Dior Sauvage Vs Acqua Di Gio

Dior Sauvage Vs Acqua Di Gio

Dior Sauvage vs acqua di Gio is a battle of top-selling designer fragrances. And without a doubt, both fragrances are outstanding in terms of smell and mass appeal. But in this article, we go through which is better between Dior Sauvage and acqua di gio along with some differences. 

Before we jump, which is better? Let’s know something about both fragrances. Both the fragrances Dior Sauvage and acqua di gio, belong to the blue fragrance category and both are summer fragrances. 

Dior Sauvage was released back in 2015. After its release, it became so popular that one can smell this on many people when you walk past anyone in a mall or street. The nose behind Dior Sauvage is Edmond Roudnitska. 

Dior Sauvage comes in three versions: edt, edp, and parfum. The EDT version is considered best with Dior Sauvage. In this article, we also take the EDT version to compete against acqua di gio. 


Dior Sauvage is one of the top-selling fragrances of all time because of its mass appeal. 

On the other hand, acqua di gio was released back in 1996. Acqua di gio comes in three forms: profumo, profondo, and Pour Homme toilette. Since its release, it is still one of the top-selling fragrances in the market. Though it was released way early than Dior Sauvage, it still keeps up with the modern fragrances in the market. 

Dior Sauvage vs acqua di gio, which smells better?

If we talk about smell, then straight out Dior Sauvage smells strong and intense, whereas acqua di gio smells fresh aquatic but not as strong or intense. 

So, smells wise one can not say which is a winner. Most men like the smell of acqua di gio, whereas most women prefer a Dior Sauvage smell on a guy because it is an intense and strong fragrance. 

Personally, I like the smell of Dior Sauvage in the opening. But as it dries down, it doesn’t smell that good. It becomes strong. Whereas if I have to talk about aqua di gio then it has a good smell but is as great as in the opening. But on dry down, acqua di gio beats Dior Sauvage clearly. Acqua di gio smells like an aromatic, spicy, and fresh fragrance. 

So it is personal preference what you like more on your body, a strong scent or a fresh aquatic smell with less intensity. For me, I think acqua di gio beats Dior Sauvage if we go from opening to dry down. 

Smells points: 

Opening : 10 Dior Sauvage, 9 acqua di gio

Dry down : 9.5 acqua di gio, 7.5 Dior Sauvag

Notes in both fragrances

Prominent notes you get in Dior Sauvage are pepper, bergamot (gives a citrus vibe), Ambroxan ( it is oil made chemically, ambergris is the natural note which is collected from the secretion of sperm fish, but it is so expensive that now every brand use ambroxan instead of Embigris. Ambroxan is used to give an aquatic, sweet, and musky touch to the fragrance. You can sense ambroxan from opening to drying down in Dior Sauvage. 

On dry down, you feel the patchouli and notes.

The prominent notes in Armani acqua di gio are citrus notes, jasmine, and Rosemary, and you get musk on the dry down. So, overall it has a note that makes it a Musqualine scent. 

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Dior Sauvage vs acqua di gio, which lasts longer? 

Dior Sauvage with 4 sprays on your skin can last up to 9 hours. Whereas if you spray it on your clothes, it can last up to 12 or 13 hours. So, it is a beast perfume in terms of longevity.

On the contrary, if we look at acqua di gio, then it can last up to 7 hours on your skin. Assuming you sprayed 4 sprays on yourself. On clothes, it can last up to 10 hours.

So, if we compare longevity then Dior Sauvage is clear between Dior Sauvage and acqua di gio.

Longevity Points- 

Dior Sauvage: 9.5

Acqua di gio: 8.5

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Dior Sauvage vs acqua di gio, which projects more? 

If you are an extrovert, you would like to be noticed or praised for your fragrance. Projection is very important in any perfume. Some people neglect it but it is important because if the projection of a perfume is weak, then nobody is going to smell you from a slight distance. 

Of all, you don’t know what projection is. Projection is the distance a fragrance can travel In the air. If a person standing 3 or 4 feet from you can smell you, then it is a good projection. 

So, how great is Dior Sauvage’s projection? Dior Sauvage is one the best projecting Colognes in the market. A person standing 3 or 4 feet can smell the beginning phase for almost 2 hours. On dry down, the distance decreases but still one can smell you if he/she is about arm’s length far from you. 

On contrary, if we talk about the projection of Armani acqua di gio, then it projects decent not too much but is noticeable. The silage of acqua di gio is less than Dior Sauvage. So overall, Dior Sauvage has more projection and silage. 

Projection and silage points

Dior Sauvage:9.5

Acqua di gio:8.5

Which is the modern smell, Dior Sauvage Or acqua di gio? 

When it comes to modern-smelling fragrance Dior Sauvage is a clear winner among both. Dior created a modern mass-pleasing fragrance that one can wear anywhere. 

On the other hand, acqua di gio is a mature and classic fragrance that will always be there no matter what. 

The only concern about the Dior Sauvage smell is that its DNA became so common, that now it is not a unique fragrance. However, the best thing is that now Dior released an elixir that has a better and unique smell than the Sauvage. 

Dior Sauvage vs acqua di gio, which is more costly? 

Both perfumes fall into the designer category and are affordable considering they come from famous designer houses. 

100ml of Dior Sauvage bottle will cost you between $92-$103. Whereas, a 100 ml of acqua di gio bottle will cost around $65. So in terms of price, acqua di gio is a much more affordable option. 

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Which is a more versatile fragrance? 

When it comes to versatility, Dior Sauvage is one of those fragrances that you can wear to almost all occasions except clubbing or party. You can wear Dior to the office, casually, in Summer, fall, and not-so-harsh winter. 

When it comes to acqua di gio, it is a versatile scent but not as versatile as Dior Sauvage. Acqua di gio is a great fragrance for office and casual wear for summer and spring. 

So, on the basis of versatility, I think Dior Sauvage is slightly more versatile than acqua di gio. 


Dior Sauvage

Dior Sauvage is a winner in terms of performance and modern appeal. However, if you want to smell different and classy, I recommend you buy Giorgio Armani acqua di gio. Without a doubt both fragrances are great but Dior Sauvage is more good in the opening than on dry down. Whereas, acqua di gio is good in dry down as well. 

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