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Versace Eros Flame Review of 2024

Versace Eros Flame Review

This is a Versace eros flame review. In this article, I will share everything about the fragrance, from its performance and smell to how good is it in comparison to the original eros. 

Versace eros flame is the edition to the eros family. It was released in 2018, about four years from now. The person behind this fragrance is Olivier Pescheux.

After its release, people have a lot of expectations from it. People want to see if it can match the level of the original eros which is already a big hit from the Versace house.

So, let’s find out how good Versace eros flame is and whether should you buy it. 

Notes in Versace eros flame

In top notes, you get Mandarin Orange, Black Pepper, Chinotto, Lemon, and Rosemary. The prominent top notes are orange at the top, which gives you a Citrus opening along with black pepper and chinotto.

Rosemary is there but as much as you expect it to be. You will sense it but for a very short period of time. 

At mid notes it has Pepper, Geranium, and Rose; again pepper and geranium stand out in the mid notes. 

At base notes, you get a lot of ingredients such as Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Texas Cedar, Patchouli, and Oakmoss.

Vanilla and tonka bean stand out but you will also get a smoky vibe because of the cedar underneath the vanilla. So, basically in the dry down, all spiciness fades away and sweet notes like vanilla shine out. 

Versace eros smell 

Personally, I feel Versace eros feels citrus and spicy at the beginning because of the lemon, orange, and slight touch of pepper in its top notes. But as it dries down, the smell of the fragrance turns out to be sweet and the spiciness and Citrusy notes are gone. 

So overall it smells strong in beginning but as it dries down it becomes less strong and more of a sweet fragrance. 


The design of the eros flame is somewhat similar to the eros original. The only difference you can see is the color which is red instead of turquoise color.

The design on the bottle is the same as the original eros with the Medusa symbol on the front of the bottle, on the cap, and inside the cap. 

So design wise you get a great bottle that looks like a designer fragrance. 

The atomizer is also good but not as good as some other designer fragrances like Dior Sauvage Or bleu de Chanel.

Longevity of eros flame

The longevity of eros flame is wonderful. Assuming you spray 4 sprays of it on you. The longevity of eros flame is up to 9 hours for me. Where you can still smell it completely.

A lot of people also get 10 hours or so with eros flame. So in terms of longevity eros flame is a solid perfume. 

Projection and silage of eros flame

Projection of eros flame is very good, especially at the beginning up to 3 hours. One can smell you at 5 feet distance easily for up to 3 hours when you spray it on you.

The reason for that is it has strong citrus top notes that make it stand out. The lemon and orange top notes help it project more than the original eros. 

Silage is also good, it leaves a good trail behind it. However, after 3 hours it starts sticking to the skin and loses its power as the sweet notes come in the driving seat.

If I have to give points to eros flame in projection and Silage then simply it gets a solid 9.5 out of 10.

Best for

Eros flame is one of those colognes that are super versatile. You can wear this to all seasons from summer to winter. It is one of those scents that anybody can pull off.

Because of the citrus vibe at the beginning, it gives a strong vibe. So, if you love a strong scent then you will love this scent. 

This is probably a fragrance that I would recommend to someone who is above 23 years of age. This is not a teen fragrance at all.

So, if you fall in the 23 plus category this could be a great add-up to your perfume wardrobe. 

As I have already said you can wear this on any occasion or weather. However, the only weather that might not be appropriate for this is harsh winter.

So if you love somewhere in Canada where winters are very harsh, then I would recommend you avoid its use in winter. 

Overall performance

Overall, the performance of eros flame is good, it is good loud and performs fragrance. It lasts long, and it smells masculine, especially at the beginning for 2 hours. It also has a wonderful projection.

So the overall performance of eros flame is better than many other designer fragrances. If I have to give points to it on the basis of performance, then it is 9 out of 10 without any hesitation. 


The price of eros flame has decreased since its release. Now you can get eros flame easily at around $75. So, it is an affordable option. Check now on amazon

Eros flame vs eros

Eros original and eros flame belong to the same family and category however there is a slight difference between both, but not as much as you expect it to be. 

The main difference between both fragrances is the opening smell, else almost everything is the same. Where Eros is fresh and minty in the opening, Eros flame is a citrusy and spicy fragrance. So, in the opening Eros flames come out with a strong scent but as it dries down, let’s say for 2 hours it turns into a sweet vanilla fragrance, which is pretty much similar to the original Eros.

One can distinguish between both the fragrances in beginning but on dry down, it is pretty hard to notice any difference, they almost smell similar. 

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