustrated with people touching your face and calling you baby cheeks. Well, this problem is generally to two people Either you have a round face shape or you have an extra face fat percentage. Well if you either one of these you are in the right place.

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Face fat can be tricky to loose, as we have to just loose fat to a specific area of your body. There are several methods that can help you make your round face slimmer.

Well, face fat is a common problem for everyone, but it’s is a huge problem when you have a round face shape. Just a little amount of fat can make your face look like a potato. To stop this and it can never happen to you again, you’ve come to the right article for help! First, let us resolve the issue that you have face fat or you have a round face shape.


How To Know If You Have Face Fat?

Fat is deposited on the various parts of your face like the sides of your face, the cheeks, the eyelids, the jawline, the chin and around the neck. If these areas are swollen, then you have a face fat.
If you don’t enough fat around in these are then you have a round face shape.
Now let’s discuss, how can make your round face more slimmer?

What causing face fat?

Face fat is a result of gaining excess fat around the rest of the body. There are several things that can cause your face to look fat.

Genetic Factors
To be exact, fat is not been inherited from the parents, it is the tissue that made more parents are similar to children. If your parents are fat, the child has a high probability of gaining fat easily.
Round face is due to the genetic of the parents. Childrens height and face can be determined by the parents. It’s not always accurate, but can have decent prediction.

Lack of physical activity
Lack of physical activity is the most common thing that is causing obesity in people. Long hours sitting in a chair could easily wear out anyone. Round face shape people should always have a healthy physical lifestyle. The face looks fat if these people don’t work out, if they stopped working out nobody will recognize them.

Bad diet
Mainly two factors are responsible for the face fat, lack of physical exercise and bad diet. These are interrelated, you have to work on both these simultaneously to achieve your goal faster. Below we have mentioned some diet changes that you should apply to reduce face fat quickly.

Tips on How to Slim down a Round face Naturally

There are several methods from certain face exercises that are going to help reduce the fat percentage of the face. It is the only way to get a slimmer face.
Round shape face is not a good choice if you a selfie lover. Round face packs face angles and it reduces the chance of a nice selfie. Triangular face shape has a lot of angular look that benefit in clicking selfies.
Let’s see what ways in which your round face is going to have a lot of angles.

Diet changes

● Green Tea To Get Toned Face
Green tea helps to get rid of the toxin from your bloodstream as it is rich in antioxidants. It allows more blood circulation through your face and it boosts your metabolism to burn that excessive fat. If you are determined to make you round face slim, you can drink this at night too as this has a low level of caffeine it will not wake you up the entire time. It is the best beverage recommend by doctors to reduce fat.

● Water
It is an obvious one, right? Drink that eight glasses per day and see the magic. According to the study, water is preferred for reducing the fat in the body. Drinking cold water boosts your metabolism. It’s no secret whether we say or not, stay hydrated as much as you can.

● Less Sodium
After consuming a whole lot of sodium, it is shown quite the trademarks of puffiness and swelling. If you are determined to make you round face slim, you have to sacrifice sodium-rich food. This one is going to haunt you for the rest of your life if you don’t leave it.

Slim down a round face exercise

● Loose overall body fat with cardio exercises

It’s unusual that will fat only on your face, the far is distributed on every single area of your body. Have you ever noticed someone when he decrease his weight, his face look slim? Well there you go, you definitely have appreciated him for his slim face.
Round face people have to work extra hard on their exercises, it’s the only way when you will able to see those jawlines. Of you are one of the people that store fat in the neck, face, or jaw region, you should follow the exercise that just focus on reducing fat from the face.

● Jawline exercises

These are some few exercise, For more check out Effective Exercises for a Sharp Jawline.

Tongue twister

1. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth directly behind your teeth.
2. Begin with making vibrating sounds, keep your muscles activated.
3. Press your tongue as hard as you can.
4. Complete 3 sets of 15.

Vowel sounds

1. Begin with Opening your mouth wide and say “O”.
2. Then follow this by pronouncing “E.” Don’t show your teeth while making these sounds.
3. Perform 4 sets of 25.

Neck Curl up

1. Lie down straight and bring your chin to your chest.
2. Lift your head from the ground and put your hands on the stomach for the support.
3. Don’t lift your stomach, when practicing this.
4. Complete 3 sets of 15.

Air puffing

1. Close your lips and blow air in your mouth.
2. Shift the air to both cheeks and hold for 12 seconds.
3. Complete 3 sets of 15.

Collar bone backup

1. Sit on the floor with your back straight.
2. Bring your head back several inches to feel muscles.
3. Hold for 15 seconds then back to the original position.
4. Complete 3 sets of 15.


1. Sit on the floor with your back straight.
2. With your mouth closed, push your lower jaw out and lift your lower lip.
3. Hold for 15 seconds and stretch your chin.
4. Back to the original position and Complete 3 sets of 15.

Fish Face

1. Pull your cheeks and lips inside to get the fish lips effects.
2. With your mouth closed, Hold for 15 seconds.
3.  Stretch your chin and cheeks.
4. Back to the original position and Complete 3 sets of 15.

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